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Who’s Your Daddy?

October 31, 2011 By: Erin Category: What's Happenin'

The Who’s Your (Horse’s) Daddy Contest, sponsored by Omega Fields

The art of breeding depends on many things; bloodlines of the mare, bloodlines of the sire, performance, conformation, markings, the list goes on and on! And successfully breeding and raising that next big star requires knowledge, a good plan, and a whole lot of patience! For those of you who have been lucky (or crazy) enough to dip your toe into the deep pool of sporthorse breeding, our hat’s off to you.

In honor of Sidelines Magazine’s upcoming breeding focus issue, and also just for fun, we’ve partnered with Omega Fields to present a contest that asks foals and their humans, “who’s your daddy?” We’re looking for that foal who is the mirror image of his daddy. Markings, attitude, confirmation. We know being a lookalike isn’t necessarily a foal’s golden ticket to success in life, but it sure is fun to find the sires that really “stamp” their offspring.

We want to see the best lookalike picture of your foal AND his sire. We’ll put them side-by-side, and let you vote for the foal who looks the most like his daddy. Here’s how to enter:

“Like” Omega Field’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/OmegaFields

Post your photos on Sidelines News’ facebook page. Include the name, age (in the photo) and breed of your horse and his sire. Foals to 2-year-olds accepted.


The contest starts on November 1st. We’re accepting entries until November 15th. At that time entries will close, and you’ll be able to vote on your favorite lookalike foal. Voting will take place from November 15-20.

Wait a minute, we almost forgot the best part: the prize. When voting ends on November 15th, the entry with the most votes will win a 20lb bag of Omega Horseshine® (approximate 3 mos supply for one horse), and a 1lb bag of Omega Canine Shine™( approximate 3 mos supply for average size dog) . Omega Horseshine® provides your animals with the often missing Omega-3 essential fatty acids that help promote shiny, healthy coats, alleviate stiff immobile joints,  and maintain top performance for all horses. Omega Canine Shine™ gives your dog those same benefits in a great tasting supplement that’s easy to serve. For additional product benefits and other Omega-3 supplements and treats, please visit www.omegafields.com

Good luck!