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Whole Food for Horses Community Supporting Healthy Lifestyle for Equestrians and Their Horses

February 25, 2013 By: janwest Category: What's Happenin'

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Gordonsville, VAThere was a time when horses thrived on food alone. There were no preservatives, added sugars or synthetic ingredients. Our soils, crops and planet were all of a richer quality and our choices much simpler. The Whole Food for Horses (WF4H) community is striving to bring back those ideals and help not only educate equestrians in feeding alternatives, but also for better lifestyles for their own take away lessons both in the barn and at home.

Whole Food for Horses is a community of horse people realizing the connection between the quality of their horse’s diet and the quality of its performance and well being. Information is available to everyone on the whole food lifestyle, and care of horses all in one place. Community members include whole food component and supplement company representatives who can offer their expertise and answer a variety of questions. Also available are nutrition consultants to offer answers to specific feeding protocols, and address community questions and concerns. There is also a wide range of equestrians across all disciplines and various countries to talk about their experiences, share sources for feed components and talk everything horses.

One of the main goals of WF4H has always been to help break down the barriers of confusing labels and feeding programs so that individuals can provide better health to themselves and their horses. Many of the concepts that community members learn about are how our food system has drastically changed and the effect it has not only on our horses’ lives, but ours in turn. Drastic changes to a horse’s diet are rarely necessary, in fact, they can be stressful to its body and condition. Adding any amount of whole food to a horse’s diet is beneficial and the community works with each other to share that progress, along with things learned along the way. Many members believe that the more you put into whole foods, the more you get out of it.

The Whole Foods for Horses community has evolved into a place to support other avid horsemen and women in their lifestyle choices supporting a more sustainable planet centered around food. There are discussion forums available to bring new topics to light including sources for various whole foods, environmental concerns, problematic horses, how to get started on the diet and general horse care. There are also blogs available to each person should they want to bring their own education and insight to the community. Various authors write about sustainability, their own experiences with whole foods, gardening and more.

Anyone is welcome to join the Whole Food for Horses community including horse owners, professionals, and writers.  To join, simply click the  “Sign Up” icon via http://www.wholefoodforhorses.com and create your profile. Registration is free and always will be. Should one simply want to browse the site, all articles are accessible. The WF4H community looks forward to connecting with additional equestrians worldwide.

Whole Food for Horses is a community of horse people realizing the connection between the quality of their horse’s diet and the quality of its performance and well being. Please visit http://www.wholefoodforhorses.com or search for ‘Whole Food for Horses’ on Facebook.