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Cur-OST ® Nourish EQ & Human

June 25, 2013 By: janwest Category: What's Happenin'

Feeling run down?  No energy? Nouvelle Research, Inc., the makers of the original line of Cur-OST® curcumin based anti-inflammatory supplements for horses is proud to announce the release of our Cur-OST ® Nourish formulas for horses and humans!

Our Cur-OST® Nourish formula provides high levels of pea protein, which is highly digestible and readily assimilated to nourish the body in addition to enhanced levels of amino acids including Glutamine, Arginine, Creatine and Carnitine.  Our Nourish formula also provides high levels of CoQ10 and Alpha Lipoic acid to support cellular energy production and provide high antioxidant support.

Together the Nourish formula for horses and humans helps to enhance overall cellular energy production by providing protein, amino acids and co-factors that are involved in ATP or energy production.  By enhancing cellular energy production we can positively impact endurance, recovery and overall performance!

Cur-OST® Nourish ingredients include:


Pea Protein:  Highly digestible form of protein to support tissue repair and strength.

L-Glutamine:  Provides cellular antioxidant support, helping to enhance normal glutathione levels intracellularly.

L-Carnitine: Directly involved with fatty acid metabolism and cellular energy production.

L-Arginine:  Involved in the production of Nitric Oxide, which enhances blood vessel dilatation and positively impacts blood circulation

L-Creatine:  Involved in cellular ATP or energy production, primarily muscle tissue

CoQ10:  Cofactor involved in the production of cellular ATP or energy with known benefits to the cardiovascular system and other tissues as well as potent antioxidant properties.

Alpha Lipoic Acid:  Cofactor involved in the production of cellular ATP with known potent antioxidant properties.

Our Cur-OST Nourish formula is now available for horses as well as their riders!  Helping to enhance recovery, strengthen tissue and revitalize energy levels!

For more information on our Cur-OST® Nourish Human formula visit our page link at http://www.nouvelleresearch.com/Human-Nourish.cfm.

For more information on our Cur-OST® Nourish Equine formula visit our page link at http://www.nouvelleresearch.com/EQ-Nourish.cfm

All of our Cur-OST® formulas may be viewed at www.curost.com or by calling 1-800-476-4702 for more information.

Direct inquiries to Dr. Tom Schell, the creator of the Cur-OST® line of products may be made by email to tschelldvm@nouvelleresearch.com