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January 05, 2016 By: Editor Category: What's Happenin'

Wordley Martin has just announced an exciting joint venture with System Fencing Ltd. and Odyssey Performance Ltd. of Rockwood, Ontario.  With over 28 years of horse stall design and manufacturing, System Fencing and Odyssey Performance both  saw the need to design and manufacture equine stalls and rehab equipment of the utmost quality, while keeping the price competitive without cutting corners in the manufacturing process.  System Fencing Ltd. and Odyssey Performance Ltd. design and manufacture on-site ensuring high standards and the ability to monitor the design and manufacturing process from start to installation.  The goal has always been to create horse stalls and rehabilitation equipment with both the horse and operator’s safety in mind.

Nobleman_stallsNobleman Stalls

  • Luxurious style and quality
  •  8 ft High Round Posts For Unique Look
  •  Warm European Style
  •  4 way Round Track Trolleys for Smoother Glide
  •  Optional Brass or Chrome Finials for a Finishing Touch
  •  Customized to Your Specifications
  •  Hot dipped galvanized or powder coated finish

Click photos to view Nobleman Stalls


Tuscany StallTuscany Stalls

  • Open front concept for socialization
  • Beautiful Curved Grill Portion for Elegance
  • Heavy Duty Tuscany Double Latch for Stability and Support
  • 8 ft Tall Outside Posts with 5 ft Tall Door Posts
  • Optional Feed Opening
  • Hot Dipped Galvanized or Powder coated paint
  • Vertical or horizontal wood
  • Adjustable hinge system


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Spa 8Odyssey Thunder Spa

  • Oversized Tank
  • Open design which is less claustrophobic for horses
  • Variable Speed Blower Motor
  • Electronic Timer
  • Side Therapeutic Jets

The aeration of the water increases the amount of oxygen in the water which is thought to aid in the healing process. It also provides a massaging action which not only aids in the dispersal of accumulated fluids but produces a relaxing effect on the horse. Horses stand more quietly in moving water than in still water.

 Click photos to view Odyssey Thunder Spa

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