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Record Rainfall At Sonoma No Match for Martin Collins Equine Footing

October 02, 2013 By: janwest Category: What's Happenin'

Surface performed outstandingly despite deluge at Sonoma Horse Park


Lexington, KY (September 30th) – When the show must go on, Sonoma Horse park officials put their trust in Martin Collins EquineSurfaces. Despite six hours of consecutive, heavy rain (record rainfall for a single day in September in Sonoma County) at the Sonoma Horse Park’s final Saturday show of the 2013 season, Martin Collins’ CLOPF® footing held up flawlessly throughout the downpour, and the horse show stayed on schedule.


“The rain subsided by 1:00 p.m. and by the start of the Hudson & Company Medal Finals, our signature equitation competition at 4:00 p.m., the footing had absorbed all excess water and the arenas showed no sign it had even rained,” said Ashley Herman, Owner, Sonoma Horse Park. “I’m certain every other show facility on the west coast would’ve been forced to cancel the day’s competitions (and possibly the following day) given the same amount of rainfall. With 200 rounds scheduled in each of the competition arenas on Saturday, I’ve never seen footing tested quite like this; and Martin Collins’ CLOPF® footing not only withstood the rain, it remained as good as ever throughout the day.


“Without question, Martin Collins’ is the best footing in the world,” Herman said.


“CLOPF® fiber has excellent moisture retention properties which assist in reducing the amount of watering in normal use,” said Glynnie Walford, CEO Martin Collins USA LLC. “CLOPF® fiber also has an excellent level of absorption and so it copes extremely well when unusually high levels of rainfall are experienced.


“After a night of rain on Friday of the Season Finale horse show, Martin Collins footing in Sonoma Horse Park’s Main Hunter Arena was beautiful as always,” said Nina Alario, Trainer, Estancia Farms. “On Saturday, Martin Collins’ footing then held up to continuous rounds throughout several hours of nonstop downpour. The weather broke midday, and with just a few hours of sunshine and a drag, Martin Collins’ footing was perfect and ready for the Hudson & Company Medal Finals that afternoon!”


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