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Prestigious Pin Oak Charity Horse Show Reports Record Donation of $200,000 in 2013 to Designated Children’s Charities

August 18, 2013 By: janwest Category: What's Happenin'


HOUSTON, Texas (July 31, 2013) – Steeped in tradition and rich in history, the Pin Oak Charity Horse Show has lived its mission of helping children since 1945.  The 68th Pin Oak Charity Horse Show presented by Irish Day Farm was held during the last two weeks of March in 2013 and has yielded a record donation of $200,000 for its designated charities.  Beneficiaries are Texas Children’s Hospital, Houston’s Ronald McDonald House Family Rooms, and Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Family Alliance.


In 1948, the Pin Oak Charity Horse Show provided the first donation toward the building of Texas Children’s Hospital that is world-renowned today. Pin Oak is a two-week event and a top, award-winning horse show in North America that attracts 1200 majestic horses and 1000 exhibitors from around the country.   At the heart of the show is achieving the goal of contributing a six-figure donation to its designated charities to support the healing of sick children.


A celebration and check presentation was held on Monday, Aug. 5, at Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus.  Pin Oak also made its presentation to Candlelighters Childrhood Cancer Family Alliance while participating in their Summer Surprises event in the Texas Children’s Cancer Center on July 31, 2013.  The organization will make its final presentation on September 4, 2013 at Houston’s Ronald McDonald House and combine it with a lunch for the patient-families need this “home away from home” while their child receives medical care at Texas Children’s Hospital.


“Our sponsors, exhibitors, and volunteers make it possible to give such a magnificent donation this year to help sick children,” said Lynn Walsh, president of the Pin Oak Charity Horse Show.   “We are proud that Houston’s hometown horse show with such prestige in the horse community is able to do so much. We can honestly support the statement that  ‘we are so much more than a horse show’ because not only are we donating $200,000, but we also support our charities throughout the year in many ways.”


Texas Children’s Hospital will receive $150,000 from Pin Oak to support the growth of Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus, which opened in 2011.


“This generous gift underscores the incredible commitment of the Pin Oak Charity Horse Show to making a difference for children and families in Houston,” said John Scales, senior vice president for Development, Marketing and Public Relations at Texas Children’s Hospital.  The Pin Oak Charity Horse Show has provided $300,000 to the construction of the hospital and is only $50,000 shy of completing its current $400,000 commitment to Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus.  In honor of Pin Oak’s support, Texas Children’s Hospital has named the West Campus Infusion Center Waiting Area and a Child Life Playroom for the horse show.


Other funds raised by Pin Oak Charity Horse Show supporters benefit Texas Children’s Hospital as well through two additional designated charities — Houston’s Ronald McDonald House Family Rooms and Candlelighters Childhood Cancer  Family Alliance. For the family rooms inside of Texas Children’s Hospital, Pin Oak will present Houston’s Ronald McDonald House $35,000. Pin Oak will also provide $15,000 to Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Family Alliance to support the many needs of the patient-families at  theTexas Children’s Cancer Center.



Walsh reflected on the significant donation with, “We are so grateful to Irish Day Farm of Houston for choosing to step up and step out for children with Pin Oak to make 2013 the best year for Pin Oak in our 68-year history.    The collaboration and compassion of the owners, staff and families of a local barn who were compelled to support the needs of sick children, through Texas Children’s Hospital pushed our donation to such a high level this year. Words are just not enough to express our thanks to Irish Day Farm, our sponsors, individual donors, members, spectators and our media partners.  We look forward to setting a new record in 2014.”


More About Pin Oak Charity Horse Show


Through the production of an annual world-class horse show, the Pin Oak Charity Horse Show supports the healing of sick children through financial donations, outreach, and volunteer support for Texas Children’s Hospital, Houston’s Ronald McDonald House Family Rooms, and Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Family Alliance.  Pin Oak also serves the children of the greater Houston/Katy community through community outreach and educational programs.


The 69th Pin Oak Charity Horse show is slated for March 19-30, 2014 at the Great Southwest Equestrian Center in Katy, Texas.  Sponsorship and volunteer opportunities are available now.  For information, please call 713.621.6290 or to learn more, please visit www.pinoak.org or follow Pin Oak on Facebook and Twitter.