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Policewoman Olivia Adams changes the lives of victims through the magic of horses!

July 25, 2013 By: janwest Category: What's Happenin'

After years in the police force, Olivia Adams helps to change and enrich the lives of abused women and children.


Olivia Adams – Horse Synergy

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Equine Facilitated Therapy

I am writing as a private individual who is driven by the need to help victims of emotional and physical abuse.  I was previously a Policewoman and specialised in working with victims of abuse therefore witnessing the damage done to both women and children.  After my time in the force I was driven to pursue a path that would enable me to help survivors, and set up Horse Synergy.  I  love to work and help the victims who come to me and aim to help in any way I can.

I will explain exactly what it is that I do.

Horse lovers all have stories about how an equine has helped them through a tough experience, heartbreak, and personal or professional experiences that all make up life.  As Winston Churchill so rightly said; “The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man”.

I have a deep passion for and understanding of horses and established Horse Synergy, an equine facilitated development experience for these very reasons.

With the desperate knowledge I gained during my time in the Police Force, I have an innate belief in the healing power of horses, and the emotional transactions that can take place.  Many of us have been touched and changed forever during an exceptional moment with a horse.  They teach us to accept, move forward, understand,  and to stand our own ground.   Horses teach us how to think for ourselves and unveil our kindness and generosity.  And yet many people have never even had the privilege of encountering a horse.

My aim is to change this and help enrich the lives of individuals who no longer have confidence or courage in themselves.  Working with horses can teach people to redress the balance in their hearts and minds and the everyday routine of life and survival.  Far too often I have seen this ability removed from individuals because of how they have become conditioned to their surroundings and the treatment they have had to succumb to or been subjected to.

Learning to communicate on another level with these powerful and forgiving creatures can help people from all walks of life help to discover their own best human solutions.  This benefits those around them at the same time; the children of the battered wife, the parents of the battered wife or the frightened abused child.

There is an old Arab proverb which states “The horse acts as a mirror”.  I say that they “reflect us back to ourselves, we cannot hide how we are truly feeling from the horse   He reads our body language, and looks deep into our sub-conscious, if we are faking it the horse will know and react accordingly.  Working with horses brings instincts into play, all the stuff we need to work on, those parts of ourselves that we hide away in the shadows and try to pretend that they don’t exist”.

Being with a horse makes you look honestly at the bits of yourself that you have tried to disguise, all the unpleasantness that you thought you had safely locked away.  The horse brings this to the fore and forces you to face up to it and live through it.  However uncomfortable and unpleasant it feels you can then discard it;  rather like shedding a skin. The emotions and memories no longer serve you and you can step out from your shadow, embrace life and live fully in your own light.

My wonderful horses and I offers life-changing and enriching encounters, where the wisdom of the horse can bring about  a profound personal transformation and subsequent healing. Horses are masters of teaching us the ways of leadership, so that we can authentically and confidently lead our lives. They help us to be rid of the past and construct a new future. All of the experiences are hosted with myself and my beloved horses, in the beautiful rural setting of the paddocks I have at home.  Just being in these tranquil surrounding helps people to breathe, relax and re-evaluate.

I am based in Somerset and was introduced to this line of work through reading the Tao of Equus by Linda Kovanov , who runs Eponaquest.   After that I undertook workshops with Rosie Withey from ‘Horses as Teachers’ in Somerset and Caroline Morgan,  Mike Khan and  Shelley Rosenberg at Telford Equestrian Centre in the Midlands – all Epona approved instructors

I then trained extensively with Leanna Millward, and now teach the wisdom that Leanna gleaned from her studies with a Native-American horseman during 2003. Please see: www.flyingwithhorses.com.

I now want to try and help to make a difference and introduce the therapeutic benefits of equine interaction to individuals who need to experience the healing power of these wonderful creatures.    I offer private one-to-one experiences and tuition, as well as group workshops.

I have witnessed some amazing interactions between clients and my horses.   All my clients are treated with the utmost confidentiality, however one client said “How lovely to see Danny again – thank you.  The session on Friday seems to have brought my attention to some really important things for me. A process is naturally unfolding which feels good and very timely. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to do this work, and for your very kind offer of more sessions which I will gladly accept. Thank you once again.  A very happy client”.

Another client reported that when focusing on different close family members during her session Danny reacted towards her as they had, and this led her to understand that she had to moderate her own thoughts and reactions when dealing with them.  She was profoundly moved by the instinctive and intuitive way in which the horse mirrored their reactions to her and gave her a chance to see clearly how to change her life and her actions on a daily basis.

I am driven by the need to help, not by monetary gain.  Please feel free to get in touch with me so that we may discuss any opportunities that you may like to explore.