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January 20, 2014 By: janwest Category: What's Happenin'

Emergency Wrap:

neck shot
We’ve all been there. Your horse comes in from the field and there’s a hot bump
on his – pick a spot: Shoulder, neck, ankle. Ugh, you think. One of his pals
kicked or bit him while they were horsing around!

Emergency Wrap 3
Or you open up the stall door to find somehow; your horse banged his knee,
hock or fetlock. It’s one of those mysterious injuries horses seem so prone to,
no matter how deep we bed and bank the stall.

Emergency Wrap 1
What’s the fist thing you want to do? Ice it. But how do you get a bucket of ice
water on his neck? Or avoid getting the cut on his ankle wet while using ice to
reduce the heat and swelling?

Emergency Wrap 2
The answer is the new Ice Horse® Emergency Wrap. The wrap is six inches
wide, 42 inches long and made out of a special anti-migration fabric, so it stays
in place while cooling even the trickiest part of your horse. The wrap comes with
two reusable First+Ice® packs which mold to the horse’s body part to provide
optimal coverage, cooling and compression.

A tack trunk must for all!

For publication quality photos we have set you an invitation to our Drop Box. If
you did not receive our invitation or have questions, please contact Martha
Springer at Martha@icehorse.net or call 707-343-1079.