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New From Emerald Valley Natural Health Orange Oil Shampoo!

July 25, 2014 By: janwest Category: What's Happenin'


July 21, 2014 — Emerald Valley Natural Health is pleased to announce the launch of their new Orange Oil Shampoo, perfect for show season, any season. Our Orange Oil  Shampoo is helpful at soothing dry, irritated skin. And as oranges contains ingredients that deter insects, ticks, flies and mosquitoes, it’s the perfect shampoo for the summer months.

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EVNH has long standing reputation for bringing only the finest all natural products for horses and dogs to the market. Cheryl Price, owner and CEO of EVNH, said “Horses have a way of being very hard on their coats. With our new orange oil you won’t have to worry about frequent bathing. With its fresh, sweet citrus smell, it can be a valuable aid for many skin issues. Using Orange Oil shampoo can take away the itching sensation and cool the area. Your horse will look and feel refreshed and invigorated.”

There are many health benefits of orange essential oil which include:

Anti-inflammatory: Orange essential oil provides quick and effective relief from inflammation, whether internal or external. regardless of the reason, whether it is excessive intake of spices, fever, infections, side effects of antibiotics, gas, ingestion of toxic substances, or narcotics, orange essential oil can reduce the irritation and pain.

Antiseptic: Wherever there is a cut or abrasion, there is always the chance of the wound becoming septic due to a bacterial infection. This is even more likely when the wound occurred from an iron object, because then there remains a chance of it becoming infected by tetanus germs. Essential Oil of Orange can help people avoid both septic infections and tetanus as they inhibit microbial growth and disinfect the wounds.

Price adds, “your horse will feel refreshed. Orange oil has a fresh, sweet citrus smell and is valuable aid for many skin issues. Ingredients include orange oil, lanolin, keratin amino acids, vitamin E and citric acid.”

Orange Oil Shampoo is availble through our on line store www.emeraldvalleyequine.com and through selected dealers.

About Emerald Valley Natural Health:

Emerald Valley is a member of the National Animal Supplement Council and certified to display the NASC Seal of Quality. Our products and natural horse supplements are manufactured with purified water, under strict batch control and quality guidelines, in a licensed facility. This is the important difference in the quality, effectiveness and reliability of our products. There is no alcohol in our solutions, only the natural herbs, that help invigorate the horse in your life, naturally.

Along with our own line of herbal formulations, we offer internationally known natural feed supplements, including Speedi-Beet, Fibre-Beet and Formula4 Feet. These specialty feeds have been developed and researched by world renown veterinarians and nutritionists. Imported from Great Britain, EquiLife and British Horse Feeds are committed to keeping horses healthy, and provide solutions based on years of research and are manufactured in accredited facilities.

Emerald Valley Natural Health is dedicated to helping you achieve consistent, positive outcomes for the animals in your care. In addition to marketing a top quality line of products, we provide personalized customer service.