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Nan Martin Announces New Training Course

November 06, 2012 By: janwest Category: What's Happenin'

Nan Martin of Experience-Essential-Oils.com and Lexie

Using Essential Oils for People and their Animals

Nan Martin of Experience Essential Oils, an internationally known intuitive, animal empath and energy healer will be presenting a groundbreaking essential oil training course for people and animals at Birchwood Farm, home of Mindful Connections in Westhampton, Massachusetts on November 17 and 18, 2012.  The training class will offer live demonstrations and hands on training on several animals including dogs, cats, horses and goats. There is still time to register for this groundbreaking aromatherapy class.

Nan has extensive expertise in the use of therapeutic essential oils in humans and animals as an intuitive and equestrian professional. She specializes in selecting oils for emotional wellbeing but generally evaluates the whole animal during her consults. Nan is also a certified Raindrop Technique Specialist and hosts a weekly radio show on BlogTalkRadio.com called Change your Vibe with Nan Martin.

The first day Nan will present the importance of using therapeutic grade oils on animals in particular and the safety precautions for different applications. Participants will learn how to apply and select oils for physical conditions including as Lyme disease, stomach problems, skin conditions and various infections.

The second day Nan will focus on using therapeutic grade essential oils to improve our emotional wellbeing and that of our animals. She will explain and demonstrate how negative emotions and beliefs that are held in the body can affect our emotional and physical wellbeing. Nan will teach participants how they can use oils to clear anxiety, depression, grief and/or trauma in the body. She will also teach various methods in selecting oils and the pros and cons of each method.

This is the first time that training is being offered in one concise course. Most people looking for essential oil education have to sort through numerous books which can be overwhelming especially for those that are new to aromatherapy. Additional, information is contradictory and is not always available for using essential oils for animals making it even more difficult.

With that in mind Nan elected to offer a class that builds from the ground up and includes information that would be useful to the new or veteran essential oil user. She also encourages those who have holistic and animal practitioner businesses to attend the class as essential oils complement conventional and traditional modalities.

The cost of the two day event is $285.00 for pre-registration with a one day option of $160. Registration for this inaugural class is limited to facilitate hands on learning and filming of the class.

Nan will also be presenting on essential oils for animals at The Conference on Complementary Animal Healing the weekend before, November 11 and 12, 2012 in Boxborough, Ma.

For more information on both events and to register, please visit the website at www.experience-essential-oils.com. Nan can be contacted by phone at (561) 315-6334 or by email via the form on the website.