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Mystery Solved: Perfect Products, the Professionals’ Pick (and More Than Just Perfect Prep)

February 19, 2019 By: maryhaley Category: What's Happenin'

With the growing reliance on natural nutraceutical solutions throughout high-level horse show industries, it becomes more important to distinguish the best from the rest. Why exactly is Perfect Products the choice of so many professionals?

1. Our products are designed to solve specific issues for results you can see and feel.

We are a specialized and dynamic company dedicated to equine comfort, wellbeing, and performance. We are successful in addressing solutions for anxiety, pain, muscle metabolism, gastrointestinal issues, hormonal behavior, hoof repair and immune response. Because each of our formulas is designed to target a specific problem that may be present, the results become quickly recognizable and measurable.

2. Our products are developed from a foundation of scientific research in humans. Highly researched formulas mean highly effective products.

We source information from analogous human studies to identify our equine ingredients, develop effective formulas, determine administration and anticipate outcomes. Reliance on scientific testimonies helps drive our initiatives and best serve the market. We provide the right ingredients at the correct concentration in the purest most consistent formulation to give you the response you are looking for in each horse every time.

3. We understand every horse is different just like humans.

Each symptom a horse is experiencing can arise from a number of different factors. We understand that one ingredient may not be the complete solution for a particular issue. Therefore, we use of a broad spectrum of ingredients that work together to target a problem that may be caused by one or more underlying factors.

We conduct our own extensive field testing by engaging with a committed team of partners including riders, trainers, and other industry professionals. This team shares our passion for the equine industry and works toward the common goal of maintaining industry integrity. Our team of professionals spans across multiple equestrian disciplines which ask something different of every horse, giving us a wide range of equine athletes and studies from which to gather data.

4. We’ve earned your trust over the past 13 years and we’re proud to be a part of so many high-level equine management programs.

Our dedication to the high-level performance horse market also means we value continued education of the market. As advancements in research develop, we maintain awareness of new ingredients. As substances come into question we monitor changes as various substances may become prohibited over time. This challenges us to continually focus on providing exhibitors the best solutions for equine training and exhibiting.

Preparation is everything… we make it simple.

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