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It’s A Whole New World

May 13, 2011 By: Erin Category: What's Happenin'

HorseShow.com‘s online network opens a world of possibilities for dressage enthusiasts of all ages and abilities

In today’s uncertain economy, times are tough for almost everyone, and horse enthusiasts are no exception.  With increasing membership dues and entry fees, rising costs for feed and supplies, and skyrocketing fuel prices,  equine budgets are stretched to the max.

As a result of these increasing expenses, many riders are forced to make difficult decisions as to whether or not they can even afford to compete in horse shows; and if making the financial commitment to compete, exhibitors must be more certain than ever that they are truly ready for the level of competition they will face, and maximize that showing opportunity to gain the most points towards year-end awards, or the required qualifying score for championships.

HorseShow.com, an online horse show network, offers a revolutionary way to assess a horse and rider’s readiness for competition and receive expert feedback without the expense of actually traveling to a live show.  Video entries are now being accepted for HorseShow.com‘s Spring Dressage Festival, which offers classes for Training through Fourth Level and the FEI tests, and will be judged by renowned USEF and FEI official Natalie Lamping.  In addition, HorseShow.com is offering a “Focus on Dressage Equitation” division, open to all age riders.

“I think this is a tremendous opportunity for dressage riders to get a judge’s feedback about where they stand,” said Lamping.  “Do you feel solid at your level but want to get extra practice and feedback before your next big show?  Are you thinking about moving up a level but want to be sure you’re ready?  Or maybe you live in an area without many dressage shows.  For all of these riders, the HorseShow.com network can be an invaluable resource.”

Entering a digital horse show is easy.  By visiting the HorseShow.com website, a rider can sign up for a free membership and set up a profile for her horse.  As a bonus, new members receive enough online “credits” so that their first class entry is free.  Competitors can then upload a video of their test of choice, filmed from the comfort of their own facility.

After the closing date, the presiding judge reviews all video entries.  Since in this judging format the officials have the luxury of time and video playback, movements can be reviewed several times in order to give accurate scores and more thorough comments and feedback than possible in a real-time show.  Once the class is scored, each entrant receives a complete scorecard via e-mail with marks and comments for each movement along with the final score.  Since profiles, videos, and results are based on a horse’s name, rider information remains as anonymous or public as members decide when setting up their profiles.  Members can view and learn from other rides in their class; in addition, archives are kept of all videos which provides a record for members to track their progress.

Entries close May 22nd for HorseShow.com‘s inaugural dressage competition, the Spring Dressage Festival with Natalie Lamping.  For more information about Horse Show World’s online dressage shows, sign up for a free membership, and submit a video entry, please visitwww.horseshow.com.

Article Courtesy of www.yellowhorsemarketing.com and Jennifer M. Keeler