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Invictus® Presents Innovative Saddle Pad with Intelligent Molecule Technology

August 11, 2015 By: Editor Category: What's Happenin'

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Bonn, Germany – 05.August, 2015  A new brand with a new concept, Invictus® presents an innovative technology in a protective saddle pad: Only 1.1cm (0.43”) thin, the Invictus® pad outperforms the competition with clearly higher protection values, providing a shield against of pressures at low- to high energy levels. Saddle fit and contact remain unaltered.


This is made possible through exclusive, patented Technology from D3O® Labs, a market leader specializing in smart materials in impact protection and shock absorption solutions. D3O®  materials are utilized in premium brands in motorcycling apparel, ski and snowboarding, as well as protective gear for military and police, to name a few.

The Invictus® pad is powered by D3O®’s XT Mesh material. Intelligent molecules in the 6mm protective layer move together relative to impact or pressure and form a strategic shield. Exactly where and when needed. Once pressure subsides, the material returns immediately to its flexible and comfortable form.

 Martine Fennelly, the founder of the young company with its headquarter in Bonn, Germany, realized the potential for this material for use in equestrian sports, particularly for pads that offer back protection. In the landing phase after a jump, the load on the horse’s shoulder can be up to 175 kg/385 pounds, creating pressure that not even the best fitted saddle can eliminate. In test against the leading protective pads, the Invictus® improved a possible protection value by up to 125%. Protection from pressure points caused by lesser energies, experienced by the horse during every day training sessions, was optimized by up to 230%.

In order to escape from pressure points, the horse will shift its loading pattern, thus putting additional stress on joints and muscles. Effective back protection is extremely important in order to support the horse’s best possible movement. Good protection values could, until now, only be achieved with very thick padding, which distorts saddle fit and reduces feel. With the Invictus® pad is the compromise between fit and protection a thing of the past.


The Invictus® Pad will be available in stores at US$249 (Invictus Necesse – Basic ) and US$279 (Equality Version with Pockets to compensate small or temporary fit problems).


Basic Pad

Pocket Pad

Pocket Pad


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