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Fine Artist Louise Mellon’s Work Inspired by the Sport of Kings

March 08, 2014 By: janwest Category: What's Happenin'

Wellington, FL – March 5, 2014- Louise Mellon’s work is immediately recognizable. Her work primarily features horses, dogs and the equestrian lifestyle. Often, Mellon’s brightly colored, vibrant pieces have a witty or unexpected approach, and are created with the intent to amuse. She has a large collection of vivid polo pieces, which capture a colorful glimpse into the world of polo, on and off the field.

Rabbits Aren’t the Only Ones by Louise Mellon

“My first pony was a retired polo pony that belonged to my sister,” said Mellon. “I started riding him when I was three. I would disappear to his field, lure him to the fence with handfuls of grass and then would leap onto his back. This happened several times before I was caught. My sister later gave him to me as the best gift ever!”


Mellon’s contemporary pieces cover all aspects of polo, from the patience of the referee to the determination of a horse and rider team charging across the field towards the ball.

Under the Neck Shot by Louise Mellon

Louise Mellon grew up in Middleburg, VA where she attended polo games and tailgates at the old Goose Creek field between Middleburg and Upperville. “If the creek was up, the field flooded and there would be no polo that Sunday,” explained Mellon. “It was the era of amateur teams, and many players were fox hunting regulars.”


Many of Mellon’s paintings portray the incredible agility of the polo pony, with depictions of high-speed gallops, last second turns and instantaneous stops, all frequent in every chukker of a polo match.


“I like to paint polo scenes to spotlight the athleticism of the ponies, the fast pace and the sometimes humorous scenarios,” said Mellon. “I always imagine the ponies grumbling to themselves about knowing how to play the game better than many of their riders. That’s what inspired my “Mare Mumblings” series.”


Can I Play Too? by Louise Mellon

Mellon’s inspiration also comes from the sidelines. At one particular polo match, as a player was gearing up to play, his yellow Lab came over, wagging his tail and looking at his owner expectantly. Her piece, “Can I Play, Too?” depicts that amusing scenario.


“To me, the dog was clearing saying that he was really good at playing ball and wanted to join in the game,” said Mellon.

Louise Mellon in her studio with Ruffles and Cricket. Photo by Booth Malone

About Louise Mellon Mellon was born to a family
of artists who encouraged her creativity. She was raised in Middleburg, VA, where she rode and drove horses. Mellon’s keen visual sense led her to a career as a commercial photographer and artist. Her work has been seen branding numerous products and covers of prize lists, racing programs and publications. She flew airplanes, helicopters and aerobatics, has resided in several parts of the country, and has traveled the world studying fine art. She has served on several boards, including the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC and the Collector’s Committee of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond, VA. She moved to Aiken, SC, and custom-built a very special studio, where she works, welcomes visiting artists and hosts local events. Mellon’s unique view of the world is demonstrated through all her work. Her style is instantly recognizable and certain to bring enjoyment, laughter and wonder.


For more information visit Louise Mellon’s website at: http://louisemellon.com/


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