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Fine Artist Louise Mellon Joins Phelps Media Group Family of Clients

January 23, 2014 By: janwest Category: What's Happenin'

Wellington, FL – January 22, 2013 – Browsing through Louise Mellon’s portfolio, one would never know what challenges the artist has conquered to bring her brightly-colored, highly recognizable work to life. Mellon is humble and not comfortable discussing her personal bumps in the road.

“Many artists have it so much tougher than I do,” said Mellon. “I have led a really interesting and lucky life, and I feel fortunate to still be here.”

Mellon’s work, often seen on the covers and pages of equestrian publications, is a testament to her positive and enthusiastic approach to life. She prefers to represent the everyday world with high-impact images from an unexpected viewpoint. Often, her paintings will elicit a smile or a chuckle. What you wouldn’t know, unless you know Mellon, is the grit of her character. She is unyielding in her resolve to continue to create her work and bring lightheartedness to those needing a lift.

Let’s Ride Diver Dogs by Louise Mellon  

“My work even makes me laugh and it is a joy to see it do the same for others,” Mellon said.

Mellon grew up riding and driving horses in Middleburg, VA, and has lived in the desert of Arizona and the snowy hills of New Hampshire. On a trip to Maine in 2000, she was a passenger in a carriage driving accident at Acadia National Park. After several years of surgeries and rehabilitation, she went back to school to hone her art skills and get her confidence back. Left with the residual inconvenience of pain and a limited range of motion, the head injury also left  her with a tremor that can make painting a challenge.

“Some days are better than others,” she said. “And my hand will sometimes take an unauthorized departure off the canvas! I just scrape off the errant paint and pick up where I left off.”

Then in 2012, despite being exceptionally healthy, Mellon suffered a stroke that left her right painting arm useless. She once again dove into physical rehabilitation and, over time, succeeded in restoring the use of her arm and hand.

“You just have to see the humor in life,” said Mellon. “It is so easy for any of us to get depressed from all of our blips on the radar screen, but with laughter and encouragement from our friends and supporters, we can sometimes see the irony and accept the randomness of life’s events, and have the courage to forge on.”

Driving Pair by Louise Mellon

Ever determined and positive, she continues to produce a prolific body of work. Mellon lives on an organic farm in Aiken, SC. She designed and built a special two-story studio that can accommodate animal models of all sizes and makes it easier to produce her work. She created various stations on wheels and a framing and shipping area. She had an ingenious lift created to easily move heavy objects without help from others to the top and bottom floors.

Friend and collector Bruce Duchossois will host a private, invitation only showing of Mellon’s work at International Polo Club Palm Beach in Wellington, FL, on March 19.

Louise Mellon in her studio with Ruffles and Cricket. Photo by Booth Malone

About Louise Mellon Mellon was born to a family of artists who encouraged her creativity. She was raised in Middleburg, VA, where she rode and drove horses. Mellon’s keen visual sense led her to a career as a commercial photographer and artist. Her work has been seen branding numerous products and covers of prize lists, racing programs and publications. She flew airplanes, helicopters and aerobatics, has resided in several parts of the country, and has traveled the world studying fine art. She has served on several boards, including the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC and the Collector’s Committee of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond, VA. She moved to Aiken, SC, and custom-built a very special studio, where she works, welcomes visiting artists and hosts local events. Mellon’s unique view of the world is demonstrated through all her work. Her style is instantly recognizable and certain to bring enjoyment, laughter and wonder.


For more information visit Louise Mellon’s website at: http://louisemellon.com/


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