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Equine Behavioral Ecologist Mary Ann Simonds joins Sidelines Magazine Web Blogs Writing “Between the Ears” with Focus on Horse-Rider Psychology

July 31, 2013 By: janwest Category: What's Happenin'

One of only a few Equine Behavioral Ecologists globally, Mary Ann Simonds has been educating trainers, veterinarians, and other equestrians for over 35 years.  >From sport horse breeders and Grand Prix riders to veterinarians and Olympians such as Bonaparte and Heike Kemmer, Mary Ann has influenced a number of well-known trainers today.


Growing up showing jumpers in California she earned her degrees in wildlife biology and range management studying the social ecology of wild horses as well as their natural diets at the University of Wyoming. Later (1988) she focused her graduate work on horse-human interaction pioneering the field of interspecies and equestrian psychology as well as leadership development.


“Mary Ann writes about exploring horse-rider psychology in the “Between the Ears” blog on the Sidelines Magazine website (https://sidelinesnews.com/blogs/betweentheears/) and it’s a huge hit with our readers. Having Mary Ann share her knowledge with the Sidelines community is a great benefit – we are pleased to have her as part of our team,” said Jan Westmark-Allan, Sidelines editor.

between the ears


“I am delighted to write for Sidelines as my goal is to Improve equine welfare and rider relationships with their horses by giving people simple ways to assess, train and understand their horse’s behavior as well as their own based on both equine and human psychology and biology”, says Mary Ann. “Just learning how to breath together or that smell is the most important access to the brain can have huge positive changes for horse and rider.”


Check out some of the recent bogs posts such as: Assessing Your Horse’s Temperament,Turning Fear Into Confidence, Body Language or Equestrian Philosophy and let us hear from you or your questions and ideas.


Mary Ann is available for talks and clinics with interested organizations, barns or clubs and she always loves to answer your questions. You can sign up for the blog or ask questions directly to https://sidelinesnews.com/blogs/betweentheears/.


Mary Ann Simonds, MA, coach, author, trainer, inventor, educator, Mary Ann has spent her life trying to help people better understand horses. She developed the Natural Vibration line of magnetic therapy and stress management products for Toklat Originals in 1994 and then later another line for Mystic Horse. She has a produced a number of educational videos (before most people had VCRs), as well as cds, dvds, and books. She founded the Whole Horse Institute and Equines Ltd Horse Marketing and Sales in 1981 and she continues to educate through speaking, clinics, consulting, writing and any other way she can find to transfer the knowledge to improve the lives of horses and humans. Two of her books on Equine Behavior and Stress Management are published in German.  She lives in Wellington, FL most of the year, but her farm is near Portland, OR. She also moderates the linkedin groups of Equine Behavior Professionals and Equestrian Psychology and Coaching.


Mary Ann Is available for clinics, coaching, consultations, lectures or demonstrations.


For more information:  maryann@maryannsimonds.com www.maryannsimonds.com.    360 907-4591