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A Dressage Book Like No Other

June 14, 2013 By: janwest Category: What's Happenin'

Dressage with Mind, Body, and Soul

A 21st-Century Approach to the Science and Spirituality of Riding and Horse-and-Rider-Well-Being 

Linda Tellington-Jones with Rebeccca M. Didier


Trafalger Square Books is pleased to announce the publication of Dressage with Mind, Body, and Soul by Linda Tellingtion-Jones with Rebecca M. Didier.  Linda Tellington-Jones has worked with top dressage competitors and horses from all over the world during the course of her amazing career, which now spans more than 40 years. Through the Tellington Method, Linda has provided tools riders and trainers can use to better a horse’s attention span and ability to learn; surmount behavioral and training challenges; improve flexibility, balance, and way-of-going; and recover from injury or illness.

In the pages of this very unique book, Linda combines her understanding of horses, her world famous TTouch bodywork, her proven groundwork techniques, and her innovative methods undersaddle with exciting ideas specifically for the dressage rider and trainer. Her intriguing ways of looking at the Classical Training Scale, her tips for harnessing horses happy, healthy, and performing their best.  To demonstrate how the Tellington Method can be practically applied to the dressage horse, linda shared more than 20 problem-solving stories, featuring the world-class riders, trainers, and horses with whom she has worked.

LINDA TELLINGTON-JONES is the internationally recognized equine expert who developed the Tellington Method approach to healing, training, and communicating that can be learned and practiced by horsemen and women of all levels. She was honored as the 1994 Horsewomen of the Year by the North American Horsemen’s Association and presented with the ARICP Lifetime Achievement Award, given annually to a person who profoundly affects the equine world in a positive manner.  Linda has worked with many top dressage riders from around the world over the course of her career, including Klaus Balkenhol and his daughter Anabel; Ingrid Klimke and her father, the late Dr. Reiner Klimke; Nicole Uphoff; Kyra Kyrklund; Robert Dover; and Charlotte Bredahl-Baker, to name just a few.  REBECCA M. DIDIER is an editor and author, and a copywriter, blogger, and graphic designer, as well as a lifelong horsewomen.