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EAF Board President Stephanie Bulger Photo by Valerie Shaff

Leading Non-Profit reflects on serving equestrians from all corners of the horse world

 Wellington, FL. Aug. 23, 2016 – The Equestrian Aid Foundation is proud to announce its twentieth year as the leading nonprofit that assists individuals from all riding disciplines, equine professions, backgrounds and ages who are coping with catastrophic injury or illness.

Equestrian Aid was founded in 1996 by six-time Olympic dressage rider, Robert Dover, together with R. Scot Evans, Gene Mische, Mason Phelps, Jr., Robert Ross and Kim Tudor. Initially, the organization focused on providing financial support to those battling HIV/AIDS. Some ten years ago, the Foundation broadened its mission to provide needs-based assistance for basic living and rehabilitation expenses to any equestrian who is suffering from a severe or life-threatening illness or injury.

“The Equestrian Aid Foundation has made a difference in the lives of so many,” states Stephanie Bulger, Equestrian Aid Foundation Board President. “This milestone celebrates all of those who share our mission. Special appreciation goes to our donors, who have embraced the responsibility that we have as horse lovers and horse-sport participants to take care of our own. We join our grant recipients in sending heartfelt thanks to all of those who have supported Equestrian Aid throughout these 20 years.”

Since its inception, the Equestrian Aid Foundation has provided over $2.5 million in direct grant support to recipients in 30 states across America. As the Foundation’s reputation expands nationally, opportunities are also growing for Equestrian Aid to provide essentials such as food and housing, health insurance, transportation, physical therapy, and more to a greater number of equestrians in need.

To meet this challenge, Equestrian Aid has hired its first Executive Director, Louise Smith. “As a dressage rider and farm owner, I understand how quickly life can change for people involved with horses. When equestrians become seriously hurt or ill, they sometimes risk losing everything,” says Smith. “As more people understand our purpose, I believe that they will want to get involved and help.”

Steven Castillo was a leading dressage trainer and promising L United States Dressage Federation judge in 1997. When he was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, Steven turned to Equestrian Aid to help pay for medical and housing expenses since his prognosis.

“After discovering the Equestrian Aid Foundation, my life truly changed,” states Steven. “The fear of not being about to put food on the table or pay medical expenses was wiped away. Equestrian Aid has been my biggest blessing.”

A more recent Equestrian Aid grantee is Linda Andrisani, one of the most well-respected hunter judges in the country. In March 2011, Linda was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of the right parotid gland. As a result, she was unable to work for a period of time, but has since recovered.

“After my diagnosis, I didn’t know if my life would ever go back to normal,” Linda reflects. “The Equestrian Aid Foundation helped to provide a sense of security that created hope in spite of life’s circumstances.”

For more information about the Equestrian Aid Foundation, please visit: http://equestrianaidfoundation.org/

The Equestrian Aid Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization that has raised over $2.5 million in its nearly twenty year history to assist individuals from all riding disciplines, equine professions, backgrounds and ages who are coping with serious injury or illness.

For more information about the Equestrian Aid Foundation, please visit: http://equestrianaidfoundation.org/ or follow us on Facebook. You can make a difference in the lives of horse people in need.


EQUESTRIAN AID FOUNDATION ANNOUNCES ITS 20th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION: Non-Profit that Provides Assistance to Equestrians across the Country Celebrates During the Hampton Classic

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Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 2.32.01 PMHamptons, NY. August 4, 2016 – As the horse show community in the Northeast heads out to the 2016 Hampton Classic Horse Show, the Equestrian Aid Foundation is providing a way for exhibitors and spectators to unwind and celebrate.

The Equestrian Aid Foundation 20th Anniversary Celebration will honor Equestrian Aid’s past, present and future financial grant recipients, and raise money to support the Foundation’s mission to help people from all corners of the horse world who have suffered life-threatening or life-changing injury or illness.

The evening event will be held on Thursday, September 1st at Marder’s Nursery on 120 Snake Hollow Road in Bridgehampton, New York. Guests will enjoy a variety of popular local food trucks and cocktails while reconnecting with old friends and sharing in a perfect Hamptons evening.
“We want to give a little something back to the community that has given us so much,” says Stephanie Bulger, Equestrian Aid Foundation Board President. “The Hampton Classic is the perfect place for us to celebrate this milestone with the entire East Coast equestrian community.”
For additional information and to purchase tickets, please visit: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/20th-anniversary-reggae-party-benefit-tickets-26587224103

The Equestrian Aid Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization that has raised over $2.5 million in its twenty-year history to assist individuals from all riding disciplines, equine professions, backgrounds and ages who are coping with serious injury or illness.
For more information about the Equestrian Aid Foundation, please visit: http://equestrianaidfoundation.org/ or follow us on Facebook. You can make a difference in the lives of horse people in need.


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la mastersWhen the best riders in the world meet an award-winning Chef, live music performances and art installations, you get the Longines Masters, the only event that takes horse jumping higher and brings a new mindset in equestrian glamour!

LOS ANGELES (August 10, 2016) – The Longines Masters of Los Angeles, Paris and Hong Kong will start the amazing journey spanning three continents with the American leg taking place September 29 to October 2 at the Long Beach Convention Center, the first major equestrian competition following the current international competition. The Longines Masters of Los Angeles will bring together the best riders in the world for four days of competition and a unique cultural experience. The event will offer guests a custom-designed menu by 2 Michelin star Belgian Chef Yves Mattagne, a live musical performance by world-renowned singer JAIN, art installations from the Long Beach Museum of Art, high-end shopping in the Prestige Village, a star-studded opening Gala, and a Kids Corner with educational experiences and family-friendly activities.

The full experience provides unparalleled networking and social opportunities with some of the top businessmen and international brands in the world, while the event’s red carpets are graced by Hollywood notables such as Jessica Springsteen and parents Bruce Springsteen and Patti Scialfa, Jennifer Gates and parents Bill and Melinda Gates, Destry Spielberg and parents Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw, actress Kaley Cuoco, Denise Richards, and many more.

“The Longines Masters of Los Angeles will offer a full and unique experience unlike any other sporting event in the world,” said EEM Founder & CEO Christophe Ameeuw. “There’s something here for everyone in the family. Guests will see live music, taste some of the most exquisite dishes, shop at some of the world’s leading luxury brands, learn through educational programs, and meet and receive autographs from the best riders in the world. Our guests are much more than spectators – we immerse them into the culture of the event.”

Decorated Belgian Chef Yves Mattagne will, once again, bring his transatlantic cuisine to California. Known for his premium seafood fare complemented by classic rich French sauces and exotic ingredients, Mattagne will treat VIP guests to culinary offerings inspired by his love of serving the fruits of the sea. “It’s an absolute pleasure to be preparing a custom-made menu for the Longines Masters, one that will match the sophistication and exquisiteness of the event,” said Mattagne. “It brings me happiness to be able to share my love for cooking with the people of Long Beach and its visitors.”

The Long Beach Museum of Art will serve as the official art partner of the Longines Masters of Los Angeles and showcase its breadth of one-of-a-kind pieces that have been curated to reflect the strength and spirit of the Longines Masters. Displayed at the heart of the Prestige Village, the artwork will showcase a selection of diverse contemporary masterpieces by various international artists, creating a unique interaction between the public and these magnificent life-size works of art. “The inspiration that can come from a blend of art and sport is something extraordinary that we’re excited to share with the city of Long Beach,” said Ron Nelson, Executive Director of the Long Beach Museum of Art. “We’re honored to partner with an organization that values the arts as much as we value the equestrian sport.”

Longines, the Title Partner and Official Timekeeper of the event, will have an elegant showcase to display some of its most emblematic watch collections. Additional international luxury brands will also be present to offer unique shopping experiences for guests at their exclusive pop-up shops in the Prestige Village.

Spectators will be treated to a glimpse of other equestrian disciplines, including dressage and polo. Dressage is as much an art as it is a sport, a skilled form of riding that is known to create a unique and special bond between horse and human. Spanish horseman Santi Serra, who has traveled the world performing and is known for his Sercam shows which involves “natural dressage,” will also give a dazzling performance that demonstrates the graceful movements of horses and the harmonious balance between man and animal.

Completing a weekend full of equestrian sports, guests can expect to experience the thrill of a high-speed indoor polo experience when the La Martina Polo Experience at the Longines Masters takes the ring on Saturday. The fast pace and physical contact of the game, the strength and maneuverability of the horses, and the skill and accuracy of the players, makes for a real treat for Longines Masters fans.

In addition to the family-friendly activities in the Kids Corner, children will enjoy customized educational programs and unique experiences such as meet-and-greets with riders, grooms, and other event staff.

Stay connected for further updates and essential information, coming soon!

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Established in three of the world’s most iconic cities — Los Angeles, Paris and Hong Kong — the Longines Masters Series, “Grand Slam Indoor of Show Jumping” is renowned as one of the most prestigious equestrian events in the world.

Created by EEM and inspired by the Grand Slam tennis tournaments, the Series rapidly developed abroad, with the Longines Masters of Hong Kong in 2013 and the Longines Masters of Los Angeles in 2014. In 2015, the intercontinental trilogy became the Longines Masters.

Presented by EEM and recognized by the FEI, the “Grand Slam of Indoor Show Jumping” is the ultimate challenge, with two levels of prizes:

The Super Grand Slam, a bonus of 2.25 million Euros for winning 3 consecutive Longines Grand Prix in the same season: Los Angeles, followed by Paris and then Hong Kong.

The Grand Slam: a bonus of 1 million Euros for three successive victories in the Longines Grand Prix from one season to the next, (ex: Paris > Hong Kong > Los Angeles, or Hong Kong > Los Angeles > Paris.)

These events are broadcast in more than 120 countries and reach up to 550 million households. Every edition of the Longines Masters is a must-attend event bringing together top-level athletes and amateurs alike, celebrities and corporate decision-makers from around the world, all who come to enjoy a unique experience created by exceptional moments in sport, entertainment, glamour, gastronomy and contemporary art.

Save the dates for the season two:

  • Longines Masters of Los Angeles: 29 September-2 October, 2016
  • Longines Masters of Paris: 1-4 December, 2016
  • Longines Masters of Hong Kong: 10-12 February, 2017


 EEM CEO and Founder Christophe Ameeuw and his team have set no less a goal than to reinvent the sport of show jumping. For over ten years they have been dedicated to bringing equestrian sports to the international front stage. Inspired by the legendary tournaments of the tennis Grand Slam, EEM gathers under one roof the best of show jumping, entertainment and lifestyle experience. 2009 was a crucial milestone for EEM with its revival of the “Jumping de Paris” and the creation of the Gucci Paris Masters. EEM then set off to conquer new continents, with an Asian edition which took place in Hong Kong in 2013, followed in 2014 by the first American stage of the Longines Masters in Los Angeles. In 2015 the intercontinental trilogy of which EEM is the creator, owner and organizer, became the Longines Masters “Grand Slam Indoor of Show Jumping”.


« We Ride the World »™

 The international signature of the Longines Masters “We Ride The World” was introduced last season by EEM, notably featured along with the documentary series “The Ride of My Life,” both of which echo the philosophy developed by EEM for the Longines Masters:

Said Christophe Ameeuw, “If equestrian sports are a matter of taste, there is still a consensus that no one can question: the beauty of the horse transcends the sportive exploit, and beyond the extraordinary performance of the riders, conveys a feeling of wonder.

And this is doubtlessly what makes show jumping universal, transcending countries, cultures and populations. Its treasured values do not need rules to exist. They are shared without effort as a testimonial. There is something profoundly captivating in the competition, like a theatrical play that mesmerises and transports you.

In a world that is becoming more and more digital, the experience of the live spectacle is a rare and enviable commodity. All over the world sports events gather the crowds and unlock passions, inspired by social networks as symbols of a generation that is eager to share. This emotion, this dream, this enchantment that we bring to our “Masters” is our mission at EEM. Each new seasonof Longines Masters Series, “Grand Slam Indoor of Show Jumping”, across three continents, three cultures, three emblematic cities, Los Angeles, Paris, and Hong Kong, we carry the values of our sport as an antidote to the difficulties of our time.”


 Based in Saint-Imier, Switzerland since 1832, the watchmaking expertise of Longines reflects a strong devotion to tradition, elegance and performance. Longines has generations of experience as the official timekeeper for world championships and as a partner of international sports federations. Over the years, Longines has forged solid and lasting ties with the sports world. Known for the elegance of its timepieces, Longines is a member of the Swatch Group Ltd., the world’s leading manufacturer of timekeeping products. Featuring the wingedhourglass as its emblem, the brand operates in more than 150 countries.

Informations : www.longines.com

Contact : publicrelations@longines.com


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