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2013 Parelli Summit to Feature Progressive Format with In-Depth Education

May 20, 2013 By: janwest Category: What's Happenin'

Every year, hundreds of horsemen and women from around the world gather in Pagosa Springs, CO for the annual Parelli Summit. This exclusive members-only three-day event is an experience unlike any other: an intimate, educational and exciting celebration of horsemanship. The 2013 Parelli Summit will continue that tradition while also introducing a new show format designed to illustrate the incredible changes a horse can achieve in just three sessions with the Parelli program.


This year’s Summit presenters – Pat and Linda Parelli, Kalley Krickeberg and Nate Bowers – will cover all ends of the spectrum, from the Four Savvys to problem solving, from pre-saddle training to driving.


Pat Parelli’s ability to quickly and accurately identify issues in a horse & human partnership and develop positive behavior has been his forte for decades. Rather than simply “fixing” the horse, Pat chooses to empower the human, instructing and encouraging positive changes in their leadership and communication skills. Throughout the Summit, Pat will work with a horse & human pair and guide them through the steps they need to take in order to increase their communication skills and truly become partners. Additionally, Pat will be featured in two afternoon sessions on the four Parelli Savvys: On Line, FreeStyle, Liberty and Finesse.  If you want to see a master horseman at the top of his game, these sessions are a can’t-miss!


Throughout her years of training with dressage master Walter Zettl, Linda Parelli has gained an understanding of what it takes to convince a horse to not only accept bit contact, but to actually seek it out. She took this newfound knowledge, applied her innate ability to explain complex concepts in a user-friendly way, and ended up revolutionizing the way we think of bit contact. Her Game of Contact courses and DVDs employ a clear, step-by-step format that effortlessly translates to the arena, and that’s exactly what she’ll share throughout the weekend. Over the course of three sessions, Linda will guide a horse and student through the four progressive stages of the Game of Contact – all the while ensuring that each attendee learns just as much as the horse and student in the arena! In a special evening session, Linda will be joined by Dr. Patrick Handley – with whom she created the renowned Parelli Humanality Report – to help you understand Humanality and apply it in your own life!


Master young horse developer Kalley Krickeberg has quickly become a star in the horse industry, with her own series of educational DVDs, a clothing line, horsemanship equipment and more! Over the course of her multi-session Pre-Saddle Training marathon, Kalley will guide a young horse through part one of her colt starting program, which helps develop the necessary skills and physical aptitude a young horse needs for a lifetime of active and progressive horsemanship.


Nate Bowers, of Bowers Natural Driving, has made a name for himself by combining his love of driving with a passion for Parelli principles. His Nate Bowers Driving DVD series has only increased his popularity, and his wry humor and sharp eye for detail has made him a magnetic and engaging presenter. Throughout the weekend, Nate will lead a horse and student pair through his intuitive driving program. These sessions will illustrate that the art of driving does, in fact, apply to horsemanship as a whole.


Interspersed with these in-depth educational sessions will be exciting spotlights from Parelli Professionals and students from around the country. Featuring horses and students in their element – demonstrating what they’ve learned from Parelli and how they’ve applied it to their own horsemanship interests – these spotlights are sure to inspire everyone in attendance!


Of course, the 2013 Parelli Summit will feature much more than horsemanship. Laid out across the beautiful Parelli Colorado campus, the Summit will include countless opportunities for networking, shopping and dining with additional learning opportunities from Parelli sponsors. As usual, we will have a select number of Parelli horses on site and available for viewing and purchase.


Check out a detailed schedule of events at www.parelli.com. If you’re not currently a Parelli Savvy Club member, but would like to attend the 2013 Performance Summit, sign up for a FREE 30-day trial membership at www.parelliconnect.com or by calling 855-PARELLI.


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Parelli Natural Horsemanship’s goal is to help raise the level of horsemanship worldwide for the benefit of horses and the people who love them. By practicing the Parelli program to gain an understanding of equine psychology and effective communication skills, horsemen of all disciplines and skill levels are able to build solid, reliable foundations with their horses. From recreational trail riders to Olympic-level dressage riders, hundreds of thousands of horse owners around the world use the Parelli method and the results speak for themselves. Founded by Pat and Linda Parelli, Parelli Natural Horsemanship is now the world’s most popular horsemanship education program, with campuses in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia and students in dozens of additional countries. For more information about Parelli Natural Horsemanship, including educational videos, articles, training tools, horsemanship diaries and more, visit the Parelli membership site www.parelliconnect.com and sign up for a FREE 30-day trial.