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UVA polo dominates the USPA Intercollegiate National Tournaments

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UVA Men (left to right): Felipe Viana, Lou Lopez, Todd Thurston, Eduardo Lopez, Mauricio Lopez, CB Scherer, LJ Lopez

UVA polo dominated the USPA Intercollegiate National Tournaments this past weekend in Ithaca, N.Y., taking home titles in both the men’s and women’s events.  The Cavalier squads faced strong competition throughout the tournaments, which featured top college programs and some of the best young players in the United States.

The UVA men’s team defeated Cornell in the semifinal and went on to win the championship with a 23-17 victory against Westmont in the final.

UVA Women (left to right): Lou Lopez, Isabella Wolf, Kylie Sheehan, Julia Steiner, Vicky Friedrichs, LJ Lopez


In the women’s tournament, UVA took down a solid Texas A&M team before meeting rival Cornell in the final and winning in a close 17-13 contest

The National Intercollegiate Championship is part of the USPA’s Intercollegiate/Interscholastic polo program, which is committed to growing the sport of polo with players and fans.  Several players from the winning UVA teams are part of the premier Team USPA development program as well, which is also highly involved in training and teaching young polo players. With the help of programs like these, polo is experiencing a resurgence in the U.S.as depicted in the recent in-depth feature on “60 Minutes” surrounding the sport.

All Star Honorees  
Men Women
Felipe Viana – UVA Julia Steiner – UVA
CB Scherer – UVA Kailey Eldredge  – Cornell
Patrick Uretz –Westmont Kylie Sheehan – UVA
Wiley Uretz -Westmont Isabella Wolf – UVA





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Katrina Hiller


April 24, 2012 – The Dressage Foundation’s Renee Isler Dressage Support Fund recently provided two scholarships to young riders to support their participation in educational clinics.

Katrina Hiller (WI) was accepted by the United States Dressage Federation to participate in the Junior/Young Rider Clinic with Jeremy Steinberg on March 17-18, 2012.  However, she needed some financial help to make the trip from Wisconsin to Maryland with her horse, Toy Soldier.  Katrina received an $800 scholarship from Renee’s Fund, which enabled her to attend the clinic.

“The clinic with Jeremy Steinberg was an incredible experience,” said Katrina.  “His methods were effective yet respectful to the horse, and overall made Toy much more supple, active, and rideable.  I can’t thank The Dressage Foundation enough for giving me the opportunity to ride for Jeremy!”

Annie Adamcyzk


Renee’s Fund, which also provides support to young riders and professionals who participate in other educational events, awarded a $325 scholarship to Annie Adamczyk (IL).  Annie was selected to participate in the Emerging Dressage Athlete Clinic with Lendon Gray.  The event will be held April 28-29 at Legacy USA Equestrian inBurr Ridge,IL.


“Receiving this scholarship to ride with Lendon Gray is such an honor.  I cannot thank Renee Isler and The Dressage Foundation more for giving me this great opportunity. I am so excited to see how well Storm, my new mare owned by Marilyn Black, and I improve because of this clinic,” said Annie.
Since 2008, the Renee Isler Dressage Support Fund has provided nearly $40,000 in grants/scholarships to support young riders, the USDF Jr/YR Clinic Series, and dressage professionals.  For more information about this Fund, go to www.dressagefoundation.org/Renee_Isler_Dressage_Support_Fund.htm or contact Jenny Johnson at (402)434-8585 or jenny@dressagefoundation.org.



The Dressage Foundation


The Dressage Foundation is a 501(c)(3), non-profit, tax-exempt, donor-driven organization that is dedicated to supporting and advancing the sport of dressage.  The organization solicits contributions, appropriately allocates the donations, and awards grants and scholarships to dressage riders of all ages and levels.  For more information, please visit www.dressagefoundation.org.
















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            DEVON, Pa.—Thousands of volunteers work year-round on the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair, and each year two of them serve as Chairman.

Each Chairman serves for two years, with the beginning of their service years alternating.

This year’s Country Fair Chairmen are Mrs. Albert F. (Debbie) Martin, who also served last year, and Mrs. John M. (Candy) Guinan, who will serve this year and next.

While each chairman only serves for two years, so that it’s not such an onerous task, often the same people are tapped again for the job a few years after their terms are up.

This is true of Martin, who previously served in 1990-’91, and Guinan, who served in 2001-’02.

Martin, who has volunteered atDevonfor 36 years, was asked by a friend in 1976 to help grill hot dogs in the Hot Dog Booth.

Both her Mother and Father began volunteering shortly after.

Today, her husband, son and daughter all volunteer with her, and her daughter is now Chairman of the Soda and Ice Cream Booth

.           “A friend invited me to a Devon party, and I joined (as a volunteer) immediately when I met the people,” said Guinan, of how she became involved 25 years ago.

“Little kids come here and end up as volunteers,” said Guinan. “For instance, Viola Bement, who was 90 on April 21, has volunteered since she started as an 8-year-old selling lemon sticks.”

Chairmen will often work in different booths to get the full flavor ofDevon.  Martin has worked in the Hot Dog Booth, theDerby, Information, Soda and Ice Cream, and Cafeteria, as well as onDevonpre-events such as Black Tie and Boots Ball and House Tour, while Guinan has served on antiques, souvenirs, hot dogs, midway and concessions.

The Country Fair offers boutiques and rides and delicious foods for every palate, plus there are contests for hats, dresses and dogs, plus special back barn tours, so there are special events for each member of the family.

Boutiques offer a vast selection of goods from trendy clothes to men’s and women’s sports wear, often appliquéd with a horse or dog design, handbags, shoes, hats, belts, blankets, Alpaca coats and wraps beautiful gold, silver and turquoise jewelry, fine paintings, prints and sculptures, antiques, designer eyewear, children’s clothes, toys and games, needlework, pottery, home décor, souvenirs and collectibles as well as, of course, tack shops.

At the Country Fair, from the Ferris wheel high above the show grounds, to carousel horses and rides of all description to classic games of shoot the duck and throw the ball, there are rides and games for children of all ages.

Hot dogs and hamburgers vie with pizza and soft drinks and ice cream, while in the Garden Cafe, every afternoon and evening there’s a different selection of gourmet foods, including fine wines, that can be enjoyed in comfort in the pavilion.

Then, of course, there’s the famousDevonfudge and lemon sticks.

The amount of food served annually is huge.

Last year, 1,400 pounds ofDevonfudge was sold, over 12,000 hamburgers, over 9,000 hot dogs and 37,056 scoops of ice cream fed the throngs that attend the show.




And the Beat Goes on For the Planning of the So8ths/Nikon Three-Day Event May 3-6

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When an event ends you think you have so much time before the next year, but for some reason time seems to speed on by. Now we are just weeks away from the 2012 So8ths/Nikon Three Day Event in the “Heart of the Carolinas” to take place at Southern 8ths Farm in Chesterfield, SC, May 3-6.

Just today I was in touch with the title sponsor, Nikon, to get the latest on the prizes the riders will be vying for. I was thrilled when they told me that the Beginner Novice, Novice and Training Three-Day division riders each have a chance to win a Nikon D3100 Outfit with an 18-55 MM VR lens. Nikon will also be giving 2nd and 3rd place finishers Nikon Laptop bags. I have one of those and love it. Volunteers will be getting Nikon t-shirts to wear on Cross-Country day. A big thank you to Nikon for helping make this event extra-special for these Amateur riders, to match the classy facility the owner Brad Turley has created on this 300-acre paradise.

In addition to the Nikon cameras, Breyer will also be giving the winners Crystal Horses. And Cavalor is sponsoring the Saturday morning breakfast.


So, now I want you to hear from some of the clinicians and competitors.

Susan Beebee will be one of the many clinicians for the educational day, May 3. She will be working with the riders to help them better understand the Steeplechase phase of the Three-Day Event.

Susan is thrilled to be a part of this event and commented, “It’s a privilege to help at the So8ths/Nikon Three-Day Event for their educational training day.  As a young girl growing up I dreamed of competing at Rolex and at the Advanced level of Eventing. I have been able to live my dream, and develop a business doing what I love, because I was afforded opportunities to work with the best in the Eventing community. I hope the riders at this event will leave this fun weekend of great coaching and mentoring and go for their goals!”


Susan Beebee


We spoke to some of the approximately 40 competitors who will be headed to this year’s So8ths/Nikon Three-Day Event and learned a bit about what they do and how they are preparing.

Michele Lobsinger, is entered in the Novice 3 day with her horse, Glenlara’s Pride, a 6-year-old Irish Draught/Connemara cross that she has had for a year and a half.  “He has a great personality and puts up with me most of the time,” explained Michele.  “We are getting really close and finally starting to develop a partnership.  It has not happened overnight, but he has turned out to be such a cool horse.”

Michele trains with Lauren O’Brien in Vass, NC and she understands the demands of trying to compete and run a household because she has two young children. Michele lives in Southern Pines, NC with her husband Scott and their two 6-year-old children, Natalie and Angelo.  “They are not twins,” explained Michele, “we adopted them from Guatemala from two different families.”

Before the children arrived, Natalie explained that she “competed in two Long Format one stars and groomed for many others. I have not done a 3 day event in 7 years and I am very excited to be able to participate in one again!  My husband is taking a couple days off from work to help out with the kids and my dear friend, Lindsay Staiano has offered me a room at her home which is close to the venue.  And although the Carolina Horse Park (CHP) is my favorite place ever to compete, I am really looking forward to competing somewhere since I haven’t done so since 2009.”

Right now it’s a balancing act for Michele with a family, work, barn chores and just life in general. “It’s crazy some days, but I know it will be worth it after phase D on Saturday that weekend,” she commented. “I am really psyched and the idea of getting to do steeplechase again is just awesome!

“I am amazed at all the local professionals from our area that are going to be helping out with the event that week; that is really impressive. I appreciate their efforts and also volunteer at the CHP whenever I am not riding.  I am grateful to the organizers, officials, volunteers, etc. for all the work I know they are already doing. I am very excited at the idea of participating in this event only a few weeks away.”

The local professionals she is referring to are all the talented clinicians that will be part of the educational phase of the event such as Holly Hudspeth and Charlie Plumb.

Michele Lobsinger on Glenlara's Pride. Photo by Brant Gamma


Carol Ogden, Faraway Farm, Lake Butler, FL, works part-time at Sears and also teaches riding lessons locally.  “My horse is a 14-year old bay Thoroughbred, In Rhythm (aka Brogan), who has shown at Training level consistently,” commented Carol. “This will be my second Training 3-Day (my first was at Ocala Horse Trials a few years ago).  I knew I wanted to do another one someday because it was such a rewarding experience. 

“Working part-time affords me a little more time to prepare for a 3-day, but being from Florida, we have to search out some hills to work on our conditioning.  Fortunately, some friends have a 350-acre farm we ride on, with some gradual hills for galloping/trotting up as well as some steep hills for conditioning. 

“I have an interval training program I use, starting 6-8 weeks out, depending on the starting fitness of my horse.  I condition 2 days/week (Tuesdays and Saturdays), jump at least once a week, and practice Dressage the other days (although I do a lot of trail riding in our lovely state parks, which helps with the fitness program). 

“At the last 3-Day, my horse was one of the fittest ones there, so I know this schedule works for us.  I need him extra fit, since this event will be in the mountains, whereas Ocala was pretty flat!”

Carol understands that both horse and rider must be fit and so for herself she goes to the gym and works with the machines twice a week.  “I also ride my bike a few times a week (my longest ride yet was 14 miles).  By the time May comes, I will feel we are prepared. It’s the getting ready that’s the hard part, but the actual competition is the fun part!  I’m really looking forward to coming up to Southern 8ths!”


Pam Medlin had some comments to say about her 15-year-old daughter Kaylin, who will be competing on Harley.  She commented that the key things about her daughter were and are “Patience and humility pay off. She’s been trying to qualify for her T3D since last August. She and Harley have overcome quite a few obstacles, and finally earned their last qualification run in March, at Southern Pines II.”

Kaylin groomed for Susan Beebee at Rolex in 2011. Susan (as noted at the beginning of this article) just happens to be one of the clinicians. She currently trains with Rebecca Howard (yet another clinician – small world) and is based at The Fork in Norwood,NC.

“Kaylin is a C1 Pony Clubber and is participating in the PRO Junior Training Scholarship. She and Harley spent 6 weeks in Ocala, FL this winter (January 13-February 26) training,” noted Pam.


“Kaylin is in 9th grade and is home schooled so that she can concentrate on training and competing. Her goals include: Area II Young Riders, Rolex, WEG, Pan Am Games and the US Olympic Team.”

Like many parents, Pam will be there with her daughter but mostly to cheer her on.  “I don’t know how much I will be helping her. Once she started going Training level, we backed off and let her do it on her own. I act as her driver, her dad acts as her sole sponsor.

“Between now and then, Kaylin and Harley will be doing lots of trot sets and galloping,” continued Pam. “They will continue working on their Dressage and jumping with 2-3 lessons each week. Harley is being seen by the vet next week to make sure he is ready to go, and Kaylin is working on her own endurance by running and doing P90X.

“Kaylin set her sights on the T3D several years ago and is very much looking forward to finally competing.”


Kaylin Medlin on Harley


The So8ths/Nikon Three-Day Event is just around the corner.  If you’d like to get a sense of what is in store for this year, take a look back at last year. Go to So8ths YouTube page and take a video tour: http://www.youtube.com/user/So8ths or check out the wide selection of photos showing every facet of the event here: www.tinyurl.com/presslink-so8ths. And make sure to visit the web site: www.so8ths.com and click the “like”  button on Facebook: www.facebook.com/so8ths.























Caroline Roffman Ties Up Season with a Gold Medal at the CDI Nations Cup

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Caroline Roffman and Pie during the victory gallop during the Global Dressage Festival Nations Cup CDI. Photo by by Al Guden


Wellington, FL (April 18, 2012) – Caroline Roffman has a stellar beginning to 2012, with wins across the small tour and developing horse divisions at prestigious shows on the Florida dressage circuit and most recently a gold medal at the Nations Cup CDI.  At the Global Dressage Festival Nations Cup, TeamUSA took the gold, and Roffman’s score of 70.050% on her own Pie put her in second and was a strong contribution towards the medal.  Team Europe took the silver, while TeamUSA 2 took the bronze.  Pie and Roffman also swept the Prix St Georges classes at the Global Dressage Festival Nations Cup.


Roffman recently opened her own training and sales center, Lionshare Dressage, and has partnered with 2012 Pan Am Games alternate Endel Ots to bring the best dressage prospects and training to Wellington.  In the second half of 2012, Roffman has her sights set on multiple championships, including Gladstone and Lamplight, as she looks to the future with her competition horses.


Roffman kicked off her 2012 success in the small tour with Pie, a Hanoverian by Worldly, sweeping the small tour classes at the $50,000 Florida Dressage Classic CDI-W at the Global Dressage Festival.   Roffman also debuted a new mare, Her Highness, during the circuit to great success.  Her Highness, a 9 year old by Hohenstein out of a Weltmeyer mare, is owned collectively by Roffman and Wolkentanzer Farm out ofCalifornia.  The stunning mare with floating gaits easily took top placings at the Palm Beach Dressage Derby, winning the FEI Test of Choice with a 68.421% and the USEF Developing Horse Prix St Georges with a 67.868%.  Her Highness was also in the top placings during the GDF Nations Cup National Show, where they scored a 70% and 69% in the Prix St Georges.  Roffman is aiming Her Highness for the Developing Horse Championships, where Roffman and Pie were Reserve Champion in 2011.


Roffman has plans to compete at 2012 National Young Horse Championships with her own Bon Chance, the 2010 Five-Year-Old Champion and 2011 Six-Year-Old Reserve Champion, who will be headed for the Developing Horse divisions as well.   Caroline is also sure to be defending her title as 2011 Brentina Cup Champion.


For more information on Caroline Roffman and Lionshare Dressage, please visit http://www.lionsharedressage.com/.

The Devon Black Tie and Boots Ball

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DEVON, Pa.—The Black Tie and Boots Ball, featuring cocktails, dinner, dancing and a live auction, will be held Saturday, May 5 at Bryn Clovis, Brushwood Farm in Malvern.

            The Ball benefits the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair Foundation, and limited tickets are available.

The evening will begin with cocktails and appetizers, including a specialty cocktail to toast Cinco de Mayo, which can be enjoyed on the lawn under centuries old oak trees, overlooking the rolling hills and paddocks filled with thoroughbreds owned by Betty Moran’s Brushwood Stable.

Guests can then move into the tent for dinner and dancing, during which the live auction will be called by Samuel T. Freeman & Co.

Eight fabulous items will be auctioned this year, beginning with a cruise for two onHollandAmerica.

A 10-day, overnight stay at the Top Ranch Riding Camp in the Poconos will appeal to the equestrian guests at the Ball.

A VIP suite at theWellsFargoCenterinPhiladelphia, including a ride on the Zamboni and a signed jersey will appeal to the hockey fans.

For the fashion conscious, there’s a limited edition Hermes bag and scarf.

For those who love Devon but can’t get enough of it, there’s the Devon Insider Package, which includes two passes and parking for the entire 11-day show, two grandstand seats for the Grand Prix on Thursday, May 31, a VIP suite party for 12 on Sunday, May 27 to watch the Carriage Pleasure Drive judged in the Dixon Oval, two seats on one of the four-in-hand coaches during an evening performance and two tickets for First Night at Devon on Wednesday, May 23 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m., a reception and cocktails with art available for sale.

Another goody for the fashion conscious is a shopping spree at PerLei Boutique in Media.




– 2 –


Brandywine Radio has donated two half-hour segments, hosted by one of the radio’s announcers, during which the purchaser can promote his business or any other item of his choosing.

For the intrepid traveler, there are two unrestricted business class tickets on Lufthansa to any of its world-wide destinations.

Entertainment for this year’s ball will be Sugarfoot Farm, featuring musicians George “GT” Corrigan and Jim Unger playing classic, danceable rock-and-roll.

Catering is provided by Jimmy Duffy Catering, and tent entry décor is courtesy of Sunshine Landscapes.

Bryn Clovis is the thoroughbred breeding farm owned by Betty Moran, who has campaigned such champion race horses as Belmont Stakes winner Crème Fraiche, Aintree Grand National winner Papillon and I’m Sweets.

In  2004, Brushwood Stable bred Hard Spun, who, in the colors of Rick Porter of Wilmington, Del., went on to finish second in the Kentucky Derby, third in the Preakness and fourth in the Belmont Stakes.

The Black Tie & Boots Ball is sponsored by Pepsi Beverage Company with Wells Fargo as the presenting sponsor.

Special thanks go to 1800 Tequila & Familia Camarena Tequila, SKYY Vodka and Tableleaf Wines.

For additional information, call the Country Fair office at 610-525-2533 or visit the website at www.devonhorseshow.org.





Atlanta Summer Classics- Something for Every Rider Nearly $300,000 in Prize Money Up for Grabs

April 17, 2012 By: billt Category: What's Happenin'


Pony Power ©Flashpoint Photography




April 15, 2012-St Johns Island, SC– Still undecided on summer plans? Bob Bell, President of Classic Company, would like to tempt you, “Our summer events are bursting at the seams with great offerings! We’ve taken exhibitors’ horse show wish list and made them a reality!”

The Atlanta Summer Classics, held at the Georgia International Horse Park in Conyers, GA, is a USEF AA rated two week event beginning June 13 through June 24. This year’s event will play host to the inaugural $25,000 Pony Hunter Derby Classic. “This will be the first of two $25,000 Pony events for the summer. We have some of the country’s best talent in our pony sections and I think it’s time they get rewarded for their efforts.”Bell said. The second Pony Hunter Classic will be held in July at the Charleston Summer Classic.


Both events will be open to all ponies, even non members; however they will need a valid USEF measurement card. “Each Pony Derby Classic will be held as a two round event. The first round will be judged numerically and the top 20 will return for a second round. The course will be made up of 12 jumps with heights being adjusted for each section. Small ponies will show at 2’3, Mediums at 2’6, and the Larges at 3’.” Bellsaid.  Both Derby Classics will be run under the specifications of USEF rule HU 146 and the entry fee for each is $250.00. The prize money will be distributed through 12th place.


Pony riders aren’t the only ones getting a spotlight in Atlanta this summer, the first week of the series has been designated a World Championship Hunter Rider event, featuring the $15,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby. “For those riders looking towards the Derby Finals this is a great opportunity to prep. OurDerbycourses in the former Olympic arena provide both the rider and horse the chance to compete on a huge field over some challenging obstacles.”Bellsaid.  Also during the WCHR week will be the $2,500 USHJA National Hunter Derby, the Atlanta Cup Equitation for Ponies, and the popular Grand Puba Junior Hunter Championship.  Jumper riders aren’t forgotten either, with a $35,000 Grand Prix to close the week.


There’s plenty to keep exhibitors attention between the show weeks too. The USHJA Zone 4 Hunter and Jumper Committees are sponsoring two special clinics; on Monday, the USHJA Riders Clinic with Jimmy Torano and Tuesday, the USHJA Water Jumping Clinic with Wilhelm Genn. These clinics are free of charge and while both have filled, auditors are welcomed. Please contact Jill Mills for additional information at 404-731-3643.


Week two of the Atlanta Summer Classics will host an array of exciting events, such as the Emerson Burr Program for Pony riders and one of the most popular annual social happenings returns to the Grand Prix arena- the 15th Annual Outback Steakhouse Charity Dinner! “Each year this dinner sells out and local charities win big! It’s a delicious way to give back to a community that welcomed our horse shows to their area even before the Olympic fanfare. I’m proud of the good works our charity dinner has and continues to do.”Bell said.  The 140 foot party tent along the grand prix arena will offer the VIP tables great views of all the action.


During the Outback Steakhouse dinner the crowd will be entertained with a special class, the $3,500 Ride and Run. “This is a fun class for jumper riders and their grooms! Without giving too much away- the rider does a special course while the groom, equipped with a wheel barrel of hay, grain, and water makes their way across the arena, both competitors trying to have the best time.”Bellshared.


There will also be a Zone 4 Forum hosted by the committee members and back by demand, Just Ask the Judges, sponsored by Practical Horseman magazine, with guest Jimmy Clapperton and Thom Brede on hand to answer exhibitors’ questions.


Highlighting the second week will be the debut of the $25,000 Pony Hunter Derby Classic in the Grand Prix arena and to close the series another $35,000 show jumping Gran Prix.


“It’s going to be a great classic summer!  We’re expecting to put up three tents so I hope folks will get their entries in early- they don’t want to miss this series!Bell concluded.


The Classic Company is a USHJA Members Choice Award winner, known for producing quality, exhibitor friendly, international-level hunter/jumper horse shows throughout theSoutheast US. For additional information on any of the 2012 events please call the office at 843-768-5503 or visit them on the web at www.classiccompany.com and for great hotel or condo rates contact www.equestriantravel.com




English Riding Supply To Sponsor Ovation Leading Rider Awards at Horse Shows by the Bay

April 17, 2012 By: billt Category: What's Happenin'



Horse Sports by the Bay Inc., is pleased to announce that English Riding Supply is returning this year as a Horse Shows by the Bay Equestrian Festival Platinum Sponsor and as the sponsor of the Ovation Leading Rider Awards.

The Ovation Leading Rider Awards Program has been part of the Hunter/Jumper awards program at Horse Shows by the Bay since 2007.  The circuit awards are given to the top winning rider in each of the 12 categories recognized – from Pony Hunter to Open Jumper.  Riders who accumulate the most points at the end of the four week circuit win a $500 gift certificate to redeem from the comprehensive English Riding Supply catalog. Winners will receive their awards during Horse Shows by the Bay Series IV.


Says Alex Rheinheimer, Horse Sports by the Bay Inc., owner and show manager, “The Ovation Leading Rider Awards are among the highlights for our participants each year.  For them, choosing from such noted brands like Ovation, Pessoa, Centaur, and Veredus guarantees that they’ll find something of value and that is useful.  For me, I especially like this type of award as it rewards consistency.  I can’t thank English Riding Supply enough for their continued support of our horse show and of this wonderful awards program”.

English Riding Supply’s Centaur is also the show’s Official Horse Clothier and will dress the show’s Grand Hunter Champions in style with Centaur Wool Coolers plus provide beautiful Turbo Dry Show Sheets for the Hunter and Jumper Classic winners.  Series II and Series IV Champions will also receive an embroidered Centaur Dress Scrim Sheet for their accomplishments.

English Riding Supply’s Peggy Murray will be onsite during Horse Shows by the Bay and will be providing additional prizes and gift certificates.

Says Murray, “We have worked with Alex Rheinheimer and her staff since the show’s beginning.  We’ve been so pleased that each year we’ve increased our level of sponsorship and as such we are now Platinum Sponsors.”

“English Riding Supply’s premier brands of Pessoa, Veredus, Centaur and Ovation are really in the spotlight at this show.  They do a great job at promotion and based on the response we receive from the participants they clearly like receiving our products.  The show itself is terrific – the facility is one of the loveliest in theUnited States and is located in such a great part of the country,” addedMurray.


The Ovation brand represents the finest in all types of rider apparel, including an extensive lineup of helmets suitable for show and schooling.

For more information on English Riding Supply and to view their complete list of helmets, brands and an online catalog, please visit www.englishridingsupply.com.

Kicking off events at this year’s Horse Shows by the Bay Festival will be Dressage by the Bay Series I and II, June 22-24, which are two back-to-back USDF Level 3-rated dressage competitions. The shows will include a variety of qualifying and special classes.

One week later, on July 4, begins four consecutive USEF AA-Hunter/Level 4 Jumper shows known as Horse Shows by the Bay Series I-IV.

Entries for the Hunter/Jumper shows are currently being accepted on a first come first served basis until capacity is met or June 1, whichever comes first.  The Dressage by the Bay Prize List will be available shortly.

More information on the exciting 2012 Horse Shows by the Bay Equestrian Festival, including links to our Blue Ribbon Lodging and Transportation Partners, can be found on our website: www.horseshowsbythebay.com.

Nordic Lights Farm Earns Winning Awards at Spring Gathering Charity Horse Show

April 11, 2012 By: billt Category: What's Happenin'

Katy, TX – April 4, 2012 – The horses and riders at Nordic Lights Farm had another stellar performance at the Great Southwest Equestrian Center during the Spring Gathering Charity Horse Show. Eirin Bruheim piloted NLF Transatlantic to a victory in the $5,000 Spring Gathering Classic, while her sister Lene Bruheim took home the blue in the High Children’s Jumpers with Jessika. After earning the High Performance Working Hunter Reserve Championship, Peter Pletcher and NLF Shakespeare’s Rhythm were presented with the Houston Spring Series Circuit Championship.

Eirin Bruheim has been working steadily to bring NLF Transatlantic back to top form after a seven-month break from the show ring, and during the Spring Gathering Charity Horse Show they were ready to win. The duo completed an excellent double clear effort during the $5,000 Spring Gathering Classic, stopping the clock at a speedy 29.90 seconds during the jump-off. Eirin then competed in the $10,000 Spring Gathering Welcome Stake, placing second aboard Cicero 75 after leaving all the rails in tact during the jump-off in a very quick time. She also claimed the eighth place honors with Anyway, after the pair completed a four-fault first round effort.

“The Spring Gathering Charity Horse Show was really good,” said Eirin. “My horses were a little tired, but preformed really nicely. Cicero 75 jumped his heart out during the Welcome Stake, and Anyway was really good too. NLF Transatlantic is really stepping up and was great in the Classic. Overall, my horses tried their best these last few months and now deserve some time to rest and recover.”

Lene Bruheim had her victory during the Spring Gathering Charity Horse Show, winning a class in the High Children’s Jumpers aboard her newest mount Jessika. The pair also took home third, fifth, and eighth place ribbons to eventually earn the High Children’s Jumper Championship. Lene also had success with her veteran mount NLF Valhall, placing second, third, and seventh in the High Children’s Jumpers.

“Spring Gathering was so much fun,” said Lene. “Jessika and I are really starting to get to know one another, and NLF Valhall is in his usual tip-top form! I couldn’t ask for better horses and I am really looking forward to this summer.”

Professional rider Peter Pletcher has had great success with NLF Shakespeare’s Rhythm during the last three weeks, already earning two High Performance Working Hunter Championships. During the Spring Gathering Charity Horse Show they took home the division’s reserve championship after earning a first place ribbon, two second place ribbons, and two third place ribbons. Their efforts over the last three weeks were honored with the Houston Spring Series High Performance Working Hunter Circuit Championship.

“NLF Shakespeare’s Rhythm was really good,” said Pletcher. “It’s really nice to win this award here because we’ve all put a lot of work into the circuit. This horse has always tried really hard, but now he knows he’s a show horse and it’s becoming really easy for him.”

Nordic Lights Farm will show in Tyler, TX in April and May before heading east to compete during the prestigious Devon Horse Show in Devon, PA.

Nordic Lights Farm is a 70-acre establishment located in Tomball, TX, that was founded in 2007 by the Bruheim family to help further the equestrian goals of 19-year-old Eirin Bruheim and 17-year-old Lene Bruheim. Both girls have worked their way up through the ranks and are currently competing at the top levels in the hunter and jumper divisions aboard their incredible string of horses.

Photo Credit: Eirin Bruheim and NLF Transatlantic won the $5,000 Spring Gathering Classic at the Spring Gathering Charity Horse Show. Photo By: Shawn McMillen. Photograph may be used only in relation to this PMG press release.

Photo Credit: Lene Bruheim and Jessika won the High Children's Jumper Championship at the Spring Gathering Charity Horse Show. Photo By: Shawn McMillen. Photograph may be used only in relation to this PMG press release.

Olympic Observation Events at the Devon Horse Show & Country Fair

April 10, 2012 By: billt Category: What's Happenin'


DEVON, Pa.—The ticket office for the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair opens April 9, and with top Olympic hopefuls competing in two Observation Events at this year’s show, getting reservations early is very important.

At least three of the eight top riders on the long list of candidates for the London Olympics show jumping team have said they will compete in the Observation classes at Devon, May 24 to June 3.
Mclain Ward on Sapphire and Antares F were given a bye for the first selection trials held in Wellington, Fla., March 21-24 after Ward fractured his knee in a fall early in the season in Wellington.
But as a late March Ward was already back riding on the flat and expects to be ready for competition by Devon.He will have to use the two Devon classes to convince selectors that he and his mounts, Sapphire and Antares F are fit and able to compete in London.

The first is the Grand Prix at 8 p.m. Thursday, May 31 and the second is the Idle Dice Stakes, which will be held Saturday, June 2 at 4 p.m.

Ward, with two Olympic team gold medals in his resume, is certainly a rider everyone wants to see on the team.

Laura Kraut was also given a bye on her Hong Kong team gold medal mount, Cedric, but rode Teirra in the trials to qualify her second mount in the top 12.

Margie Engle, an Olympic veteran and World Championship team silver medalist, tied for first in the trials on Indigo, and she said she planned to use Devon as one of the two Observation sites riders must use to continue their quest to make the Olympic squad.

Chef d’equipe George Morris, Chris Kappler of Pittstown, N.J., Mark Leone of Franklin Lakes, N.J., and Californian Susie Hutchison are the selection committee that will be observing the top candidates.
Devon Horse Show and Country Fair benefits the Bryn Mawr Hospital, to which it has donated over $14 million.

The ticket office opens April 9, and to be sure of a seat for these two exciting jumper
classes, order early, as both are expected to be a sell out. Two years ago, Devon redid the footing in the Dixon Oval,, which received rave reviews, and last year the same footing was installed in the Gold Ring. This year, the entire schooling area will also receive new, state of the art footing.

Along with the two Observation Events for the Games, there are junior jumpers over Junior Weekend, May 24-26, and young jumpers and open and speed classes are contested every day and evening throughout the rest of the week.Saddle horses, four-in-hand driving, hackneys, harness horses and roadsters add variety to the week, and a number of exhibitions, from Western riding to carriage racing to the Wells Fargo stagecoach are also scheduled.

The Country Fair includes foods for every palate, custom boutique shopping and rides and games.
Tickets are available over the phone, 610-688-2554, or on the internet, www.devonhorseshow.org.
General admission is $10 for adults and $5 for children 12 and under and seniors 65 and over. Reserved grandstand tickets are available ranging from $12 to $55 depending on the performance.