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Who’s Your Daddy?

October 31, 2011 By: Erin Category: What's Happenin'

The Who’s Your (Horse’s) Daddy Contest, sponsored by Omega Fields

The art of breeding depends on many things; bloodlines of the mare, bloodlines of the sire, performance, conformation, markings, the list goes on and on! And successfully breeding and raising that next big star requires knowledge, a good plan, and a whole lot of patience! For those of you who have been lucky (or crazy) enough to dip your toe into the deep pool of sporthorse breeding, our hat’s off to you.

In honor of Sidelines Magazine’s upcoming breeding focus issue, and also just for fun, we’ve partnered with Omega Fields to present a contest that asks foals and their humans, “who’s your daddy?” We’re looking for that foal who is the mirror image of his daddy. Markings, attitude, confirmation. We know being a lookalike isn’t necessarily a foal’s golden ticket to success in life, but it sure is fun to find the sires that really “stamp” their offspring.

We want to see the best lookalike picture of your foal AND his sire. We’ll put them side-by-side, and let you vote for the foal who looks the most like his daddy. Here’s how to enter:

“Like” Omega Field’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/OmegaFields

Post your photos on Sidelines News’ facebook page. Include the name, age (in the photo) and breed of your horse and his sire. Foals to 2-year-olds accepted.


The contest starts on November 1st. We’re accepting entries until November 15th. At that time entries will close, and you’ll be able to vote on your favorite lookalike foal. Voting will take place from November 15-20.

Wait a minute, we almost forgot the best part: the prize. When voting ends on November 15th, the entry with the most votes will win a 20lb bag of Omega Horseshine® (approximate 3 mos supply for one horse), and a 1lb bag of Omega Canine Shine™( approximate 3 mos supply for average size dog) . Omega Horseshine® provides your animals with the often missing Omega-3 essential fatty acids that help promote shiny, healthy coats, alleviate stiff immobile joints,  and maintain top performance for all horses. Omega Canine Shine™ gives your dog those same benefits in a great tasting supplement that’s easy to serve. For additional product benefits and other Omega-3 supplements and treats, please visit www.omegafields.com

Good luck!

Introducing the First Edition of West Coast Show Jumping 2011

October 31, 2011 By: Erin Category: What's Happenin'

Like nothing the West Coast’s ever seen. . . 

Introducing the first edition of West Coast Show Jumping. This oversized, hardcover publication is slated for release in early November. Created in part to benefit the Sacramento International Horse Show and Northern California’s only FEI World Cup Qualifier Grand Prix, WCSJ celebrates the impact of show jumpers in the West.

Eight chapters explore the history of World Cup show jumping, the growth of prominent show venues up and down the West Coast, the Western League grand prix circuit that is followed by thousands of show jumping fans, and essential programs in our industry such as breeding incentive futurities. Meet the top 30 grand prix riders of 2011, explore course design through the eyes of a respected designer, and feast your eyes on moments from this year’s North American Young Rider and Junior Championship.

Retailing for $50.00, West Coast Show Jumping 2011 is the perfect holiday gift for the hunter jumper rider or enthusiast. A limited number of copies will be available for purchase upon its official release during the Sacramento International Horse Show at the Murieta Equestrian Center, November 1 – 13, 2011.

To ensure that you receive a copy of this limited, unique publication, you can now reserve your copy online, at www.westcoastshowjumping.com.  You can also follow West Coast Show Jumping on facebook for news, sneak peeks, and more.

Less Than a Second Wins Gold for McCrea at 2011 Pan American Games

October 30, 2011 By: Erin Category: What's Happenin'

GUADALAJARA, Mexico – In a sport of inches it came down to 7/100ths of a second. Beezie Madden (Cazenovia, NY) had led the 2011 Pan American Games since Wednesday, and when she landed over the last fence in the second round of the day it seemed Individual Gold was secure with her fifth clear round of the Games.

Until the clock stopped.

She and Coral Reef Via Volo finished with a time of 66.07, just over the time allowed of 66 seconds. That one time fault left her in the Silver medal position behind her teammate Christine McCrea (Windsor, CT) and Romantovich Take One.

Beezie Madden clears the last fence on course, but just a moment too slow for gold. Photo ©Dee Kochensparger / MacMillan Photography

Christine McCrea and Romantovich Take One easily jumped both rounds today. Photo ©Allen MacMillan ./ MacMillan Photography

It was an epic finish. There wasn’t a rail separating the top five horses going into the final round – and at the end of all the jumping, McCrea and Windsor Show Stables’ 11-year-old Dutch gelding finished up the way they started. They jumped five clear rounds over three days and ended their first Pan American Games with Team and Individual Gold on a score of .88.

“My overall impression was this was a fabulous week,” said McCrea. “It was great. Our country needed this – we needed it.”

Madden is the master of precise riding and clutch performances so her time fault surprised everyone in attendance.

“I did not anticipate that, I’m sure Beezie didn’t anticipate that,” said McCrea. “It just happened. That’s sports.”

Madden and Coral Reef Ranch’s 13-year-old Belgian Warmblood mare put on a jumping clinic throughout the week, they began by winning the speed class on Wednesday – but were victims of the clock in the final moments of these Games.

“It cost me a lot,” said Madden of her time fault. “But thank god I have a strong team here and Chris was to take it up – I am happy it was an American, we were still Gold and Silver and with the Team Gold it was a fantastic week for us so no complaints.”

Bernardo Alves moved up to third for Brazil on Bridgit – after the third American, McLain Ward (Brewster, NY) had one rail down to finish fourth on Antares F in an impressive five-round effort.

The course was imposing, especially in Saturday’s second round but Romantovich Take One jumped around Javier Fernandez’ courses easily, he never looked challenged – simply bounding around the main arena at the Guadalajara Country Club. Chef d’Equipe George Morris was thrilled with the overall result of his squad.

“We had a great week here, we had a great unit of people, they get along well – they’re lovely people,” said Morris. “We had a great chemistry of people, this club, this whole venue – this is just as nice as any competition I’ve ever been to at any level anywhere… the atmosphere was great. We have lovely horses down here – the support staff that helps each of these riders are real professionals. It’s all preparation.”

With Team Gold , the U.S. secured qualification for the 2012 Olympic Games and with this Jumping result – the U.S. takes home it’s ninth and 10th medals of these Games sweeping Team Gold in Dressage, Eventing and Jumping – the U.S. riders won every Individual medal except for two: Individual Gold in Eventing and Individual Bronze in Jumping. It is the most successful Pan American Games for the United States equestrian teams in history.

The individual medal winners: Silver for Beezie Madden, Gold for Christine McCrea, Bronze for Bernardo Alves. Photo ©Allen MacMillan / MacMillan Photography

Follow the U.S. Team at the Pan American Games (photos, blogs and more): http://www.usefnetwork.com/featured/2011PanAmGames/

And on Twitter for up-to-the-minute updates about their performances: @USEquestrianHP.  

Article courtesy of Joanie Morris

U.S. Jumping Team Wins Gold – Completes Equestrian Sweep of Team Gold at 2011 Pan American Games

October 28, 2011 By: Erin Category: What's Happenin'

GUADALAJARA, Mexico – Everything was at stake for the American show jumping team at the 2011 Pan American Games, including qualification for the 2012 Olympic Games. They faced the pressure and delivered the United States its third Equestrian Team Gold medal of the 2011 Games – jumping eight clear rounds in the Nations Cup today. Their score of 2.90 from the first class on Wednesday didn’t change and they led Brazil (11.58) and Mexico (13.24) in the medal ceremony.

“It’s the way they rode it’s not the result,” said Chef d’Equipe George Morris. “I’m an ideological horseman. I’m not interested in it unless it’s beautifully ridden.”

By the time individual leader Beezie Madden (Cazenovia, NY) went in the ring as the last to jump for the team, she was jumping for herself, because the U.S. team already won based on the clear rounds of her teammates.

But she rode another beautiful clear round on Coral Reef Via Volo to defend her position and add to Team USA’s momentum. The 13-year-old Belgian Warmblood mare settled beautifully and jumped easily around Javier Fernandez’s course. Madden was also a member of the 2003 Pan American Games Gold medal-winning Team. They lead the individual standings on a score of zero.

“For me, I have a fantastic team here, they really didn’t even need me today,” said Madden. “They all jumped clear and it has just been a fantastic experience. The event is fantastic, our team, not only are they very good horses and riders but it’s been a great team to be around. And thanks to George as our Chef d’Equipe – and thanks to my teammates. I think everyone had a really nice time today.”

Right behind her is teammate Christine McCrea (Windsor, CT) on a score of .88 with Romantovich Take One. The 11-year-old KWPN gelding bounded effortlessly around the track twice, making the entire event look simple. This is McCrea’s first team appearance at a championship and she is capitalizing on the opportunity.

“I’m just really, really proud of us as a team,” said McCrea. “We really came together, we came here with a goal and we achieved it and I’m just really proud.”

Right behind McCrea is the lead-off rider for the Team, McLain Ward (Brewster, NY) has won two Olympic Gold medals, but even he felt the pressure of today’s occasion when he entered the ring on Grant Road Partners, LLC’s 11-year-old Wurttemberger gelding Antares F.

McLain Ward and Antares F Photo ©Allen MacMillan / MacMillan Photography

“I have to be honest, it was a lot of stress, this Olympic qualification,” said Ward. “I felt a little more pressure today and yesterday than I have in past Olympic Games. But it was obviously a fantastic event and I think this is a great team. We came here with a very serious plan to not only try and win but obviously to try to qualify for the Olympic Games. To not qualify would have been a disaster for us. We’re proud of that and everyone pulled together. We have a great team around us, not only George and of course pretty good horse so that makes the job a little bit easier.”

He jumped a textbook round twice – improving on his performance from yesterday and moving up into third place on a three-round score of 2.02.

Rounding out the U.S. effort in the individual standings, is the youngest member of the team, Kent Farrington (Chicago, IL). He rode impeccably on a horse that is developing into a real superstar this year. Uceko, an 11-year-old Dutch gelding, jumped the round that clinched the Gold – as the third to jump on the team. They sit eighth in the individual standings.


Kent Farrington and Uceko. Photo ©Allen MacMillan / MacMillan Photography

“I think we came here with a really strong team and great riders,” said Farrington. “I think there are a bunch of other great riders here as well, Brazil is very difficult as well as Mexico had a fantastic day. It was fantastic show jumping and we had a great day with good horses and I’m very proud.”

The effort was phenomenal by the American side – this is the first time since 1975, also in Mexico (Mexico City) that all three American teams have won Gold at a Pan American Games.

“This is an A plus, the courses were fantastic, the technical coordination was fantastic, the footing was very good…” said Morris. “The horses jumped great – it’s a beautiful club – A plus across the board.”

The team is supported by a team that includes veterinarian Dr. Tim Ober, farrier Todd Meister, physio Janus Marquis and reserve rider Mario Deslauriers – who was an integral part of the effort.

The top three horses from each country (in the top 25 overall) will jump in Saturday’s individual final.

-Article courtesy of Joanie Morris


U.S. Jumping Team Takes Lead in Both Team and Individual at 2011 Pan American Games

October 27, 2011 By: Erin Category: What's Happenin'

GUADALAJARA, Mexico – The US show jumping team got off to the start they were looking for at the 2011 Pan American Games on Tuesday, October 26th, leading after the first leg on a converted score of 2.90 penalities. Mexico sits second on a score of 3.26 and Brazil is third on a score of 7.61.

Beezie Madden (Cazenovia, NY) led the effort – flying to the lead on Coral Reef Via Volo – in a lightning fast time of 77.53 seconds. Riding fourth for the team, the two-time Olympic Gold medalist lived up to her reputation as one of the fastest riders in the world, she was nearly two seconds faster than teammate Christine McCrea on Romantovich Take One.


Beezie Madden and Coral Reef Via Violo. Photo ©Dee Kochensparger / MacMillan Photography

“Obviously I thought my day was very good,” said Madden. “The course, I thought, was excellent. It was a fair first course. There were tricky parts, and although it was a speed , I didn’t think that even though I won I took a lot out of my horse to go that fast. There weren’t any real runs on the course. It was a lot to do with your line and your accuracy, I thought that was great. I was lucky enough to go fourth on my team and my other three teammates had good scores so I didn’t have to hold back and I could go for it and try to have a better score than Chris – which wasn’t easy.”

Coral Reef Ranch’s 13-year-old Belgian mare jumped fantastically around Javier Fernández’s beautiful course in the main arena at the Guadalajara Country Club – rocketing her way through some very efficient turns. This pair begins the Nations Cup tomorrow on a score of zero.

McCrea (Windsor, CT) had to manage Romantovich Take One’s enthusiasm for his job, and she executed a beautiful clear out of the 11-year-old KWPN gelding who is owned by Windsor Show Stables. The course had three double combinations, and several choices of lines – but Romantovich Take Two made light work of it and established himself with a great start to the competition with a time of 79.29.

Christine McCrea and Romantovich TakeOne Photo ©Dee Kochensparger / MacMilan Photography

“He felt fantastic,” said McCrea. “He was right in every corner, he wasn’t spooking and he was really just paying attention to the jumps. He’s a naturally fast horse so I had to just contain him.”

Double Olympic Gold medalist McLain Ward (Brewster, NY) led off the effort for the team – flying around the course to finish seventh after having two rails on Antares F. Grant Road Partners, LLC ‘s 11-year-old Wurtemberger gelding made a mistake at the first part of two of the double combinations, 10A and 13A, but his time was fast enough that he finished on a score of 81.57.

“It wasn’t exactly the round I’d like to have but at least I was fast,” said Ward after his round. “Hopefully the rest of the team will go well and we’ll be in a good position.”

Kent Farrington (Chicago, IL), who like McCrea is riding at his first championship, finished 15th (with a time of 85.33) out of 54 starters on RCG Farm’s Uceko after making one mistake on the course. The diminutive 10-year-old Dutch gelding jumped impeccably aside from an error at the triple bar, which was the first part of the second double combination.

“I thought my horse was trying hard, he jumped well,” said Farrington. “I got a little deep to the triple bar and he over jumped A and just got far away from B and had it down. I just went kind of for a nice round after that. I thought he was good, and the U.S. team is doing well and that’s what we’re here for.”

The Nations Cup gets underway at 10 AM Wednesday morning, the U.S. has drawn 12th of 12 teams jumping.

Follow the U.S. Team at the Pan American Games (photos, blogs and more): http://www.usefnetwork.com/featured/2011PanAmGames/

And on Twitter for up-to-the-minute updates about their performances: @USEquestrianHP

Article courtesy of Joanie Morris

The Equestrian Aid Foundation Announces the 2012 Sidelines Annual Equestrian Tetrathlon

October 24, 2011 By: Erin Category: What's Happenin'

Wellington, Fl – October 24, 2011 – The Equestrian Aid Foundation is pleased to announce the 2012 Sidelines Annual Equestrian Tetrathlon, Sunday, February 5, 2012. The second annual event will be held at the Jim Brandon Equestrian Center in West Palm Beach, Florida to benefit the Equestrian Aid Foundation. The event will feature the best of Palm Beach’s restaurant fare and cocktails as well as guest chefs preparing food that will entice your palette. The event will also include both live and silent auction items in tandem with exhilarating entertainment.

Bruce Duchossois and Scot Evans have dedicated their time as Co-chairs for the event to help raise awareness in the equestrian community and raise funds to assist those in need. The Tetrathlon will focus around a “Wild, Wild West” theme, the Gold Rush. The highlight of the evening will be the world-class horsemen and women in the greatest discipline switch to ever be anticipated. The four disciplines include dressage, reining, show jumping and polo.

“This is our major fundraiser for the year,” said Co-chair Duchossois. “This event brings all disciplines together to participate in the fundraiser and give back to the equestrian community.”

The Equestrian Aid Foundation has delivered financial assistance for medical, rehabilitation and other essential expenses – such as food and housing – to help their recipients cope through crisis and get back on their feet. Due to generous sponsors, the Equestrian Aid Foundation has been able to continue their kindness and provide a pledge for hope during demanding times.

“This event is close to the heart for me,” Duchossois explained. “I want to be able to help people in an unfortunate situation and help provide them with hope and financial stability during their medical time-of-need. It is a great cause and through sponsorships and donations, we have been able to provide a sense of faith.”

Sponsorships are available for the 2012 Sidelines Annual Equestrian Tetrathlon, and all donations help to accomplish the mission of the Equestrian Aid Foundation – to provide hope and financial assistance for those in the horse community suffering from catastrophic illnesses or injuries during their time of need.

The Equestrian Aids Foundation will also present the Luminary Award in its inaugural year. The award will honor Jane Forbes Clarke for her exceptional contributions to the equestrian community. Robert Dover and Sarah Willeman will also be acknowledged during the event for their continuing support of equine sports and the horse community.

Individual tickets are available for purchase at $175 per ticket. Special sponsorships are also available for guest gift bags, audio-visual, special event lighting, Tetrathlon signage and graphics, program and printing, special banners and advertising, as well as many more opportunities. For more information please contact Sponsorship Chair Monique Keitz at (303) 949-3033 or e-mail her at  sponsorship@equestrianaidfoundation.org.

For more information about the 2012 Sidelines Equestrian Tetrathlon visit  www.equestrianaidfoundation.org.

Eventers Make History At Pan American Games

October 24, 2011 By: Erin Category: What's Happenin'

For the first time in the history of eventing sport, all five American riders jumped double clear in their show jumping rounds of the team competition, as well as jumping five double clears the day prior on cross country, winning team gold on their dressage scores.

The mounts of Buck Davidson, Michael Pollard, Hannah Burnett, Shannon Lilley and Lynn Symansky all passed the morning jog and advanced to show jumping. Led by Buck, they all jumped clear and within the time to retain their stronghold on the Team Gold Medal. It is safe to say that their performance was a feat that has never been accomplished before in the sport of eventing.

The United States Equestrian Federation quoted Chef d’Equipe Mark Phillips as saying that, “Five people finishing on their dressage score – that’s never been done before in the history of our sport. I would like to give a really special congratulations to my team.”

Canada held onto their 2nd placed position to secure Team Silver medal, and Brazil captured the Team Bronze.

In the individual competition, which followed the team rounds about an hour later in the Olympic format (only the top three from each team were allowed to show jump for individual honors,) Buck Davidson led the U.S. effort with yet another clean round aboard Absolute Liberty, and winning the Individual Bronze Medal. Hannah Burnett followed with a clear round of her own with Harbor Pilot, which netted her the Individual Silver Medal.

Unfortunately, Michael Pollard and Schoengreen Hanni pulled two rails in their individual show jumping round, knocking them to fourth place in the individual standings.

Wall to wall leader Jessica Phoenix of Canada continued her domination of the weekend by jumping double clear with Pavarotti, clinching the Individual Gold Medal.

Both North American nations certainly made their journey to Mexico more than worth it throughout this spectacular weekend for the sport of eventing. The following images of the day’s events come to us via MacMillan Photography:

Hannah Burnett and Harbour Pilot fly to an individual silver medal. Photo ©Allen MacMillan / MacMillan Photography

Buck Davidson and Absoute Liberty jumped double clean all weekend. Photo ©Allen MacMillan / MacMillan Photography

Jessica Phoenix and Pavarotti gave Canada a Pan Ams to remember. Photo ©Allen MacMillan / MacMillan Photography

Team U.S.A. Photo ©Allen MacMillan / MacMillan Photography

U.S. Eventers Are Sitting Pretty After Pan Ams Cross Country

October 23, 2011 By: Erin Category: What's Happenin'

Team U.S.A. is virtually untouchable after the cross country phase of the eventing competition at the 2011 Pan American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico. Thousands of spectators came out to the Santa Sofia country club to watch the day’s events unfold, and while crowd control was definitely an issue, team U.S.A. had no problems or drama throughout the day.

Even a broken stirrup leather couldn’t stop Buck Davidson and Absolute Liberty, who went first for the U.S.A. and notched a double clear round despite his right stirrup leather breaking during the latter part of the course.

After Buck set the tone, clear rounds within in time followed by all team U.S.A. members: Hannah Burnett and Harbour Pilot, Lynn Symansky and Donner, Michael Pollard and Schoensgreen Hanni, and Shannon Lilley with Ballingowan Pizazz.

Canadian rider Jessica Phoenix held onto her individual lead with Pavarotti, but the U.S. follows in the remaining individual slots, sitting 2nd through 6th. Canada is second, and Brazil third in team rankings.

The stadium jumping will be held in the two-round Olympic format, with one round counting toward individual and one toward team scores. While the U.S.A. enters the stadium jumping phase with five rails in hand, anything can happen in the sport of eventing.

Although many riders suffered elimination due to falls, and other riders saw their scores affected from stops on course, the day unfolded without any serious falls or injury to horses or riders. However, the quotable blog of the day goes to onsite reporter John Thier of Eventing Nation, who commented that “I have never seen more of a contrast in brilliant riding and terrible riding in one day.” Some Central and South American riders pushed their horses to far and were outmatched on the CIC2* course. It is a lucky thing that the competition escaped the drama of dealing with serious injuries on course. Today’s jog should be very interesting as the recovery of all competing horses is examined.

Unfortunately there is no live broadcast of the events, but live scoring is available here. The stadium jumping (Individual round first) begins at 1pmEST.

Enjoy the following moments from Saturday’s cross country phase, courtesy of MacMillan Photography:

Jessica Phoenix and Pavarotti wow the crowd. Photo ©Dee Kochensparger / MacMillan Photography


Jessica Phoenix and Pavarotti. Photo ©Sarah Miller / MacMillan Photography


Michael Pollard and Hanni are the top placed Americans, finishing in 2nd place after the XC phase. Photo ©Allen MacMillan / MacMillan Photography

Hanni is normally Michael's wife Nathalie's ride, but she handed the job to Michael after discovering she was pregnant with the couple's fourth child. Photo ©Allen MacMillan / MacMillan Photography


Hannah Burnett is just 25 years old, but she handled the XC phase like a veteran on Saturday. She sits in third place going into the final phase. Photo ©Sarah Miller / MacMillan Photography

Hannah Burnett and Harbour Pilot. Photo ©Dee Kochensparger / MacMillan Photography



U.S. Leads Eventing Dressage at the Pan American Games

October 22, 2011 By: Erin Category: What's Happenin'

The story coming out of Mexico and the Pan American Games might be that of mildly contained chaos surrounding the competition, but despite the logistics, the U.S. Eventing Team fared well in the first phase of their competition yesterday. Strong rides by team members Michael Pollard (2nd), Hannah Burnett (3rd), Buck Davidson (4th), Shannon Lilley (5th) and Lynn Symansky (10thT), added up to a leading team score of 138.6 penalties.

Canada sits second in the team competition, and rider Jessica Phoenix led the dressage on a score of 43.9 with Pavarotti. The team from Brazil is in third place. With both Canada and the United States presenting well prepared, strong teams of horses and riders, they are the heavy favorites to tackle today’s cross country phase with success.

The eventers may have the biggest logistical challenge at these Pan Am Games; their cross country course is being held on the golf course of the Santa Sofia Country Club – over an hour away from the official stabling. Rumor has it that the horses will be trailered to the course under a heavily armed convoy, complete with overhead helicopter, and back again after the day’s events. American rider Kyle Carter, who is in Mexico as a coach, may have said it best on his blog: “What will be interesting is the shipping to the XC in the morning. A country that has worse organization than a young rider at the first show without their parents and trying to organize riders who only know the word haste on XC. Yet they are thinking that they will be all loaded and shipped down the Mexican highway for an 11am start leaving at 8am.”

Godspeed to all the eventers for safe trips today, and that includes to and from the venue! There is no live broadcast of the eventing competition, but Eventing Nation has posted videos of the American dressage rides, as well as a fence by fence preview of the cross country course. In the meantime, enjoy these images from Friday’s dressage phase.

Jessica Phoenix and Pavarotti. Photo ©Allen MacMillan / MacMillan Photography


Michael Pollard and Schoensgreen Han Photo ©Allen MacMillan / MacMillan Photography


Hannah Sue Barnett and Harbour Pilot. Photo ©Allen MacMillan / MacMillan Photography


Buck Davidson and Absolute Liberty. Photo ©Allen MacMillan / MacMillan Photography


Shannon Lilley and Ballingowan Pizaz. Photo ©Allen MacMillan / MacMillan Photography

Lynn Symansky and Donner. Photo ©Allen MacMillan / MacMillan Photography


Dressage at the Club Hipica. Photo ©Sarah Miller / MacMillan Photography


¡Baile! U.S. Dressage Dances its Way to a Full Medal Sweep at Pan Ams

October 20, 2011 By: Erin Category: What's Happenin'

Dressage competition at the 2011 Pan American Games wrapped up on Wednesday, October 19th in the best possible fashion. After winning the first phase of the individual competition on Monday, Steffen Peters and Weltino’s Magic gave it their all during the final Freestyle. Ridden at the Prix St. George level, their freestyle earned them a record-breaking 87.3000%.

Speaking of record breaking, the United States became the first nation to ever sweep the Individual Medals in dressage at a Pan Am Games. All three U.S.  riders scored above 80% in their freestyle rides. And with Steffen Peters wearing the gold, Heather Blitz donning the silver, and Marisa Festerling clinching the bronze, it was one elated victory gallop that took flight around the dressage arena at the Guadalajara Country Club.

The United States also claimed Team Gold, with Canada following in Team Silver medal postition, and Colombia taking the Bronze.

Follow this link for full dressage results, and bookmark this link for the complete schedule of the upcoming eventing and show jumping competition. While there is no official broadcast of the equestrian events from Mexico, a youtube video of Steffen Peters’ freestyle was posted yesterday.

Enjoy these triumphant images from Mexico, courtesy of onsite photographers MacMillan Photography:

Steffen Peters and Weltino's Magic dance their way to a golden competition. Photo ©Allen MacMillan/MacMillan Photography

Steffen said that the 30 seconds between when he left the arena and the scores were announced felt more like three years. Photo ©DeeKochensparger/MacMillan Photography


Heather Blitz and Paragon hit all their marks, and ended their silver medal winning ride with a two-day score of 81.917%. Photo©Allen MacMillan/MacMillan Photography


Marisa Festerling and Big Tyme made their first Pan Ams appearance one to remember. Photo ©Sarah Miller/MacMillan Photography

Felicidades! Leading the victory gallop. Photo ©Allen MacMillan/MacMillan Photography

Heather Blitz and Paragon. Photo ©Allen MacMillan/MacMillan Photography


Marisa Festerling and Big Tyme. Photo ©Dee Kochensparger/MacMillan Photography


Atop the podium. Dee Kochensparger/MacMillan Photography