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Aiken, SC: Whiskey Road Foxhounds Hunt Week

December 31, 2009 By: Erin Category: What's Happenin'


Whiskey Road Foxhounds Hunt Week 2010 will be going on February 4-11 this season in Aiken, SC!

As in the past, the size of the hunt fields will be limited so as not to intimidate nearby landowners. However in an attempt to accommodate guests with more flexibility, riders will now have a choice from three formats in which they can experience a Whiskey Road Foxhounds Hunt Week: the entire Hunt Week or either the pro-rated first half or second half of Hunt Week

To be considered for participation, you will need to print and return the completed 2 page RSVP, and the Waiver of Liability with your check.

Whiskey Road Foxhounds is really looking forward to seeing everybody during this upcoming Hunt Week – the “veterans” and certainly the “newcomers”!

Contact Gail Flintom, MFH for more information, including an invitation, a two page RSVP, helpful information and a waiver of liability form.


gflintom@att.net or gflintom@yahoo.com

or contact:

Lynn and David Smith, MFH’s