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Equestrian Sport Productions Year End Awards Horse Show Wrap-Up: December 8-9, 2012 Donald Cheska and Imprimis

December 13, 2012 By: janwest Category: General

Wellington, FL – December 11, 2012 – Equestrian Sport Productions (ESP) held its Year End Awards Horse Show on December 8-9, 2012 at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center in Wellington, FL. The show held a $10,000 Welcome Stake as well as a $25,000 Grand Prix as feature events in the International Arena over the weekend with Pierre Jolicoeur as the course designer. Along with a regular week of showing, the ESP Year End Awards, sponsored by The Tackeria, were handed out at a banquet and honored those top performers from ESP shows throughout 2012.

In the $25,000 Year End Awards Grand Prix, 26 entries showed and just two cleared the first round course without fault to make a jump-off. Donald Cheska and Windswept Farm’s Imprimis had one rail down in the short course in 41.980 seconds to earn the second place honors. Gemma Paternoster was the winner aboard Osiris, who she owns in partnership with Julia Harrison Lee, with a clear round but one time fault in the jump-off in 48.708 seconds.

Osiris is a sixteen-year-old gelding by Polydox x Lucky Boy that Paternoster has been riding eleven years. The pair showed in Wellington all summer, winning a grand prix in June and earning many top placings.


Gemma Paternoster and Osiris

“Since WEF last year he has had one rail and he has jumped a multitude of classes,” Paternoster stated. “He won the June grand prix and he was double clean in all of those welcome stakes over the summer. There are very few horses I have ever met that love the sport so much and he does. He can’t get enough.”

Speaking about the course, Paternoster described, “Judging by the scores it was a hard course. It was technical. You needed a very careful horse and an obedient one. He is not always the most rideable horse because he is a little hot, but he is so careful he makes up for it. They put the water back in this week, which was a nice test. The triple bar to the plank was hard. The horses had to be smart on their own. You couldn’t really do much for them in there. They had to see the plank and rock back and jump out. I think it was a hard test today.”

“I jumped my young horse too, she was seventh and she jumped fabulous,” Paternoster added. “I am so excited because they are almost ready to switch over so that Osiris can just chill a bit more and she can come up the ranks.”

“He’ll do what he tells me he is comfortable doing,” she said. “He has done all the World Cup classes at WEF, he has ribboned in the $500,000, the $250,000, he has done it all, so I don’t want to hold a ton of pressure on him. He has done ten Nations Cups all over the world. I am so happy that he gets to do this and win and get to be the mega-star in the barn. It is really nice for Julia Harrison Lee who owns half of him because he represents our stables and he is really a good example of what we try to do to produce a horse and make them happy and make them love the sport and perform well because of it. He is a fabulous representation for us and we are lucky to have him.”

Donald Cheska and Imprimis

There were several entries with time faults that kept them from the jump-off, but still placed in the top of the class. Amanda Derbyshire and Attack II, owned by Becky and David Gochman, had one time fault in the first round in 84.062 seconds to place third. Filip Amram and Cederick had one time fault in 84.660 seconds to finish fourth. David Blake and Pine Hollow Farm’s Shalimar had two time faults in 85.969 seconds for fifth place honors.

In the $10,000 Wellington Equestrian Realty Welcome Stake, Darragh Kerins rode Elegance Van’t Paradijs, owned by Andrea Van Scheltinga, to victory. Twenty-seven entries showed and seven made it to the jump-off. Kerins and Elegance had the fastest of five double clear rounds in 32.626 seconds. Hector Florentino and Ultimo, owned by Stransky’s Mission Farms, finished in second place in 33.419 seconds. Theo Genn and Eduardo Leon’s Janitzio placed third in 34.973 seconds. Fourth place went to Kristen Vanderveen and Bull Run’s Eternal, owned by Bull Run Jumpers One LLC, with their double clear in 35.927 seconds. Gemma Paternoster and Osiris placed fifth in 39.568 seconds.

Commenting on his winning mount, an eight-year-old mare by Heartbreaker x Nabaab, Kerins explained, “I just rode her yesterday for the first time. A good friend of mine, Maarten Huygens, has her and he just asked me if I would be interested in showing her this weekend. I jumped her in a smaller class earlier on today and she jumped very well. She actually won the Level 7 as well, so we decided to give her a run this evening. It is probably the biggest class that she has done in her career.”

“She was good. She was a little bit green in the first round. I just didn’t know what to expect, but she is very careful and seems very competitive,” Kerins said. “In the jump-off, I left out one stride down to the double of verticals and she handled it very well. She is just a very competitive mare.”

Huygens stated, “I showed her myself in the 1.30m the whole summer and this is the first time that she jumped a big class with a big rider. She is for sale and until then Darragh will keep playing with her. She will probably try some 1.45m or maybe even more. I think she would be a really good high junior jumper for someone young.”

In other classes over the weekend, the Tackeria Child/Adult Classic saw a win for Perla Boord’s Don Giovanni LS and Javier Guerra. Diamond In The Rough and Victoria Griffith placed second.

In the Low Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper Classic, Caya and Ali Wolff were the winners. Emanuel Andrade placed second riding Hollow Creek Farm’s Crossfire 10, third riding Hollow Creek Farm’s Valence 7, and fourth riding Starlight, owned by Stransky’s Mission Farms, Inc.


In the Reist Low Children’s/Adult Jumper Classic, Noel Powell and Sweet Oak Farm’s Mahogany won top honors. Cameron Morris and Caroline Mason’s Calvin placed second.

The M & S Child/Adult Jumper Classic was won by Diamond In The Rough and Victoria with Don Giovanni LS and Javier Guerra in second.

Hunter and Equitation Highlights

The $5,000 USHJA National Hunter Classic was won by Grant, owned by Marcia Radosevich and ridden by Robert Bielefeld. Shoreline, owned by Carolyn Gouse and ridden by Nicholas Decosta, finished second with Ocean Avenue and Alexandra Cleveland in third.

In the Adult Amateur Hunters, McLain Ward’s Clarity and Amy Mager earned the championship with LDM Dramatik and Lynn Berg in reserve.

In the combined Junior/Amateur-Owner Hunters, Star Lane Farm’s Martel and Olivia Easton earned the championship with Blue Monday and Jessica Pletka in reserve.

The ESP Open Hunter 3′ champion was Jane Hosack’s Masterpiece and Carol Delacy. Grant and Robert Bielefeld finished in reserve.

In the equitation, Sydney Shulman rode The Freedom Group’s Lovely Charity to victory in the Pessoa USEF Hunt Seat Medal. The ASPCA Maclay win went to Sophie Povirk aboard Monty Kelly’s Raleigh.


2012 ESP Year End Awards


The weekend also featured the presentation of Year End Awards for the 2012 ESP Circuit for all ESP shows throughout the year, including the FTI Consulting Winter Equestrian Festival.

Top winners included Scott Stewart and Tristan, who were the high point earners in the Green Working Hunter division. Castlekeep, owned by Richard Prant and ridden by Heather Hooker, was the winner in the Amateur-Owner Hunters. Peakewood Farm’s Chromeo and Shawn Casady topped the Junior Hunter divisions for the season.

In the pony divisions, Aleece Jarman rode Hana Bieling’s Bleutiful to top honors overall in the Small Pony Hunters and was awarded the special Butchard Family Trophy. The Shenandoah Geni Memorial Trophy was presented to Stars and Stripes, owned and ridden by Anderson Wagner as the leaders in the Medium Pony Hunter division. For the Love and owner rider Alexandra Crown topped the Large Pony Hunter division. Rose Hill Farm’s Enjoy the Laugher and Cloe Hymowitz led the way in the Green Pony Hunters.

The Pre-Green Hunter division was won by Daybreak, owned by Patricia Monaco and ridden by Sandra Ferrell. The Adult Amateur Hunters awarded top honors to LDM Dramatik and Lyn Berg. Ocean Avenue and owner/rider Alexa Constantakos led the Children’s Hunters. The Outspoken Trophy was awarded to Laura Karet’s Caliber and Hayley Barnhill as the top point earner in the ESP Open Hunter division.


The Low Adult Hunters awarded Mainsail and Ashley Briggs as the best of the circuit. Top Low Children’s Horse was Armani, owned and ridden by Kristen Tennant. Best Children’s Pony Hunter was Anderins Memento, owned by Linda Evans and ridden by Ava Stearns.
In the Short Stirrup Hunter, Verry Berry, owned by David Gochman and ridden by Reid Arani, earned the Rita Flynn Memorial Trophy. The top Baby Green Hunter was Armani, owned by Jackie McCutchan and ridden by Ellie Raidt.

In the Adult Amateur Jumpers, Kasmir and Cynthia Screnci earned the most points.

The top Junior/ Amateur-Owner Jumpers were Can Be Good and Alexandra Crown. Sterling Silver LLC’s Little Joey and Emily Rizzo won the Children’s Jumper award. In the Low Children’s Jumpers, Montoga Inc.’s Darn It and Jessica Gollel earned top prize. The Low Adult Jumper champion was Calvin, owned by Caroline Mason and ridden by Cameron Morris.
In the Open Jumpers, Shane Sweetnam and Spy Coast Farm’s O’Splendido had a great year to top the division. The Young Jumper champion was Cornishman, owned by SCNC Investments Inc. and ridden by Tiffany Cornacchio-Morrissey.
Windsom’s Prada, owned and ridden by Chase Finizio was the winner in the Cross Rails Hunter/Equitation. Taylor Bloom and Nicole Loy’s Cantageous Star were the champions in the Walk/Trot.


In the equitation divisions, Erika Jacobson topped the 11 & Under Equitation. Jordyn Katz won the 12-14 Equitation, and Taylor Shirey topped the 15-17 Equitation. The Adult Equitation winner was Tracey Mack-Gorin. The Show Stirrup Equitation was won by Liana Gavidia.

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