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It Was A Classic Sunday On The Sixth And Final Day Of The Iconic Menlo Charity Horse Show

August 14, 2017 By: maryhaley Category: General

Kaitlin Lovingfoss finished 1st on Triumph, 3rd on Easy Time in the $2500 Strideaway Peterson 3’6″ Jr. Hunter Classic
Photo: Alden Corrigan Media

ATHERTON, CA – August 13, 2017

The competition was stiff in the $2,500 Strideaway/Peterson 3’6” Junior Hunter Classic in the Grass Hunter Ring with a field of 16 entries. In the end, it would be Kaitlyn Lovingfoss and Triumph leading the victory gallop after two hotly contested rounds. Katherine Dash and Everglow followed on her heels to take second and Kaitlyn also took home third on Easy Time.

Winners of the $2500 Strideaway Peterson 3’6″ Jr Hunter Classic Triumph and Kaitlyn Lovingfoss
Photo: Alden Corrigan Media

Reflecting on the class Kaitlyn explained. “Triumph is owned by Emma and Rebecca Farber and I have been riding him for the past month. He has been a pleasure to ride, and he was Regional Champion at the Junior Hunter Finals and the Small 15 and under. This is my second year at Menlo Charity Horse Show. I just love being here. It is such a lovely change in venue, with amazing prizes and a great experience riding in the grass fields.”

Nancy Hey of Strideaway Farms and the Peterson Family sponsored the classic. “I love watching the Hunters go on the grass.” exclaimed Nancy, “My daughter has jumped here since she was a Junior and I hope my grandchildren will go on the grass eventually, but they are still too small at the moment. I love the Menlo Show, and I serve on the committee. I work on the Tuesday and Saturday night dinners. I am grateful to Ann and Erin for all the help they give me.”

Erin Peterson and her mother Ann Peterson are co-sponsors of the class. “My mother has loved coming to the show every single year. Erin explained. “We love attending and watching the horses on the grass arenas.” The show also has significance to Nancy as she is legally blind and with the funds raised supporting Vista Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

Winner of the $1,000 Trick or Treat Children’s Hunter Classic NAL Siri & Bailey Rose with an impromptu jump added to the victory gallop
Photo: Alden Corrigan Media

The Trick or Treat Children’s Hunter Classic winner’s sash was awarded to Baily Rose and Siri who produced two beautiful rounds scoring and 81 in the first and an 81.5 in the second to a final score of 162.5. “I was a little bit nervous and I did not want to think about the scores, if I think about that it usually goes wrong as I start to worry. Siri is so perfect we got he when he was a sale horse and I fell in love with him. I then took him to Junior Hunter Finals; it was my first year, and I did not win anything, but that does not matter. He is so sweet and will do anything for me. I want to thank my mom Rainie, Sherrie Rose and Nick Haness. They all brought me here, helped school the horse and got me to the ring.”

MCHS Committee member Melissa Freeman and Trick-or-Treat Classic sponsor Gail Morey
Photo: Alden Corrigan Media

Unknown to Baily there was a lovely coincidence happening, which would touch them all. Gail Morey and her twin sister Sara Jorgensen now sponsor the class following in the footsteps of their parents. “The class was originally sponsored by my parents, it was done on a deal with Betsy Glikbarg, where my father supported one of her causes which was Menlo Circus Club and she in turn supported one of his causes, the Children’s Health Council. Trick or Treat was our Junior Hunter and my older sister Robin showed him as well way back in the 70’s. His barn name was Tantrum and Tommy Lowe was our trainer. Her mother and grandmother train Bailey and Tommy Lowe is family to them…. they did not realize today that Tommy was Trick or Treat’s only trainer, so after the class there were lots of tears and they called Tommy to tell him Bailey had won the classic. “ Gail explained

In the Grass Jumper Field the $7,500 Charlebois Farm 1.20m Junior/Amateur Modified Jumper Classic was taking place. 25 riders contended for the top spot, and in the end it was Sydney Shelby and Colt 45 heading to the winner’s circle. “Colt 45 is leased by us from Cody and Ulea, this has been his first year back after having a year off and his owners went back to Europe. We love him. He has been phenomenal and has been so good for me. This is my first year doing Jumpers at Menlo and I am delighted, it’s wonderful here.” Said Sydney.

Winner of the 1.20m Modified Jr-Am Jump Classic Sponsored by Charlebois Farm Colt 45 Sydney Shelby
Photo: Alden Corrigan Media

John Charlebois, sponsor of the class talked about MCHS. “Menlo Charity Horse Show is a tradition in Northern California. The entire Silicon Valley gives the event tremendous support. Parents, friends and family come out to see this horse show, and it really helps the horse industry and Vista Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired.  It’s an event that every child and adult that has ridden with me has aspired to show here.  It’s a great event for so many reasons…

We’re pretty serious about showing at Menlo.  We went to Bend, Oregon for two weeks to compete on the grass so our horses were better prepared for what we consider to be the most important (and special) event of the year.”

John explained why he supports the 1.20m Modified Junior/Amateur Jumper Classic that bears his name and signature Charleobois Farm jump “They are all great classes, but I love the Amateurs and Juniors, so my wife and I thought this classic would be a nice one to support, so we have done it almost every year.  I have Hunters here as well but we wanted to support the Jumper division.”

John shared his sentiments about the Menlo Charity Horse Show “This show has done so much for so many people. Menlo is the gold standard (in my opinion) for horse shows in Northern California. It’s just a fabulous horse show, and Charlebois Farm is proud to be part of it.”

Robert Blanchette & Kashmir Retain Their Title In The Windy Hill Larry Mayfield 1.20m Horse and Hound Jumper Classic

August 10, 2017 By: maryhaley Category: General

Robert Blanchette’s lap of honor included the entire hound course
photo: Alden Corrigan Media

ATHERTON, CA – August 9, 2017

Equestrian Legacy is celebrated annually with the Windy Hill Larry Mayfield 1.20m Horse and Hound Jumper Class.

Laura Mayfield Gerst of Windy Hill Equestrian, Larry Mayfield’s daughter and close family members selected Menlo Charity Horse Show to host an annual event in his memory. Larry had been an exhibitor at MCHS since the early days, so making the decision to honor his memory was an easy one for the family, due to Larry’s love for this iconic show. In fact three generations of this equestrian family have consistently participated in and attended MCHS; Larry himself, his daughter Laura and granddaughter Natalie.

Team Windy Hill Equestrian, L-R: Maja Lindemann, Laura Mayfield, Gerst & Dakoda Mower
photo: Alden Corrigan Media

The Horse & Hound Classic is a jumping relay race in which the fastest time for the combined Horse & Hound course completion wins. A team of four, consisting of horse and rider plus hound and handler complete a course of jumps; first the horse and rider jump seven jumps on course, they then quickly dismount and race to touch the hand of the hound handler who then races off with their hound to finish the course on foot over a set of smaller dog sized jumps. Each team in turn complete the course with penalty points for a knock down or refusal, the fastest time wins. “The idea was all Maja’s,” explained Laura. “I was in Sweden, my parents lived in Sweden,” continued Maja. “I was watching the Stockholm Horse Show on TV and it was the Horse & Hound Class; I thought, someone needs to do this class at a horse show, it was so funny, with one rider even picking up the dog to carry it over the jumps. The crowd loved it.”

Windy Hill Equestrian is more than a Sponsor of the classic, As a family orientated barn their team spirit is contagious, whether competing in the class or cheering on their teammates. “Our assistant Dakoda Mower is competing on Cool Cristal, they were third last year, he can be fast so they are a strong team. Madeline Panaccione and Winston are partnered with my daughter Natalie and our dog Scooter, who has competed for four years now.” Laura shared.

Winners of the Windy Hill Larry Mayfield 1.20 Horse and Hound Classic Kashmir and Robert Blanchette
photo: Alden Corrigan Media

The Horse & Hound is a great class and only a 1.20m, so Juniors and Amateurs can take part, while family and friends can do the ‘Hound’ leg of the relay. “It’s nice to have the team and camaraderie aspect, everyone plays a role.” Laura explained, “The grooms play a huge part, they have to catch and calm the horse, as the riders launch themselves from their horses to tag the dog handler, a very entertaining part of the class. The event is really fun and low key, big dogs and little dogs, children and adults, we love the event.”

Laura shared some of her memories of years gone by. “One year Scooter (Laura’s dog) got loose and ran into the VIP tent. I even remember Hugh Mutch doing an acrobatic flip after leaping from his horse and Robert Blanchette, defending champion, jumping a dog jump in the victory gallop.”

Windy Hill Equestrian has changed over the 21 years they have been in business, attracting more children as Laura herself had a family. The barn is very much family orientated and they have a lesson program, you can literally start your riding career and finish it all at Windy Hill Equestrian. Laura explained a little about the barn and her team. “We have 12 horses here at Menlo Charity Horse Show and another 33 at home. Dakoda and Maja came here, while I continued to work at home in Los Altos Hills, we will all swap about to make attending the show work for us all. We have a really good team, John, Dakoda, Maja and I have worked together now for 6 years. When we are away at shows John Wohr is at the barn, I don’t even have to call home, he takes care of everything.”

Thirteen teams raced around the course this year; the winners being Robert Blanchette and Kashmir, the very same partnership as in 2016, however, Hello Kitty has had a name change to Kashmir. This year Nicolas and Star were the partners on the dog section.

“I am thrilled with the win” Robert exclaimed “Second year in a row on the same great horse, I want thank the owner, Courtney Pacheco for letting me ride. It was Nicolas and Star who really made it happen this year their time was fantastic. This is a wonderful event, excellent fun.”

“Star is six years old and really fast, we bred her ourselves.” Nicolas explained, “I competed three years ago and tried it again today, I will definitely try again next year.

2018 will be a fun one to watch as Robert attempts three wins in a row.

Lindsay Maxwell Equestrian, Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

August 10, 2017 By: maryhaley Category: General

ATHERTON, CA – August 8, 2017

Lindsay Maxwell returns to Menlo Charity Horse Show for her second year, last year as a competitor, and this year with her own barn, Lindsay Maxwell Equestrian.

Lindsay has achieved success in show rings across the country both as an amateur rider and owner. In addition to training with Archie Cox, Lindsay has hired Jaime Taylor to manage and ride her horses as part of her show team.

Lindsay Maxwell and Archie Cox ©Alden Corrigan Media

Lindsay explained the reason behind the development of Lindsay Maxwell Equestrian, “This was frankly not an easy decision. Due to family health circumstances, it was necessary to relocate to the east coast very quickly last fall. We absolutely love California and especially our time with Archie, so we moved east with every hope that we would again be back on the west coast. Having Lindsay Maxwell Equestrian gives us the flexibility to be bi-coastal, allowing us to continue to grow and evolve with my favorite people. I am so grateful to be back on the west coast this summer. It has been a treat!

Jamie and Archie work incredibly well together. We recently hired Jamie as a rider and trainer working in conjunction with Archie, and she has exceeded expectations. She is an extremely talented rider who consistently brings out the best in my horses, and, as an additional bonus, is a wonderful person and representation of my program and values. Archie has really enjoyed working with her and constantly praises her for her “trainability” as a rider as well as her natural ability on a horse. I count myself very lucky to work with two of the best in this sport!” Lindsay continued.

Lindsay Maxwell Equestrian resides with Archie while showing in California. It is quite an undertaking to manage and plan competitions across the country. “Right now I do have horses on both coasts, but typically I keep the whole “herd” together (including my retired horse, Widget!). I am extremely fortunate to have a very talented team of individuals whom I trust implicitly with my horses. Right now, half of the team is in Lexington readying the horses for the Bluegrass Festival while the other half is here with me in Menlo. It is whirlwind, but I love every second of it!” Lindsay exclaimed. “Archie, Jamie, and the rest of my team try to determine a horse show schedule in advance for the year. Though the schedule inevitably changes, we look at factors such as venue, footing, points, location to name a few when making these decisions. Menlo is an easy choice because it checks every box: beautiful venue, lovely time of year, lush grass arenas, World Champion Hunter Rider show, two round classics, an international derby…I could go on and on! The showgrounds look outstanding this year, and the horses are all going beautifully.”

After Menlo Charity Horse Show Lindsay and the Lindsay Maxwell Equestrian team head back East. “On Sunday, both myself and the horses will take a red eye to Lexington, Kentucky where we will compete at the Bluegrass Festival and USHJA International Derby Finals. We spend two weeks in Kentucky, and then the horses and humans get a well deserved break for most of September before we head to indoors.” Lindsay explained.

In talking about the future goals for Lindsay Maxwell Equestrian, Lindsay continued, “At this moment in time, my plan is to count my blessings and continue to enjoy every moment of this wonderful ride (no pun intended). I am very proud of the successes my team has accomplished this year, and equally proud of everything we have been able to accomplish with the Lindsay Maxwell Charitable Fund. I hope to continue to support causes and events that help enable future generations to have opportunities to enjoy this incredible sport.”

Archie Cox has known Lindsay since she was 15 years old. “I first met Lindsay and her mom at Harrisburg. We all came together to compete when Lindsay started riding in California a couple of years ago. She came to my barn and it was a rapid rise to success.” Archie explained, “Now Lindsay has a jumper and is stepping into the jumper ring. However, she will continue to show in the Amateur Hunters and the International Hunter Derbies.”

Archie also lives a bi-coastal life. “I have about 40 horses in training not including Lindsay’s and I have a great staff headed up by Carlos Suriano who has been with me since I started my business 17 years ago. We have beautiful horses in top condition and he is ready to go 24/7. Karli Postel, Rick Federman and Jenny Ross give me the flexibility to travel to other horse shows helping customers like Lindsay and Hunter Siebel who don’t stable with me full time. My team enables me to take a lot of liberties that help produce a winning and positive environment.” Archie explained, “I get excited every time I walk to the in gate and they start painting the horses feet, taking the polo wraps off that adrenaline kicks in and we are ready to go.”

Technicolor and Jamie Taylor ©Alden Corrigan Media

Jaime Taylor is delighted to be the newest member of the Lindsay Maxwell Equestrian team. “It all started with a conversation with Archie to ride Technicolor, and it spun off from there into a full time position with Lindsay.” Jaime explained, “Denise and I both manage the horses and everyone involved in their care. We have a really good group of people who excel at their jobs, looking after the horses as we travel across the country, which makes our jobs really easy. I really enjoy working day to day with the horses and I appreciate the wins come from that solid base. Wins are really about looking back at how we got there.”

Archie and Jamie commented on their fondness of Menlo Charity Horse Show, and why they return year after year. “Menlo is a fantastic, dream-like horse show. It’s recognized by USEF as a Heritage Competition and that is a huge community involvement, showing top of the sport hunters and jumpers. For 47 years the Chairman of the show has been Betsy Glikbarg, she does a fantastic job with sponsors from the community…. I’m a sponsor myself. It is an amazing group of volunteers who work together to put on a great horse show, benefiting the Vista Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired. Menlo has raised millions of dollars over the years, and we’re proud to be a part of that.” Archie explained. Jaime continued, “I have been coming to Menlo since I was little, and although I can’t make it every year, whenever there is an opportunity I jump at it. To go somewhere different, see new jumps, grass rings, and provide new experiences for the horses makes a show more exciting for me. Menlo’s fun parties, prizes, ribbons etc. make this show so special for me. We just love it here.”

Menlo Charity Horse Show running through August 13 at Menlo Circus Club, Atherton, CA.

Game, Set and Match to Center Court and John French in the $25,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby. Presented by Dr. Daryl K. Hoffman

August 12, 2016 By: maryhaley Category: General

John French & Center Court lead the victory gallop in the $25,000 Hunter Derby Photo:Alden Corrigan Media

John French & Center Court lead the victory gallop in the $25,000 Hunter Derby
Photo:Alden Corrigan Media

ATHERTON, CA – August 12, 2016

One of the highlights of the Menlo Charity Horse Show is the USHJA International Hunter Derby Presented by Dr. Daryl K. Hoffman, this anxiously anticipated class on Thursday afternoon is steeped in tradition never ever disappoints.

“The Menlo Horse Show in general is a very special show, it’s unique event held in the middle of a beautiful residential neighborhood. Menlo is a gorgeous show, with great jumps and the crowd is always involved,” said Nick Haness, the winner of back-to-back Derbies in 2014 and 2015. “There is a certain element of excitement to the show, and it’s always been a fun Derby to participate in and to watch.”

As the excitement builds on the MCHS showgrounds and the VIP tent begins to fill, the Grass Hunter Field is prepared for the late afternoon event.

Winners of the $25,000 Hunter Derby Photo:Alden Corrigan Media

Winners of the $25,000 Hunter Derby
Photo:Alden Corrigan Media

“When the other classes are over and the volunteers are decorating the jumps for the Derby. It looks like the Rose Parade is coming through the horse show.” laughed Nick. “The volunteers are out on the field; placing flowers, and decorating with all sorts of materials, greenery, flowers and plants. It’s definitely a production. You can see the care that goes into it, another element that makes the Derby extra special and fun to compete in and to watch.”

There are many differences between the MCHS Derby and other events on the circuit, as one of a handful of venues in California that run Derbies on grass, the MCHS in Northern California is pretty special. When 4.30pm arrives all eyes were on the 20 horses competing in the first of the two rounds.

“It’s a really inviting and pretty course, this venue is awesome and as you only show here once a year that makes it much more unique. Often times many other Derbies get put to the end of the day or moved to another ring and people aren’t always able to watch, this event people want to see. There is obviously people here that are not horse people, they are here to watch pretty horses go round, you get a lot of those people oohing and aahing from the sides, that’s always really fun.” said Nick.

Nick was especially looking forward to this year’s class, because for once he actually got to hang up his show clothes, grab a glass of wine and sit and watch, no pressure. Nick not only was able to support his fellow competitors and friends, but he was also able to help his student, Karina Sanchez on Way Out West. Karina is a big part of Nick’s business and her family owns multiple horses in partnership with him. Riding in the class had been a goal and a dream for Karina, and she did an exceptional job, just missing the cut off in the first round, not bad at all for the first time in such a prestigious Derby.

The first round of the $25,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby presented twenty wonderful Hunters. The top scores as they moved into the Handy Round with a cut off score of 150 were as follows:

  1. Tara Metzner and Cy Young 186
  2. John French and Center Court 181
  3. Hugh Mutch and Bunistar 179.5
  4. John Bragg and Early August 179.5

As the twelve riders prepared to come back for the Handy round a very special event took place, a celebration of Widget and his retirement from competitive life. Widget’s owner Lindsay Maxwell also announced a new trophy in Widget’s honor. The Widget Perpetual Trophy will go to the highest scoring single round in the Junior Hunters or Amateur Owner Hunters.

Widget and Lindsay Maxwell Photo: Alden Corrigan Media

Widget and Lindsay Maxwell
Photo: Alden Corrigan Media

When Lindsay Maxwell first moved to California, Archie Cox told her, “I know a horse who is a movie star…and you’ll be so grateful for him.” The movie star was Widget. Like many things precious and rare, Widget never truly “belonged” to any one rider. He embodies the spirit of California – ambitious, courageous, and bold. Widget retires from showing healthy, happy, and forever a champion in residence at Brookway Stables.

Through the years, Widget enjoyed great success at the Menlo Charity Horse Show. A winner of countless championships, hunter prixs, hunter classics, and medals, Widget also recently won top ribbons at the Devon Horse Show. In imitable Widget fashion, at his final show in the amateur owner hunter division, Widget won both the championship and classic.

Lindsay graciously provided a champagne toast for all in attendance in honor of Widget.

In preparation for Widget’s retirement Lindsay looked to Archie and her friends at Brookway Stables to suggest a suitable venue.

“I spoke with Archie about where we would do it and Archie said Menlo is such a special show with wonderful tradition and Widget has won here so many times that I felt this would be a really special place to do it.” Lindsay explained.

“True to its reputation, the Show is proving to be a fast favorite of mine. Its history of excellence and charity is second to none – it is such a wonderful asset to the community and I am humbled to share in its tradition.”

The Show also has an additional significance for Lindsay due its support of the Vista Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired. Lindsay has close friends and family members who have been challenged by sight-related issues. Her charitable fund has a programmatic focus on access for special needs and at-risk children, and the Vista Center’s work in the Bay Area is an outstanding model for communities nationwide that provide counseling, support, and life skills for the visually impaired.

Lindsay explained,” The volunteers who donate thousands upon thousands of hours to support the MCHS for the benefit of the Vista Center personify the generous spirit that makes the equestrian community so wonderful. More than being a spectacularly beautiful event, the spirit of the Show is made most manifest in the generosity of its volunteers.”

As Widget left the ring for the last time a beautiful garland around his neck, the final round of the Hunter Derby began.

As the shadows began to fall in the field the 12 leading horses completed the course in reverse order, a beautiful scene with the exceptional fences and a course providing opportunity for all to show the handiness of there horses.

At the end of the competition the same four hunters remained at the top of the field. The overall results:

1st Center Court and John French

2nd Early August and John Bragg

3rd Bunistar and Hugh Mutch

4th Cy Young and Tara Metzner

5th Osilvia and Ashlin Bowen

6th Lulavani and Sami Milo

7th Pacific Heights and John French

8th Lukatoni and John Bragg

9th Boss and Brooke Morin

10th Dinner For Two and Hugh Mutch

11th Frederick and Natalie Dean

12th Sambuca and Kylee Arbuckle

John French who has been attending MCHS for almost 30 years was delighted with Center Court, and praised the work of the volunteers who prepared the fences, many known to John; people he has trained with or used to train with, in his home town.

Talking about Center Court John explained, “I liked the fact that in the first round he was good, he was not quite awake at the beginning of the course, but then all of a sudden of realized, we were jumping bigger jumps. He hasn’t been showing for a while so we have not done much with him. We showed him at HITS Thermal where he was circuit champion in the winter. He has had some time off now, so we were debating wither to bring him here.” I just showed him in one class earlier in the week, he’s not afraid of anything. He seemed like he was fine to me and I wanted to save him for this class today and not tire him out. The more impressive it is the better it is for him that’s why you save him. I like coming in second or third after the Classic round because there isn’t as much pressure on you going into the Handy round when you have to move up. Center Court was super smooth in the Handy I think they rewarded him because he can turn really tight to the jumps and does it effortlessly, he does it easily your not trying to create the jump or legging him to get him over he can do it in his sleep that’s how scopey he is .

Widget Perpetual Trophy perpetual trophy will go to the highest scoring single round in the Junior Hunters or Amateur Owner Hunters at either height

Widget Perpetual Trophy perpetual trophy will go to the highest scoring single round in the Junior Hunters or Amateur Owner Hunters at either height Photo: Alden Corrigan Media

It’s so nice to be on the Grass Hunter Field, with a big crowd which great preparation for Derby Finals. We were waiting to see how well he did here today and whether to send him back to Kentucky next week, you never know, we just might go for it.

Center Court’s owner Kristen Hiller was also delighted with her seven-year-old horse in only his second Menlo Derby outing “Last year we just missed by a lead change, but this year he was awesome,” said Kristen “I live two blocks away, so Menlo is the horse show that I grew up going to and was always hoping that I would have a champion like Billy (Billy the Kid aka Center Court) he’s made Menlo very special very quickly.”

Blue Sky and Blue Ribbons for Mother and Daughter Team Hope and Avery Glynn on the First Day of the Menlo Charity Horse Show

August 10, 2016 By: maryhaley Category: General

Avery and Hope Glynn

Avery and Hope Glynn

ATHERTON, CA – August 10, 2016

Blue Sky and Blue Ribbons for Mother and Daughter Team Hope and Avery Glynn on the First Day of the Menlo Charity Horse Show

Hope Glynn is delighted to be back at the Menlo Charity Horse Show (MCHS). Although it has been several years since her last attendance, this has not been through choice, but due to the difficulties in scheduling the growing annual show circuit calendar; not only for themselves but also for the clients and horses in their program. The logistics getting to the USHJA International Hunter Derby Fails and Pre Green Incentive Championship in Kentucky have resulted in missing out on this historic event and the only opportunity in Northern California to show on the grass. This year Hope made a special effort to make it to Menlo, albeit for a short two days, she even brought her daughter Avery along for the ride.

Hope was quick to point out that in the few short years she has been away from MCHS she sees fantastic changes; dramatic improvements in the footing, beautiful new jumps in the Pony and 3’ Arena, far better scheduling providing shorter days; Open Hunters now taking place at the prime of the day not early evening. Praise was also given to Phil J. DeVita Jr. on his first year at Menlo Charity Horse Show in the new role this year as Technical Coordinator.

Hope Glynn and Lake of Stars

Hope Glynn and Lake of Stars

“I am really excited that Phil DeVita is part of the Menlo team. He is someone I’ve worked with many times in my life, and his positive attitude and care about the horses’ well being always makes for a good horse show.” Hope said.

While attending MCHS Hope has three horses arriving in Kentucky: Corriendo Tau and Full Circle both owned by Karen Trione for the Derby Finals and Kismet, owned by Sabrina Hellman for the Pre Green Championship. Hope is also catch-riding Speakeasy in the Pre-Greens for trainer Robin Waugaman and of course the Pony Finals will be under way.

In addition to the complexity and logistics, Hope wishes to support her client’s goal to attend the Capital Challenge Horse Show (CCHS) for the World Champion Hunter Rider (WCHR) Finals. Why does this add to the dilemma?

Hope explained, “The only shows in Northern California we have that are WCHR are Giant Steps and Menlo, knowing that was a goal and we would like them to compete in the Championship class there, so therefore I needed to start thinking about points and we were lucky enough to get in.”

Sabrina Hellman, owner of Hope First Year Green Hunter Lake of Stars supported the decision to bring him to show on the grass. Hope was excited to share that today was her first win at Menlo in the $350 First Year Green Working Hunter 3’6” class.

Not only is Hope considerate to the needs and requirements of her clients and their horses attending Capital Challenge she is also highly invested in the future of her assistant,

“I would really like Kylee to be able to compete at the Capital Challenge in the Developing Professional Challenge. It is a great class and a wonderful opportunity,” said Hope, “I know what a fantastic rider she is but its really important that the country knows what a fantastic rider she is; it’s good for me, it’s good for my business, and it’s good for her.”

Avery Glynn and Always Happy

Avery Glynn and Always Happy

Thoughtful and considerate come to mind in the way Hope manages her business, and her style of approach does not end when planning for her daughter Avery. Avery has been very successful this year on a fabulous pony named Always Happy, who is owned by Brooke Morin. Brooke kindly passed her pony on to Avery to ride when she moved up to Junior Hunters, this very kind gesture from a friend, just when Avery did not have a pony to ride, highlighted the importance of this special friendship, which also includes coming to support Avery when she competes. Avery and her pony garnered three blue ribbons on her first day of MCHS in the Medium/Large Pony Hunter classes and NorCal Pony Equitation Medal. Avery was delighted to tell us about the two Tiffany jewelry boxes that she received as prizes and how they will have a place of honor in her bedroom.

Hope commented on the wonderful sponsorship at Menlo (MCHS) and the wonderful volunteers who make everything possible, “I think of the support and the hours that the sponsors and volunteers put into the show is truly remarkable. I feel the community supports this event, and the event supports the community.”

Menlo Charity Horse Show is the biggest fundraiser in the year for the Vista Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired, and supports many in the community.

Attending the Pony Finals had been a hot topic of discussion in the Glynn Family home recently.

“We weren’t planning on bringing Avery and her pony here,” Hope explained, “we looked at the cost of shipping a pony back East, even with help from a lot of great friends who would help us out with training, layovers etc. you know when we looked at the budgeting for going for two weeks, we had to make a choice because we know Avery’s legs are getting longer, we know we are going to be in the market for a 3’6” horse soon and when we looked at the budget we had to say ok where could this money be best spent.”

Avery was quick to support her parent’s final decision, “I agree with my mom, I think it’s smarter to save the money, and this is a really nice show (MCHS) and I though it would be cool to come”

At the end of the day the decision was made not to attend the Pony Finals, but it was a win for MCHS as Avery got to show here. Avery, with her mom will now fly to support her friends at the Pony Finals and is taking along her camera to enhance her time spent cheering on her friends.

The biggest thing Hope and Avery work on is how do you handle yourself when things don’t go well, its normal to feel disappointed when things don’t go well. How do you channel that to turn it into a positive I think that is a game changer in this sport.

“It is easy to be happy and focused if everything goes well in the ring, but what happens when you biff the first fence? You have to get your focus back and try to win your second round, which I think is a much harder thing to do.”

Avery and Hope have a shared that the search will soon be on the search for her new 3’6” horse. Avery took the time to describe her new perfect partner, “I want one that would jump really big, but would also take care of me if I don’t make the right decision. I would like it to have just a little bit of energy, but where I don’t have to pull that much, because I like to feel like I can control my horse and not spooky.”

Avery is obviously a very smart young lady with a great horse sense. As we know the equestrian life involves a great deal of travel and it is no different for the Glynn’s. Avery attends her local Public School, she excels in Math and loves Art and Science. Avery took the time to share her school week, and she explained how the school supports her by giving her the Friday’s off to attend shows and on the longer trips, such as Thermal, they provide an Independent Study Packet. Avery also gets support from a tutor in Thermal. It was enlightening to hear children who compete in sports today can be supported by our schools.

Menlo Charity Horse Show Jumps into its 43rd Year

August 01, 2013 By: janwest Category: General


Atherton, California, July 14, 2013: The Menlo Charity Horse Show benefiting Vista Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired is pleased to announce its 43rd annual show, August 6-11, at the elegant Menlo Circus Club in Atherton. The show, popularly lauded as one of “The Best in North America,” attracts over 650 Northern California, national and international exhibitors. Children, adults, amateur, professional and Olympian equestrians compete often side-by-side.

bentley ad share version 6.14 copyBanba-Annie_Cook-Over_Menlo_Jump-winner of 10K Charleboise Jr AM Jumper Class

The six-day event features non-stop hunter and jumper competitions from sunrise to sunset in three areas. Spectators can take a break from watching the equestrian action on the polo field and enjoy premier shopping with over 40 vendors to cover everything from home to garden, stable, clothing and jewelry. Vendors such as Antares, Tory Burch, Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry and Emily Joubert will delight everyone from the cowboy to the most sophisticated spectator. Refuel and refresh in the club dining room, coffee shop or enjoy food and drinks from various food and beverage purveyors throughout the grounds.

Highlights of the show include:

Wednesday, August 7 6 P.M.: $2,000 Windy Hill Larry Mayfield Memorial Horse & Hound Jumper (Class 238 1.2 m) This new and unique event will feature teams of a horse and rider and a dog with his handler. Horses and riders will compete over a course of jumps and then the rider will tag the handler, who will race the dog through a course of jumps. Fence heights for the dogs will range from 4” to 16” depending on the height of the dog. Thursday, August 8 5 P.M.: BBQ by Ariat featuring Grillmaster: U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist Will Simpson 6 P.M.: $10,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby – Presented by Dr. Daryl K. Hoffman Friday, August 9 6 P.M.: $10,000 Olivier Luxury Real Estate Ryman Memorial “Take Your Own Line” Speed Jumping Class (1.2 m) 7 P.M.: Gala: Auction and Dinner, generously sponsored by Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry. Guests will enjoy cocktails, silent and live auctions, dinner and dancing. The live auction will include a luxury cruise to Alaska donated by Valerie Wilson Travel, and the 2013 official painting of the Menlo Charity Horse Show: “We Can Do This” by local artist Stacey Turcotte (valued at $5,000). Reservations:, tickets are $250 per person. Saturday, August 10 6 P.M.: $40,000 Bentley Los Gatos and Bentley San Francisco Grand Prix: will showcase premier equine athletes as they compete over obstacles as tall as 5 feet 6 inches. Recent competitors of the Grand Prix include 2008 Beijing Olympic Gold Medalist Will Simpson, Guy Thomas who competed in the 2004 Athens Olympic Games and Peter Breakwell who competed for New Zealand in the 2000 Olympics in Sydney.

Menlo Charity Horse Show founder and co-chair Betsy Glikbarg says, “The Grand Prix is the highlight of our six-day competition and not-to-be missed. Our show was recently awarded the coveted United States Equestrian Federation Heritage Award, one of the highest equestrian honors in the country. We are very proud to welcome Bentley Motors, who will have a major presence throughout the six-day event as theycelebrate the launch of their aptly named luxury sedan, Flying Spur.”


Kendel Qvale of Bentley Los Gatos and Bentley San Francisco continues, “The Menlo Charity Horse Show has a distinguished and celebrated history here in the Bay Area both in equestrian and social circles. We are proud to support the Menlo Charity Horse Show and their commitment to helping Vista Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired serve over 2,500 people in need throughout the Bay Area.”

7 P.M.: USHJA World Championship Hunter Rider Southwest Regional Awards dinner and presentation in the Clubhouse following the Grand Prix. For reservations, call the Menlo Circus Club (650) 322-4616

Tax-deductible tickets for the horse show are available at the gate for $10 per day, children under 12 and adults over 65 are admitted free. A 6 – day pass may be purchased for $35. Ample street parking is available and free shuttle service to the grounds is provided. For further information and schedules, please visit the 2013 Premium Book section at, or call: 650-701-0543.

Menlo Charity Horse Show: A 501(c)(3) organization is an AA, USEF Heritage Show benefiting the Vista Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired. Started in 1970 as a one-day show, it has expanded to six days, and is a world-class event attracting many of the most accomplished Hunter/Jumper riders and horses in the United States, Canada and Mexico. It was recently honored with the “People’s Choice Award” as the best show in the Southwest (Zone 10: California, Arizona and Nevada) out of 1,400 shows. In 2012, the show raised $450,000 for Vista Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired. The 2013 show will be August 6-11 at the Menlo Circus Club, 190 Park Lane, Atherton, CA. / 650.701.0543.


Vista Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired: Serves over 2,500 clients in the Bay Area through its programs promoting independent living and improving quality of life. Vista Center offers services at its two Bay Area centers as well as in the client’s own environment.

Bentley San Francisco: 999 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94109 / 888.203.8101 Bentley Los Gatos: 66 East Main Street, Los Gatos, CA / 877.501.5658

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