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Jim Ifko and Dublin Street Race through the Valley to Victory

August 10, 2013 By: janwest Category: General

Calgary, Alberta – Overnight rain could not dampen the spirits of the competitors yesterday at Anderson Ranch for the second day of the Rocky Mountain Classic I tournament. Two hunters rings and three jumper rings, including the Grand Prix field, were all in full swing on a day that proved to be a little chillier than is normal for summertime in the Rocky Mountains.

International Course Designer Werner Deeg (GER) set a spectacular course in the always impressive Wood Automotive Group Grand Prix field. Everything set, the footing in prime condition and a field of 28 horse and rider combinations ready to take on the challenges in the $33,000 Valleyfield CSI2* 1.45m Modified Grand Prix.

At the conclusion of the first round, only 3 riders and horses had taken on all the questions asked and had answered them perfectly. With Jim Ifko and his mount Dublin Street, the final to go in the jump off ending up with the win in a hard fought jump off.

“The track was quite challenging, as there were only 3 clears today. It was a good test, but I think that it was a fair test. A lot of technical questions, a lot of half strides and decisions that the riders had to make. Combined with fairly stout oxers, so I thought it was quite a challenging course.” said Jim.

“With only 3 in the jump off and knowing that you have to go clean in the jump off to win the class sometimes is a little more pressure knowing that you have to definitely put down a clean round.” noted Jim. “So going into the jump off I just wanted to leave the fences up and put in a combination of efficiency and being clean.”

Jim’s mount Dublin Street is fairly new to this level of competition with only one previous competition at this height under his belt. But that lack of experience at the 1.40m height didn’t show at all today to the packed crowd around the Grand Prix ring and Goby’s Grill. “My horse really stepped up to the jump off. In the first round I think that he found it a little bit of a struggle, but when it came to the jump off he actually really stepped up and realized how big the fences were and heading to the last fence I knew that it was going to be a fantastic ride.”


Jim flies over the final jump in the Jump Off in front of the Royal West Billboard!

Another challenger in the Grand Prix this afternoon was the talented Ellicia Edgar. She is just putting those final tack adjustments into place with her horse, which hopefully will see them in the jump off Saturday.

Ellicia’s family own Valleyfield Farm, the wonderful sponsor of this event. “We were thrilled to be able to sponsor the class today, I think that it is very important to support local venues and riders and it is great publicity for our farm.” stated Ellicia. “This is a great venue to be able to produce our horses, campaign our horses and showcase our horses for sale. So it is wonderful to be able to support that as well as get a little bit of advertising and publicity along with it.”

A lot of positive changes happening at Valleyfield Farm and into the future. “We are having big year for our farm this year. We have decided to build an indoor arena and a second barn, which will keep me a little bit more local which will be quite nice for a change.” noted Ellicia, on their operations. “We try really hard to breed top quality horses and produce them so that they are ready for the market and the horse shows when they are sold. Rocky Mountain Show Jumping is a great place to do that.”

Ellicia Edgar of Valleyfield Farm competes herself in the International ranks of the sport!

“It was great to have Ellicia’s family supporting the Grand Prix today. Ellicia is a great rider herself, she has done a super job with her horse here and she has stepped up to the FEI ranks and it has been a great pleasure to watch her progress this year. She is definitely going to be a threat in the future and certainly with her farm, she is going to produce some great horses, and we are all excited to see how they are going to turn out.” reflected John Anderson, President of Rocky Mountain Show Jumping. “The class was fantastic, I was happy, the competitors all had fun the course designer got a great result and it was great to have my dad taking the salute today from his Ford Flex, he was having a good time himself.”

Rocky Mountain Show Jumping hosts its tournaments at Anderson Ranch in Calgary’s south end, a world-class facility featuring permanent stabling for 300 horses and a grass grand prix field complete with natural obstacles.  For more information on Rocky Mountain Show Jumping, please visit

Competition continues Saturday, August 8, 2013 with the $33,000 CSI2* Grand Prix (Talent Squad Qualifier) 1.45m at the Rocky Mountain Classic I.

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Spruce Meadows ‘Canada One’ Tournament Features a Day of Prix des Nations Competitions

June 27, 2013 By: janwest Category: General

(SPRUCE MEADOWS, Calgary, AB): The Spruce Meadows Summer Tournaments continue this week at the ‘Canada One,’ held June 25-30. Today was full of team competition and camaraderie, with the Paramount Resources Prix des Nations competitions held for junior and amateur riders at levels 1.10m-1.40m. There was also a 1.00m Friends of the Meadows Prix des Nations.


The tournament wraps up on Sunday with the $100,000 Esso Challenge, the third FEI World Cup qualifier to be held at Spruce Meadows this summer. Admission and parking are complimentary for the ‘Canada One’ Tournament.


This was the 14th year that the Paramount Resources Prix des Nations have been held and they offer a fantastic opportunity for junior and amateur riders to experience team competition, which is not often found at show jumping events in North America.


Caitlin Ziegler, a member of the 1.40m Prix des Nations winning team who has ridden in the competition three times, stated, “It’s so much fun just to be able to have a group who really get together and support each other. It’s a chance to experience what a Nations Cup is. The sport is so competitive (and) it often sets people against one another, so it’s great to have a chance to work together toward something.”


The winning team of the $10,000 Paramount Resources Prix des Nations 1.40m showed poise and rode to all-important clear rounds when it counted. Led by Chef d’Equipe Nick Dello Joio, the America Team notched three clear rounds and did not have to send their anchor rider in for the second round. They had six faults in round one to lead and added just four in round two to take victory.



The winning America Team in the 1.40m Prix des Nations with Clay Riddell, CEO of Paramount Resources. Photo © Spruce Meadows Media Services.

The winning America Team in the 1.40m Prix des Nations with Clay Riddell, CEO of Paramount Resources. Photo © Spruce Meadows Media Services.


The lead-off rider for the Team America was Greer Hindle (USA) on Viper P, who had five and four faults. Lucas Porter (USA) and Phineas had six in the first round, but returned with a clear in round two. Caitlin Ziegler (USA) and Butragenia had just one time fault in the first round and were clear in the second round to seal the win. Wilton Porter (USA) and Neolisto van het Mierenhof were clear in the first round and were able to sit out the second round.


Ziegler explained the team’s plan for round two, “Coming into round two, the teams were at six, seven, and ten (faults), and they were all within one rail. What we wanted to do is have everybody be at least as good as our first round, if not better, and eliminate our time faults. I think we all managed to do that, so it was great.”



Caitlin Ziegler and Butragenia. Photo © Spruce Meadows Media Services.

Caitlin Ziegler and Butragenia. Photo © Spruce Meadows Media Services.


Having ridden Butragenia for three years, Ziegler knew she would do well in the Prix des Nations. “She’s fantastic for these High Junior and Amateur courses. She’s a horse you can really count on. In a class like this where you need two clear rounds, she’s perfect for it,” she said.


The “America” team donated all of their prize money to the Calgary Flood Relief to help the area after the terrible flooding in the city and surrounding areas. Ziegler expressed, “The last week has been really devastating for Calgary. It means so much to us – not just Spruce Meadows, but the entire city and community here is so supportive. We want to do whatever we can to give back and help them through this.”


The second place team was Chafing the Dream with Chef d’Equipe Dick Carvin, who finished on 17 total faults. They were led by a double clear performance from Bretton Chad (CAN) on Tjengo. Kara Chad (CAN) and Oura de Rouhet had five and one faults, while Alec Lawler (USA) and Acoradus scored eight and 13. Vani Khosla (USA) and Dynamo had five and six faults.


The JMSCBK Team with Chef d’Equipe Sarah Segal were third with a total of 23 faults. Lead-off rider Katherine Strauss (USA) and Capacity had eight and four faults, Isabella Salles (BRA) on Angel Rose had five and 19, Francesca Bolfo (USA) and Lalique were clear in the first round and had seven faults in the second round, and Wesley Newlands (CAN) rode Lapacco to two and four faults.


$7,500 Paramount Resources Prix des Nations 1.30m


The $7,500 Paramount Resources Prix des Nations 1.30m was very exciting competition full of clear rounds that helped four teams tie on a zero score after two rounds of jumping. Those four teams then chose a representative to compete in the jump-off.


Leading off was Maria Costa (USA) on Reno for The Fighting Irish team, who were guided by Chef d’Equipe John Roche. They were clear in 31.583 seconds, which would finish in third place. Costa was double clear in the first two rounds, as was her teammate Wilton Porter (USA) on Punch. Wilton’s brother Lucas rode Patriot to scores of zero and five, while Sarah Kerins and (USA) and Hot Wheels contributed one time fault and were clear.


The margin for victory in the competition was extremely slim, with the winners, Team San Lorenzo, taking the top spot by only 3/10ths of a second. The win was gained by Beatriz Franco Sol (MEX) on La Guayaba, a horse she has ridden for five years. They were also clear and just a bit faster in 31.273 seconds.



Beatriz Franco Sol and La Guayaba. Photo © Spruce Meadows Media Services.

Beatriz Franco Sol and La Guayaba. Photo © Spruce Meadows Media Services.


Franco Sol did not have to return in the second round since her three teammates were all clear. “She’s a really fast, fast mare,” Franco Sol said. “It’s her stride that is so fast; that’s why they told me to go in the jump-off. It was easier because I didn’t have to go in the second round.”


The San Lorenzo Team was led by Chef d’Equipe Antonio Maurer. Alejandro Pascencia (MEX) and Sultan de la Nutria were double clear, as were Jacobo Martinez (MEX) and Queens Darling. Claudia Lorenza O Farrill (MEX) and Etoile van den Bisschop had four faults in round one and then returned clear.


Second place in the 1.30m Prix des Nations went to the Thirty and Flirty Team with Chef d’Equipe Kent Farrington. His student, Meagan Nusz (USA), rode Willow in the jump-off and finished just off the pace with no faults in 31.580 seconds. Nusz did not have to show in the second round either since her team were all clear. Abigail McArdle (USA) and Quality were double clear, as were Alex Crown (USA) and Quadrant. Teri Kessler (USA) contributed a second round clear after nine faults in the first round.


Last in the jump-off was Katherine Strauss (USA), who rode Chellando Z. They had four faults at the last jump, and their team, Madden Madness with Team Chef d’Equipe Jennifer Griffiths, were fourth. Strauss was double clear in the first two rounds, as were her teammates Isabella Salles (BRA) on Carlos H and Wesley Newlands (CAN) on Wieminka. Genevieve Meyer (USA) and Coral Reef Santos Utopia had four and eight faults.


This was Franco Sol’s second time riding in the Prix des Nations competition. “I really did think we had a good chance of winning. It was a good team and everybody was really all together. It’s really nice to win, and I hope everybody is happy!” she expressed.



The winning San Lorenzo team. Photo © Spruce Meadows Media Services.

The winning San Lorenzo team. Photo © Spruce Meadows Media Services.


$5,000 Paramount Resources Prix des Nations 1.20m


The $5,000 Paramount Resources Prix des Nations 1.20m came down to one fault for the winning team. Going in as the anchor rider, Katherine Strauss (USA) on Urginia had to be clear for her team to win. She did just that, leaving the Madden Magic team, led by Chef d’Equipe Ann Karrasch, on a final score of zero. Strauss did not have to show in the first round since her teammates were all clear. Also on the winning team was Isabella Salles (BRA) and Umora (0, 0 faults), Genevieve Meyer (USA) on Coral Reef Casello (0, 4), and Gwendolyn Sontheim Meyer (USA) with Coral Reef Fundskerl 3 (0, 0).



Team Madden Magic won the $5,000 Paramount Resources Prix des Nations 1.20m. Photo © Spruce Meadows Media Services.

Team Madden Magic won the $5,000 Paramount Resources Prix des Nations 1.20m. Photo © Spruce Meadows Media Services.

Second place with just one total fault was Bob’s Babes, named for Chef d’Equipe Bob Henselwood. Their riders were Ali Ramsay (CAN) on Alonzo (0, 0), Jaclyn Duff (CAN) and Caesar (1, 4), Jillian Halina (CAN) on Coupe Champagne (0, 0), and Skylar Edmonds (CAN) with Boomer (elim, 0).


The Iztlazihuatl team placed third. Led by Chef d’Equipe Monica Burrilla, they finished on five faults. Sofia Larrea (MEX) and Balero 7 (6, 1), Gabriel Guerra (MEX) on Phenix de la Nutria (0, 0), Miguel Torres Hernandez (MEX) with Future SM (0, 4), and Martin Guerra (MEX) on Carloubet (0,4) made up the team.


$2,500 Paramount Resources Prix des Nations 1.10m


In the $2,500 Paramount Resources Prix des Nations 1.10m, there was another four-way jump-off to determine the winning teams after three were tied with zero faults after the first two rounds. First in and taking the win was Shelby Edwards (CAN) on Adelaide. They were the only clear round in the jump-off, finishing in 34.17 seconds to help their team to victory. Edwards rode for the Xtreme team, with Chef d’Equipe Trish Mrakawa. They were double clear in the first two rounds. Also on the team were Ally Memedovich (CAN) on ARK Diamond (0, 0 faults), Kirsten Spence (CAN) and Jetsetter (8, 8), and Chantelle Moore (CAN) with Montenero (0, 0).



The win in the 1.10m went to Team Xtreme. Photo © Spruce Meadows Media Services.

The win in the 1.10m went to Team Xtreme. Photo © Spruce Meadows Media Services. \


Second place went to the John’s Juveniles team with Chef d’Equipe Vinton Karrasch. Katherine Strauss (USA) rode Fidel van de Kooldries to four faults in 33.87 seconds in the jump-off. In the regular rounds, they were double clear. Genevieve Meyer (USA) and Coral Reef Crystal Cove (4, 0), Gwendolyn Sontheim Meyer (USA) and Coral Reef Rob (0, 0), and Wesley Newlands (CAN) on Uno Kinston (0, 0) rounded out the team.


Team NorCal, led by Chef d’Equipe Meredith Herman, finished in third place after their jump-off rider, Simonne Berg (USA), rode Limerick to four faults in 47.34 seconds. They had zero faults in the first two rounds of the competition. Joining them on the team were Sarah Pulchalski (USA) on Lucia de Luxe (0, 0), Eve Jobs (USA) with RL Cheenook (4, 0), and Lynne Lancaster (USA) with Sky Dancer LS (0, 0).


$2,500 Friends of the Meadows Prix des Nations 1.00m


The $2,500 Friends of the Meadows Prix des Nations 1.00m saw the H.A.P.P.E.E. Team with Chef d’Equipe Jan Pearce ride to victory. The team consisted of: Gwendolyn Sontheim Meyer (USA) on Coral Reef IEM Capolavoro, who had one time fault and then four faults; Katrina Garnett (USA) and Shakyra, who had four and 10 faults; Josef Polk (USA) and Saint Sebastian, who had four and a clear round; and Linda Lauper Polk (USA) and Top Shelf, who were clear and had five faults. They team finished on 14 faults.



Team H.A.P.P.E.E. won at the 1.00m level. Photo © Spruce Meadows Media Services.

Team H.A.P.P.E.E. won at the 1.00m level. Photo © Spruce Meadows Media Services.


Second place went to Border Patrol and Chef d’Equipe Mary Manfredi who finished on 19 faults. The team was led by Nicola Brandon (USA) and Outlander (0, 4 faults), as well as Kelsey Brooks (USA) and Callula (1, 8), Chad Leat (USA) on Dutch Girl (5, 1), and Taylor Phillips (CAN) with Ziggy, who were unfortunately eliminated in both rounds.


The Golden Girls team with Chef d’Equipe Robert Blanchette placed third on 21 faults. Carolyn Salas (USA) on Alltair (0, 12), Clara Burgeles (USA) and Cord (6, 1), Shannon Jones (USA) on Hello U (12, 9), and Bryce Richardson (USA) on Levitas (1, 4) were on the team.


For full results and more information, please visit


Based in Calgary, Canada, Spruce Meadows is the brainchild of the Southern family who built a Show Jumping complex at the foothills of the Alberta Rocky Mountains. It was in 1976 that the first Spruce Tournaments were held, with annual spectator attendances reaching over 50,000 by the end of the decade. Today, Spruce Meadows boasts one of the greatest outdoor equestrian venues in the world and offers an incredible experience for riders and fans alike. Spruce Meadows focuses on the organization and hosting of show jumping tournaments of unmatched quality for junior, amateur and professional athletes in a manner that reflects basic family values in a clean, green and welcoming environment that celebrates the horse and encourages the breeding and training of quality sport horses and the teaching and development of athletes. For more information on Spruce Meadows, please visit


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Big Payday for Farrington! Uceko Claims Victory in $200,000 CN Performance World Cup Grand Prix

June 26, 2013 By: janwest Category: General

Calgary, Alberta, CANADA – June 16, 2013 – – The last day of the Spruce Meadows Continental tournament turned into one hell of a payday for Kent Farrington, as he and Uceko cruised to victory in the $200,000 CN Performance Grand Prix World Cup Qualifier 1.60m as the Continental Tournament in Calgary drew to a close.

Pocketing $66,000 for his double clean effort aboard RCG Farm’s little grey gelding, Farrington also left the ring with a cool bonus of $50,000 for winning two legs of the $1,000,000 CN Precision Series.

Photo by Holly Burns

Photo by Holly Burns

International Show Jumping to Return to the Heart of Calgary

April 04, 2013 By: janwest Category: General



Calgary, Alberta – After 30 years and a explosion in popularity, Show Jumping is set to return to the heart of Calgary with the launch of The Royal West at the Calgary Stampede.


The brainchild of John Anderson of Rocky Mountain Show Jumping, the event, the Royal West, will be a 10-day multi-breed show. It will feature a division for international show jumpers, national hunter/jumper classes, hackney and heavy horse classes, and a multitude of other events including indoor eventing, terrier racing, barrel racing and even mutton-busting – “evenings full of entertainment built around the horse,” according to Anderson. He explains the inspiration behind this project. “I grew up here and made my open jumper debut in 1984 at the Calgary International Spring Horse Show in the Stampede Corral. It was part of an Alberta circuit, and they were really fun events right in downtown Calgary. “I’ve always wanted to do something like this,” he continued, explaining that riders in the West cannot always travel east to the Royal Winter Fair because of the expense involved. “I would guess that in the last 10 years the competitors from BC and Alberta would number not more than 30 per year.”



Anderson travelled to numerous venues in Western Canada in recent years searching for the perfect venue. After it was all said and done ended up back in his home town of Calgary. “I became aware a few years ago of a potential project that may take shape after the 100th anniversary of the Calgary Stampede in 2012, and the rest is history” said Anderson.


The Agrium Western Event Centre complex, which is currently under construction with a projected completion date of June, 2014, encompasses 150,000 sq. ft. of agriculture showcase and competition venue. The 250’ x 125’ arena floor is the “largest of its kind in Canada,” said Anderson, and with seating for 2,500, “we can pack the house every night.” Housing for horses includes 400 box stalls immediately adjacent to the arena, plus an additional 1,200 stalls on site, wash bays, a large outdoor covered area, and a 20,000 sq. ft. multipurpose space for warm up, a trade show or exhibition hall.



Max Fritz, director of Agriculture for the Calgary Stampede, told Horse Sport, in a recent interview, “The new Agrium Western Event Centre will solidify Stampede Park as one of the most unique agricultural showcases in the world. It will be a centerpiece for agricultural education, exhibition, and industry in southern Alberta…truly a lasting connection between urban and rural.” “The design of the new Agrium Western Event Centre is attracting the interest of a variety of equine disciplines ” added Fritz.



Anderson said there is a lot of buzz among potential sponsors already, and he expects to be able to offer a minimum of $200,000 in prize money the first year. “Participants will have to qualify, and the show will be “a show jumping tournament with the true standards of the sport – hunters starting at 3’ and jumpers at one-metre-ten – no lower,” insisted Anderson. He concluded, “We’re building the sport from the ground up, encouraging participation from across the country, and we will host it in true Western fashion!”



The inaugural Royal West is scheduled to take place in October, 2014; more details will be released as they become available.

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Rocky Mountain Show Jumping is one of Canada’s premiere show jumping destinations. Its tournaments are held at Anderson Ranch in Calgary’s south end, a world-class facility featuring permanent stabling for 300 horses and a grass grand prix field complete with natural obstacles. For more information on Rocky Mountain Show Jumping, please visit


Christmas Spirit Lights Up at Spruce Meadows!

December 20, 2012 By: janwest Category: General

(SPRUCE MEADOWS, Calgary, AB): Spruce Meadows invites everyone to join with the thousands that have already come through the Spruce Meadows grounds to enjoy the Spruce Meadows Christmas Lights, presented by Scotiabank, Bennett Jones, ATCO Group and Akita Drilling Ltd.

With over 74 kilometers of lights aglow around Spruce Meadows, it is truly a winter wonderland for the whole family to enjoy. Be our guests and bask in the glow of the season each evening until January 6th.

Spruce Meadows Christmas Lights on the Pond.
Photo Credit: Spruce Meadows Media

If you have the entire family gathered in one place for the holiday season, or are just looking for a unique and cost free outing, why not come skating, or enjoy a leisurely walk at Spruce Meadows?

With one of the best outdoor rinks in Calgary, the Spruce Meadows Pond is now open for skating and shinny. For those who have missed watching hockey this season, strap on some skates, grab your stick and bring your friends for a game. Two regulation hockey goals have been placed on the pond for those looking for a friendly game or to hone their skills.

Spruce Meadows employees enjoy a friendly game on the Pond.
Photo Credit: Spruce Meadows Media

After an amazing season of sport, Spruce Meadows is excited to begin the New Year with many new and exciting projects in the making.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Spruce Meadows!