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Pony Tails: Warm-Up Day by P & R Pony Kids

August 07, 2012 By: janwest Category: General

Editor’s Note: Pony riders from all across the country have descended on the Kentucky Horse Park for 2012 Pony Finals. Sidelines Magazine has some “on the scene” pony kids who are reporting about all of the events at the exciting show, while photographer Emily Allongo takes great photos for us! Our Pony Tails “reporter kids” are going by the initials P. and R. – do you know who they are? They might be the riders in the ring with you in your next class! We want to wish P. and R. and all the riders the best of luck this week – and hope you have a wonderful time and make amazing memories that you will remember the rest of your life!

Pony Tails: Warm Up Day

By P. and R. — All photos by Emily Allongo

Getting to Pony Finals is a great riding experience. Getting to see our friends is also something to be excited for.  Most of us haven’t seen our friends since Devon or WEF and it’s nice to see everyone at pony finals.

Pony Finals Or Bust!

Warming up in the Walnut ring can be scary for first time pony riders.  For us it was exciting to be back at Pony Finals. Today the Greens came out to play.  Most of them were really fresh and didn’t love the scary bushes and the waving flags.  Our ponies got to jump in the ticketed warm up ring and some were good and others were not so good.

Up tomorrow are all the Green Ponies in the model and a hack, and the regular Medium Pony model.  I wonder how many mints it will take to get my Green Pony to stand still tomorrow. We are happy to get our Pony Finals T-shirts after we show. Check back tomorrow night for updates and results.  Good luck everyone and I hope you do well!

Everyone wants a Pony Finals T-Shirt!

Pony Finals Warm Up

Ponies on parade at Pony Finals

Ponies in the Walnut Ring