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Pony Tails: Pony Finals Day 5

August 11, 2012 By: janwest Category: General

By the Sidelines Mystery Bloggers!

Photos by Emily Allongo

All the Pony Finals winners are smiling big!

Pony Finals day five was Small Pony jumping and Large hack and model.

The Small Ponies were mostly chips and spooks but not many stops. And the Larges were mostly running around the hack bucking. But over all it was good! Small Pony Champion was Hi Lite and Maddy Schaefer, and Reserve was Rafael and Lily Hymowitz!

Rafael and Lilli Hymowitz Small pony model winner and Maddie Schaefer and Hi Light

In the Larges it was tough but hack winner was Footnotes with Isabel Coleman. In the Model the winner was For The Laughter and Maddy Darst.

In the Larges only about 5 people were wearing bows, and those kids were mostly younger and cuter, lol JK!

Our guess is that the Large Ponies will be mostly stopping because of long jumps and will probably be spooky at the two stride.

Ponies, ponies everywhere!

Stay updated for some info about how to win at Pony Finals then check in on Pony Finals Day 6!
Good luck with the Large Ponies!
Toodaloo Adios!