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Pony Tails: Day 4 at Pony Finals

August 10, 2012 By: janwest Category: General

The Sidelines Magazine Mystery Bloggers are Back. Photos by Emily Allongo

It’s time to tell you about the Small Pony Hack/Model and Medium Pony Over Fences!!

The small ponies got all pretty for the model… And shoes pulled for the hack!

Small pony model winner was Rafael and hack winner was Goldfish.


Small pony Mr. Mcgregger in the hack with Chloe Peebles

In the medium ponies, most of them hated the one stride. Most ponies refused at the in. But as the day went on there was a huge storm and many kids rushed in their golf carts to the rolex stadium.

When the mediums started again…. the ponies were all pretty good!

Not too much spooking!

And great trips!

Champion went to Roxbury and Yasmin Rizvi and reserve was Trillville and Lily Hymowitz.

Roxbury and Yasmin Rizvi who were champions of the Medium Pony Hunter.

EXCITED for the Small Ponies to jump tomorrow!!!

And the Larges will model and hack!!!!

Today was a great day! Good luck tomorrow! PEACE OUT 🙂

Supermodel ponies at Pony Finals!