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Pony Tails: Day 3 – From Pony Finals!

August 09, 2012 By: janwest Category: General

Pony Tails: Day 3  by P. & R. – All photos by Emily Allongo

A pony masters at jump at Pony Finals!

Buenos Dias from us. Pony finals day 3! The greens “loved” the spooky jumps… NOT

Most of the small/medium greens were pretty awesome today but most of the large greens couldn’t make it over the jumps; especially the outside line in 6 strides going to the 2 stride.

A glorious day at Pony Finals!

The most competitive though: Medium Pony Undersaddle, out of about 140 ponies! It came down to Swingtown “Arty” and Maddy Schaefer to win the hack. Good job Maddy! 2nd was Trillville “Trilly” and Lily Hymowitz, 3rd was Rock The Boat “Chopper” and Maddy Goetzmann.

In the small green ponies, Benjamin Buttons and Parker Wright took the championship and reserve was Helicon Penny Lane and Daisy Farish. In medium greens Frosted and Maddy Schaefer took the championship and Anisette with Parker Wright took the reserve. Frosted got an overall high score of 1016.7

VERY early in the morning… Before the sun was even close to rising, we were schooling our green ponies over very… interesting…jumps. Even though it was early and hard it paid off when the ponies weren’t too spooky in the show ring.

All the medium pony kids were there until 8:00 or 8:30 PM!! The division went on forever… But it was worth it<3

To finish up:

TIP: The better you do in the hack/model the farther down you’ll go in the order; So if you don’t do well in the hack/model you will go earlier in the order for jumping!

Good Luck Tomorrow + Get ready for the small ponies <3 to start!!! And we will also jump our medium ponies and discover the champion!!!

ADIOS – P & R (Can u guess who we r?)

Warm up happens bright and early at Pony Finals!

The Kentucky Horse Park – where it’s all happening!