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Lisa Goldman Flies to Second Consecutive Victory at Horse Shows by the Bay

July 26, 2013 By: janwest Category: General

The Illinois-based professional wins the $10,000 Positive Step Farm Open Jumper Welcome Prix at Flintfields Horse Park.

Traverse City, MI – July 25, 2013 – Lisa Goldman took a chance. When she came around the corner to the last line in the jump-off of the $10,000 Positive Step Open Jumper Welcome Prix, she had a choice to make: pull or kick.


Her split-second decision to kick made all the difference. She and Centurion B earned their second consecutive blue ribbon at Horse Shows by the Bay Series IV, by a margin of just .06 seconds.

Centurion B and Lisa Goldman

Centurion B and Lisa Goldman


Charles Jacobs, of Boston, MA, who challenged Goldman eight horses later aboard Flaming Star, fell just short and took the red ribbon, while Nick Novak and Rendezvous 22 claimed third.


“I had a flyer,” said Goldman laughing. “It was in the jump-off at the end of the course. His stride was big, and I knew I was fast, so I tried to be careful to the last line. I saw it big and went for it. He doesn’t care, and he took it for me. He’ll never say no.”

Today’s featured class in the Grand Prix Ring, designed by J.P. Godard, tested a field of 19 riders. Seven qualified for the jump-off, and all seven jumped clear, so speed became the sole determining factor.


“The first round course was great,” said Goldman. “It started off with a nice ramped oxer that got you in, and the course built as it went.


Centurion B and Lisa Goldman celebrate with sponsor Patrice Schreiber

Centurion B and Lisa Goldman celebrate with sponsor Patrice Schreiber

“I love his courses,” continued Goldman. “He sets you up well and makes you think about your jump-offs, and there are always a lot of options. There was one inside turn we decided not to do in the jump-off. Lillie [Ross] did it, but we thought you would have to slow down too much to do the turn and that it was faster to stay on the pace and go around.”



Goldman’s strategy worked perfectly, and Centurion B, her 11-year-old Belgian Warmblood (Rebel Z–Paloma G), had no difficulty keeping a quick pace and leaving out strides throughout the eight-effort course.


“What I think did it for me is that I did the five strides to the in-and-out, from fences 4 to 5AB, at the beginning, and only Charlie did that, too,” she said.

Ferrari and Alexis Cohen

Ferrari and Alexis Cohen


“I was worried about Charlie,” Goldman admitted. “We were one-two here last year, and I know he’s faster than anyone, and I know he wants to get it.  We were only .06 apart, and that generally doesn’t go in my favor, so it was really exciting to have that close of a spread go in my favor today.”


Last year Goldman won the $10,000 Positive Step Farm Welcome Prix prior to her victory in the $30,000 D-Braider Cherry Capital Classic Grand Prix, so she hopes that her good fortune continues to follow a familiar path.


Goldman, 23, of Red Coat Farm in Hawthorn Woods, IL, said she’s feeling back to 100 percent after a serious illness sent her to the hospital and kept her away from the horse show most of Horse Shows by the Bay Series III. Her mother and trainer, Mary Goldman, held down the fort and kept their 15-horse contingent running smoothly.


“I must say thank you to my mom for nursing me back to health and still somehow training everyone that we have here,” she said. “I feel perfect, and the horse feels spectacular. He’s in it to win it, and if I don’t mess up we’ll be good on Saturday.”


Alexis Cohen experienced a day many riders only dream could happen. The 17-year-old made her debut this week in the Brookwood Farm Small Junior Hunter section, aboard Ferrari, and finished with the section championship and the Hunterpointe Grand Junior Hunter title.

Taylor Schmidt aboard Calvi.

Taylor Schmidt aboard Calvi.


Cohen and Ferrari made their first 3’6″ start in the Pine Hollow Farm Performance Hunter section Wednesday morning in Ring 3, where she said it didn’t go as well as she’d hoped. After regrouping and switching to the R.L. Polk Family Main Hunter Ring, however, everything fell into place.




“When we came in here to do the Small Juniors, it was really smooth and probably the best I think I’ve ever ridden him,” she said. “We won both classes [over fences] yesterday, and that was so exciting. Then, today we got two thirds, and we ended up champion.”


Cohen, of Highland Park, IL, trains with Denise Lenn and Russell Frey, and she said their wonderful words of wisdom and advice helped keep her calm and focused as the fence heights increased from the Children’s Hunters she’d done the previous weeks.


“He’s been an amazing horse, and I couldn’t ask for a better horse,” said Cohen, who has owned Ferrari for almost a year. “He’s really sweet and tries really, really hard. I asked Denise if I could do the juniors and kind of stretched it a little bit, but I think it turned out to be a good decision.”


Taylor Schmidt, 17, of Batavia, IL, also made a great decision. She was called back into the ring to test third of six in the English Riding Supply Pessoa/USEF Medal and moved up for the blue ribbon with a precise performance aboard Calvi that included a difficult inside turn that only one other rider attempted.




“I really wanted to go for the inside turn and be as slick as I could, with a good hand-gallop going to the oxer,” she explained. “My horse is really good at turning; it’s his strength, so I really wanted to make sure I could do the inside turn from 1 to 2. He was very good.”


Judge Bucky Reynolds also asked the riders for a “strong trot” back to the line up, and Schmidt had no difficulty making a lasting impression. “He responds really well coming off your leg, so I knew that we’d be able to show off at the end,” she said.

Corvine and Piper Benjamin

Corvine and Piper Benjamin


Schmidt, whose victory came over a field of 34 riders, trains with Andrew C. Welles. She said the former jumper is new to the equitation division but is quickly finding his niche. “He’s 7 and a young horse, so we’re really happy with how he went today,” she added.


Piper Benjamin was also working with a jumper-turned equitation horse, and her patience paid off in the Fox Meadow Farm ASPCA Maclay, where she guided Roosevelt to the blue ribbon over 28 contenders.


“I just got him, so Traverse City is the first time I’ve shown him,” said Benjamin. “We were third the first weekend here, so this win will help me get [to the finals]. We’ve been working on him being calm in the hunter ring because he’s not really used to that, he’s just done jumpers. I just made sure all the distances were nice and easy, making sure that he was calm, and I was calm, and then it works when that happens.”


Benjamin, 17, of Lake Forest, IL, trains with Rush and Carl Weedon at Brookwood Farm and has been with them for six years. She said during the flat phase she focused on her upper body position. “I have a problem with slouching, as my trainer said, so definitely staying tall was it,” she said laughing.



Benjamin’s banner day also extended into the Junior Hunters, where she rode Corvine to the Huntsover Farm Large Junior 16-17, section championship and also won the $1,000 CWD Sellier Junior Hunter Classic with scores of 81 and 86.


“It was a great day and really exciting,” she said with a smile. “Corvine is my 6-year-old. He acts like a 12-year-old, like you’d never know he was a baby. I did him in the USHJA International Hunter Derby last week, and it was the first time either of us had done it, so it was really fun and exciting. He was really good today.”


The first of the Ovation Leading Rider Awards were presented today, with Kelley Farmer winning the Ovation Leading Professional Hunter Rider title for Lane Change Farm and Larry Glefke. Their student, Kirklen Petersen, also claimed an Ovation Leading Rider Award, taking the Junior Rider honors. And the Ovation Leading Equitation Rider was presented to Bethany D. Bolen.


Larry Glefke’s Scripted, ridden by Farmer, received The Susan Wallace Memorial Trophy, presented to the horse accumulating the most points throughout the series in either the Green or Regular Conformation Hunter Division. The trophy is donated by Top Call Farm and Greg Crolick in loving memory of Susan Wallace.

After Horse Shows by the Bay Series I, II and III have concluded, the race continues for the remaining Ovation Leading Rider Awards. Current standings include:

  • Adult Hunter Rider – Terri Irrer – 81 points
  • Adult Jumper Rider – Emily Reder – 71.50
  • Amateur Hunter Rider – Becky Gochman – 149.50
  • Children’s Hunter Rider – Madeline Pogorzelski – 70
  • Children’s Jumper Rider – Emma C. Wujek – 40
  • High Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper Rider – Ali Wolff – 50.50
  • Low Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper Rider – Madison A. Billings – 30.50
  • Pony Hunter Rider – Sophie Gochman – 153.50
  • Modified Children’s/Adult Jumper Rider – Erin M. Walker – 30
  • Pro Jumper Rider – Wilhelm Genn – 112

Follow the action on July 24-28 during Horse Shows by the Bay Series IV. Competition will be held in all five rings, with the Grand Prix Ring and R.L. Polk Family Main Hunter Ring streaming live thanks to ShowNet LLC and this week’s free streaming partner, Alltech Equine TV. They’re bringing the action right to your screen every day, beginning at 8 a.m. Go to and click on “Watch It Live.”

Horse Shows by the Bay Series IV

Featured events for July 26-28:

  • $2,500 USHJA National Hunter Derby, sponsored by Walgreens – Friday, July 26
  • HJAM Junior, Adult and Limit Medal Finals, sponsored by Equis Ltd. – Saturday, July 27
  • $30,000 D-Braider Cherry Capital Classic Grand Prix of the Great Lakes – Saturday, July 27
  • $5,000 NAL Low JR/AO Jumper Classic, sponsored by Graystone Catering – Sunday, July 28
  • $10,000 SJHOF High Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper Classic – Sunday, July 28
  • $10,000 Hagyard Equine Medical Institute Children’s/Adult Jumper Prix – Sunday, July 28

Special Exhibitor functions this week include the Wine & Cheese Social on Thursday, with wines from Verterra Winery in Leland, MI, sponsored by Plante Moran Financial Advisors. The ice cream socials will be sponsored by CMJ Sporthorse LLC on the weekdays & the Gochman Family over the weekend. The “Hay Day” Michigan Horse Welfare Fundraiser and Silent Auction Dinner, sponsored by Meijer, will be held on Saturday, and the Morgan Stanley VIP/Sponsor Luncheon will be held on Sunday afternoon.

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