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It was a “Dog’s Day Out” at The 2014 Lake Placid Horse Shows

July 11, 2014 By: janwest Category: General

Lake Placid, NY–July 10, 2014–On Sunday, July 6, the Lake Placid Horse Shows hosted their 22nd Annual Doggie Costume Contest, a popular competition at the show. All people with leashed dogs in costume were admitted to the horse show free of charge, and the contestants from the horse show and the local community took center stage in a special ring set up near the horse show’s Richard M. Feldman Grand Prix Field.  The contest co-sponsors, Animal Planet and The Brown Dog Café & Wine Bar, presented the awards to this year’s “top dogs.”  All canine contestants went home with a special event bag of doggie treats!

 Rascal, a 4-year-old Shetland Sheepdog owned by Bruno Freeman of Bloomingdale, NY, took top honors as “China Dog.”  Rascal received 4 scores of a perfect 10 with only one judge giving him an 8.5. Last year, Rascal received the Most Creative Costume award for his costume, “A Salty Dog.”  He also won the overall best costume award in 2011 and 2012!

Rascal was honored as Top Dog at Doggie Costume Contest

  Winston, a 6-year-old Corgi owned by Carolyn Desfor of Elverson, PA, came in second place as “A member of the U.S.A. Bobsled team.”  Carolyn is a seasoned competitor in the Doggie Costume Contest, as Winston won in 2008, and her other dog Fluffy took first place last year!

Charli (a 3 month-old, Beagle Mix rescue dog from Danny & Ron’s) and Petey (a 6-year-old Dachshund), owned by Kim Storey and Schaefer Raposa of Clinton, NY, dressed as “Hot Dogs” and tied for third place with Fern and Elli, dogs owned by Margaret Walsh and Chrissy Daigle of Oyster Bay, NY. Fern and Elli were dressed as “Little Bo’ Peep”.

 Charlie, a 4-year-old Labrador Retriever owned by Nora Van Veen of Havertown, PA, won the Lulu Perpetual Trophy for the funniest costume as “Robben van Barkie, a Dutch soccer player.”

Charlie won the Lulu Perpetual Trophy for the funniest costume as "Robben van Barkie, a Dutch soccer player."

Charlie won the Lulu Perpetual Trophy for the funniest costume as “Robben van Barkie, a Dutch soccer player.”

Honorable Mention was awarded to two residents of Lake Placid! Receiving one Honorable Mention was Sarah and Sophie, owned by Jasmine Bujold, who went as “The Tutu Trio.” The other Honorable Mention went to Scout, an 11-year old English Springer Spaniel, owned by Billy Bellows and walked by Addison Colby. This was Scout’s 10th year competing in the Doggie Costume Contest!

Lake Placid Horse Shows’ Doggie Costume Contest Past Winners
Year    Costume                                              Owner
1993    The Budweiser Hitch                        The Wyckoff Family
1994    LPHS 25th Anniversary Dog           Audrey Lowe
1995    Junior Kroll Jumper                           Katie Ermilio & Tristen Fowler
1996    My Own Olympic Mascot               Audrey Lowe
1997    Bathing Beauty                                 Laura Antonelli
1998    Santa Paws                                        Glenn & Evan Cocks
1999    Doggemora Dog                               Phil Calabrese
2000    Cleopatra                                           Heather & Charlie Hooker
2001    Hurry Home Cinderella                    Heather & Charlie Hooker
2002    Yankee Doodle Doggie                   Laura Antonelli
2003    Voyage Through Neverland          Heather & Charlie Hooker
2004    Over the Rainbow/Pink                   Heather & Charlie Hooker/The Jacobs Family
2005    Budweiser Hitch                               Charlotte and Melissa Jacobs
2006    Pirates of the Caribbean                  Charlotte and Melissa Jacobs
2007    Shrek Comes to Lake Placid            Missy Clark’s North Run and Wide Rill Farm
2008    Winston the Grand Prix Rider         Carolyn & Michael Desfor
2009    Scout the Cow                                   Billy Bellos
2010    Barefoot and Pregnant                     Lisa Wentworth
2011    Some Pig!  From Charlotte’s Web   Bruno Freeman
2012    Plan K-9 From Outer Space              The Buonanno and Freeman Families
2013    Fox Hunter                                          Carolyn Desfor
2014    China Dog                                           Bruno Freeman

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