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Inclusive and Victoria Colvin Capture 2012 USEF East Coast Junior Hunter Finals Grand Championship

July 29, 2012 By: janwest Category: General

Lexington, KY – July 25, 2012 – The sweat beaded off the competitors’ brow today at the Kentucky Horse Park. It was the final day of the USEF East Coast Junior Hunter Finals, and the final determinant would be the handy round. Today’s second round course determined both Champion and Reserve Champion for each division, as well as overall High Point Mare, Reserve Grand Champion and Grand Champion. It was Victoria Colvin and Inclusive who took the prestigious Grand Championship, adding their names to the perpetual trophy.

Victoria Colvin and Inclusive won the 2012 USEF East Coast Junior Hunter Finals Grand Championship. (Photo by Kendall Bierer/PMG)

Today’s course was designed by Bobby Murphy and involved tight inside turns, bending lines, rollback combinations, an in-and-out, and a strong hand gallop over the final oxer. The course proved difficult for many, testing both horse and rider alike with natural fences, hedges and brush.

The Small 15 & Under Junior Hunters were first in the order of go, and it was 14-year-old Victoria Colvin aboard Ovation, owned by Dr. Betsee Parker, who posted a clear comeback from yesterday’s Classic Round to receive scores 92, 90 and 88 for a total of 270 points and the blue ribbon in the Handy Round.

“My plan going in today was to get around,” Colvin laughed reflecting on yesterday’s round. “There are days when he enters the ring and you just know that he is going to be spectacular. Yesterday wasn’t one of those days, probably due to the poor weather. Today was beautiful, and from the moment we left the in gate, I knew he was going to do great-I couldn’t have asked for more.”

The duo posted the high score of the competition, and climbed back into the top rankings. It was Vivian Yowan and Whatever who earned the championship for their consistent efforts. They earned a handy score of 258 points, and an overall total of 643 points. Kate Ross and Friday Night, were awarded the Reserve Championship with their score of 630 points. Brett Burlington guided Quigley to the third place finish in the division with the final average of 554.50. “It’s really amazing to be here and to have done so well; it is only my first time competing in the Junior Finals,” Yowan expalined. “He was a little quiet today, but he always tries his hardest and always jumps so well. I just focus, and really help him have a smooth round.”

Yowan continued, “We saw a few people go and they didn’t do well on the inside turn. My plan was to play it safe for the handy, and make it smooth by going around the inside turn. Not risking that tight turn to give us a little more room and I think it gave us an ultimate edge.”

Next to go was the Small 16-17 Junior Hunters where Shawn Casady, aboard Elm Rock LLC’s Glass Castle, took advantage of yesterday’s combined scores, and secured the Division Championship with confidence. They successfully caught the attention of the judges with a strong hand gallop and smooth course, riding to the Handy Round score of 262 points. Hasbrouck Donovan and Confidential made a run for it with good scores of 86, 83 and 85 across the board, totaling 254 points. In the end, they proved good enough for the Reserve Championship. Rounding out the top three for the division was Anna Cardelfe and Nadia with 606.5 points.

“I just wanted to jump around and use the course to my advantage,” Champion Casady explained. “There was an inside turn to a couple of jumps and a few open strides, but everything was pretty trivial. I thought our hand gallop was really good to the final oxer.”

“She is a sweet mare-big stride and likes to go really slow,” Casady continued. “She is brave and likes to gallop. I knew she was right there with me when I pushed her to move forward for the last fence, she is very dependent like that.”

The Large 15 & Under Junior Hunters were one of the more wide-open divisions of the finals. Fourteen-year-old Victoria Colvin and 15-year-old Lillie Keenan went head-to-head to battle to the top of the leader board. Both riders posted beautiful rounds in yesterday’s division, with Colvin picking up the first in the Classic and the second in the under saddle, and Keenan taking the second in the Classic and the blue ribbon in the under saddle. Today proved vital for both girls when determining the rankings. It was Colvin aboard Inclusive, owned by Dr. Betsee Parker, who took the first place award for the handy with scores of 86, 90 and 92 for a total of 268 points. Colvin and Inclusive were awarded the Division’s Championship. Although Keenan posted the high scores of 88, 88 and 91 aboard C Coast Z, she fell just shy of the title and picked up the Reserve with a score of 630.5 points. Spencer Smith and Spotlight, owned by Weslands Farm, earned the third spot with 611.50 points.

“I knew what to do, and he felt great in the schooling ring and even better than yesterday. I knew that I wanted to take it easy and have a smooth round. I don’t really get nervous, and I just went in there and didn’t over think it, it worked for me,” Colvin stated.

Finishing out the competition was the Large 16-17 Junior Hunters where Meg O’Mara and Walk the Line picked up the Championship. Although the pair sat second in the rankings after yesterday’s under saddle, they took a leap of faith today and went full out in the handy, earning a score of 261 points and an overall total of 639.50. Lexi Selldorff and Soulja Boy garnered the Reserve Championship with a score of 633. Alexandra Crown and Garfield took home the third place award in the division with a total of 622.50 points.

“It feels so good to have earned this division championship,” O’Mara remarked. “He is amazing, his canter is so nice. I usually mess up with the hand gallop, but he was right there with me. He was so smooth and the distance was there. I am so proud of how far he has come.”

“I have done the Junior Hunter Finals for several years, and although I haven’t been as successful the others years as this one, my advice to a younger rider would be not to give up, and definitely don’t let your nerves get in your way. I think I got so worked up the other years, but this year we went for it and I had the confidence that we could win.”

Following the competition, the High Point Mare, Reserve Grand Champion and Grand Champion of the 2012 USEF Junior Hunter Finals were named.

2012 Large Junior Hunter 15 and Under Champion, Inclusive, was named overall Grand Champion with rider Victoria Colvin. Coming in for Reserve Grand Championship was 2012 Small Junior Hunter 15 and Under Reserve Champion Vivian Yowan and Whatever. Shawn Casady rode Glass Castle to the center of the Walnut Ring to claim the High Point Mare award.

Grand Champion Victoria Colvin smiled and said, “It is such an honor to get such a prestigious award, I have competed in the Junior Hunter Finals for the last three years, but this year made me nostalgic. I remember when I won for Pony Finals when I was younger, and today it brought back all of those feelings. I couldn’t have asked for more.”

The 2012 USEF East Coast Junior Hunter Finals has come to an end, but the Kentucky Summer Horse Show has only just begun. The show will run through Sunday, July 29, 2012. Tomorrow the professional hunter divisions will come to a close, and championships will be awarded in the Stonelea Arena.

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Order    Entry #    Horse Name                              Rider Name                             Score

1            156            WHATEVER                              VIVIAN YOWAN                   643.000

2           230            FRIDAY NIGHT                       KATE ROSS                            630.000

3          257              QUIGLEY                                  BRETT BURLINGTON        554.500

4          171              GENUINE                                 CLOE HYMOWITZ               548.000

5         153              PIN-UP                                      LILY BARBER                        528.000

6        261               FINEST HOUR                        LAUREN REED                     520.500

7        248              SUN KING                                VICTORIA PLOTT                 515.500

8        314              KASHMIR                                 CLAY ALDER                         511.000

9        204             CHROMEO                               LILLIE KEENAN                   509.000

10      174             OVATION                                  VICTORIA COLVIN               507.000

11      191              ULTRA                                       TRUE KERSHENBAUM       467.500

12      254            MARIATCHY DE CLUIS        HALLIE ANDERSON            433.500


Order   Entry #   Horse Name                            Rider Name                              Score

1       316              GLASS CASTLE                       SHAWN CASADY                   639.500

2      286             CONFIDENTIAL                     HASBROUCK DONOVAN     638.000

3      212              NADIA                                       ANNA CARDELFE                  606.500

4      165              COOL BLUE                             LUCILLE OKEN                      580.500

5      175              SANZIBAR                                ALEXANDRA CROWN          574.000

6     160              MIRASOL                                  SAMANTHA BATT                 568.000

7     263              EVOLUTION                            SYDNEY SHULMAN              560.000

8     196              NORTH COAST                       SIERRA WILSON                    545.500

9      271             PRESTON                                 MEREDITH COMBS               537.500

10    193             MINE                                         MARYANN OSBORNE            528.500

11    195              EMILIO                                     BELLA CRAMER                     522.000

12     185            ZILVER STAR                          LEXI SELLDORFF                  508.500



Order   Entry #   Horse Name                         Rider Name                                Score

1        172              INCLUSIVE                          VICTORIA COLVIN                 658.500

2       309             C COAST Z                             LILLIE KEENAN                     630.500

3       253              SPOTLIGHT                         SPENCER SMITH                   611.500

4       173              CHIVAS REGAL                   LILI HYMOWITZ                    606.500

5       170              PERFECTIONIST                CLOE HYMOWITZ                 579.500

6       250             OSTENTACIOUS                 LOUISE GRAVES                    579.000

7       285              COLDPLAY                           ASHTON ALEXANDER         571.500

8       189             STARS GO BLUE                  KELLY ARANI                         537.000

9       265             RONALDO Q                         REESA HYLTON                     530.500

10     184             VALEN’S PROPHECY          KIANNA LUSCHER               521.000

11      298            SYLVESTER                           ANN MASON JACKSON       520.000

12      200            RIO                                          HUNTER HOLLOWAY          499.000



Order   Entry #    Horse Name                        Rider Name                               Score

1        301              WALK THE LINE                MEG O’MARA                         639.500

2       186               SOULJA BOY                       LEXI SELLDORFF                 633.000

3       176               GARFIELD                           ALEXANDRA CROWN          622.500

4       258              DUE WEST                           KELCIE BROPHY                   617.000

5       307              SIENNA                                 LEXI MAOUNIS                      602.000

6       178               FANFARE                             NATALIE D’ELIA                    594.500

7       326              BECKFORD                          GENEVIEVE ZOCK                 589.500

8       251               CAPSTONE                          GEOFFREY HESSLINK         582.000

9      292                LUCKY JACK                       REILY   RIEKER                      575.000

10    151                 BOCA’S COOL WATER      LISA BUTZER                         564.000

11     311                EARLY WINTER                 MAXWELL LEVY                     548.300

12    287               CR MOET                               HANNAH   MARCO                544.500