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Devon Update – June 2, 2013

June 04, 2013 By: janwest Category: General

USHJA International Hunter Derby Closes Show in Style

By Devon Walder


The final day of Devon was off to a beautiful start; the sun was shining, a nice breeze was blowing, and spectators lined the stands waiting for the first Hunter Derby rider to enter the in-gate. The ring was filled with hunter-style jumps–natural wood, shrubbery, a crisp hedge roll top, and numerous branches decorated a series of obstacles. The Derby is a unique set of classes, with fences set to different heights so riders can chose the high of low option for varying points. As the riders warmed up in the ring, the stands buzzed with excitement and anticipation.

Kelley Farmer

Kelley Farmer

Kelley Farmer started off the day on Mythical, setting the bar high for other riders with a round 1 score of 181. In total Kelley rode 5 horses in the derby. On Taken she had a refusal at an oxer, saluting the judges and dismissing herself from the ring. She came back in on Commentary with a round 1 score of 171, followed by her ride on On Q and finishing up with Skorekeeper. Mythical, Commentary, and Skorekeeper all made it into the second round. Victoria Colvin pulled ahead in round one beating Farmer’s 181 on Mythical with a 187 on Inclusive. Round one finished strong, and as round two began the competition was tight. All riders scored above 100 in their second round, many above 170. Kelley Farmer swept the field scoring a 197 on Skorekeeper and an amazing 202 on Commentary, but it was Victoria Colvin, the last rider of round two, who sent the stands into a roar with her total combined score adding up to over 376, earning her first place. Farmer tied up second and third on Commentary and Skorekeeper respectively.

Victoria Colvin

Victoria Colvin

With that, Ringmaster Alan Keeley sounded the closing call and brought the 2013 Devon Horse Show and Country Fair to an end for another year.The final day at Devon ended with riders and spectators in high spirits. These past two weeks we have seen some of the best horses and riders in the world. We have seen endless excitement, beauty, showmanship, and teamwork. Like always, the Devon Horse Show does not disappoint. Next year we can surely look forward to even more spectacular events and welcome some new riders into the Dixon Oval.



Children’s Day Delights Young and Old

By Mimi Killian


The fine weather of the last day of the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair brought throngs of families through the gates to enjoy Children’s Day activities throughout the show grounds. The final Sunday was sponsored by Bach to Rock, Devon and all were welcomed admission free.


There was quite the crowd of excited tots at the Pavilion, dancing to the live music provided by Bach to Rock and Kirsten Sowers and making some of their own as well! The Itty Bitty Hat Parade had dozens of little milliners choosing all manner of decoration to adorn there adorable straw hats and showing them off to fair-goers as the promenaded through the grounds.


As the kids and there families made there way to the Midway, many stopped and took advantage of the caricature artist’s talent in the MetroKids gazebo. What better way to memorialize a great day at Devon than a fun drawing of you doing what you love best?


It wouldn’t be Children’s Day at Devon be without pony rides. Over behind the East Grandstands, hundreds of kids waited patiently to take their turn around the schooling ring passing the Farm Explorer mobile farm in all its late spring glory.


Families enjoyed that last burger, last lemon stick, and last ride on the Ferris wheel and said farewell to Devon until next May.