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Citrus Series Horse Show Gets Underway Jumpers go Under the Lights at Jim Brandon

January 06, 2014 By: janwest Category: General

Wellington, FL – January 3, 2014 -The inaugural Citrus Series Horse Show Wellington kicked off at Jim Brandon Equestrian Center on Friday night. Jumpers competed under the lights at the unique show series especially tailored for developing horses and riders. A group of spectators cheered on the riders in jumper classes ranging from .90m through 1.30m. Riders were permitted a warm-up round and were given the opportunity for a do-over.


Javier Berganza from Team Rakowsky and Remarkable owned by Shadyside

Javier Berganza from Team Rakowsky and Remarkable owned by Shadyside

Photo by KFAM Photography“This is a great opportunity especially people that have horses for sale and kids that want to go in the ring without so much pressure, before they go into the big circuit,” said Ivan Rakowsky of Team Rakowsky who brought over horses with Arly Golombek and Javier Berganza. “It is also great for horses that need to develop and horses that you want to practice with under the lights with good footing. They have great stabling and it’s easy access within only a few minutes from our barns and WEF. It is perhaps an hour or two hours out of your day when you can accomplish so much.”

    Kama Godek and her sale horse Vincent VD Henrietlehoeve Photo by KFAM Photography

Kama Godek and her sale horse Vincent VD Henrietlehoeve
Photo by KFAM Photography

Kama Godek came by to see the Jim Brandon facility before she signed up to show. She wanted to make certain it would be a good experience for her horse. She was impressed with the quality of the facility.


“I am really happy with this,” said Godek after her jumper rounds. “It is a great place to bring young horses. I just got this horse two weeks ago as a sale horse. I don’t want to sell a horse that I’m not familiar with in the ring. So I like to show the horses myself, but I didn’t want to invest a lot of money. It is a perfect opportunity- no pressure. He was great. I couldn’t be happier. To be able to do this for less than $100- this is the way a horse show should be.”


 Kama Godek and Vincent VD Henrietlehoeve after earning their Citrus Series signature orange ribbon / Photo by KFAM Photography

Kama Godek and Vincent VD Henrietlehoeve after earning their Citrus Series
signature orange ribbon / Photo by KFAM Photography

Godek is from Washington D.C. and winters in Wellington but has spent thirteen years in Europe. “When you go to shows in Europe you can compete in Grand Prix for the same price as here. There are enough people in this area that we could have several shows running at the same time.”


Rakowsky was pleased with the progress his horses made in one night. “It’s also so great to have the opportunity to go in the ring two, three or four times (if you need to) starting from .90m to 1.40m. Tonight I watched one of my young horses on his first show outing accomplish so much within five rounds in one night. I go home feeling like I have accomplished a lot in a very short period of time and I go home with a smile on my face. I had a wonderful time, it was no pressure, it was a great training method for us and it is something I want to do again.”


Citrus Series continues on Saturday with hunter, equitation and jumper classes starting at 8 a.m.


About Citrus Series Horse Shows

The unique features of the show are designed to help trainers, developing horses and riders achieve their goals. Professionals and adults may ride ponies. If time permits, competitors can do do-overs to make sure the horse and rider leave the ring with a positive learning experience. A user-friendly class schedule and sale horse identifiers provide an opportunity to market sale horses.


Owners, breeders, riders, trainers and their assistants are encouraged to bring their up-and- coming horses and riders to come experience Citrus Series, at Jim Brandon Equestrian Center, a close, convenient high quality facility. Jim Brandon Equestrian Center is located just a three miles / five minutes from the intersection of 441 and Forest Hill Boulevard.


For more about the Citrus Series go to:


2014 Citrus Series Fast Facts:

What: New high-quality horse show series especially for developing horses and riders needing mileage.


Where: Jim Brandon Equestrian Center

7500 Forest Hill Boulevard

West Palm Beach, FL


When: Inaugural Show January 3-4, 2014

Friday: Schooling and Jumpers Under the Lights

Saturday: Hunters Jumpers and Equitation


Contact Information:

Before Show

Telephone: (561) 906-6668


During Show

Show Office: (859) 608-3709

Fax: (866) 285-9496

Stable Office Telephone: (561) 906-6668


Entries: or call (561) 906-6668



Manager: Lala Land Productions, LLC, James Lala (561) 906-6668-

Secretaries: Cindy Bozan and Randi Muster

Veterinarian: Reid and Associates

Farrier: Ignacio Cardenas

Stabling: James Lala

Judge: Dee Thomas, Wellington, FL

Course Designer: Gerry Briggs, Smyrna, TN


Upcoming Dates

Citrus Series Shows

February 21-22, 2014

March 21-22, 2014

April 18-19, 2014

May 9-10, 2014

June 15, 2014

July 20, 2014

August 16, 2014

September TBA

October 25, 2014

November 15, 2014

Citrus Series Finale – December 13-14, 2014


Citrus Series USEF Rated Shows

USEF C-Rated- June 14, 2014

USEF C-Rated – June 21 and 28, 2014

USEF C-Rated – July 19, 2014

USEF C-Rated – July 26, 2014

USEF A-Rated Show Castlewood Farm’s Citrus Festival Show – August 1-3, 2014

Citrus Series Homestretch I USEF Rated – August 11, 2014

(Castlewood Summer I USEF Rated – August 12, 2014 at Jim Brandon)

Citrus Series Homestretch II USEF Rated – August 13, 2014

(Castlewood Summer I USEF Rated – August 14, 2014 at Jim Brandon)


Directions to Jim Brandon Equestrian Center


Exit Forest Hill Blvd. Go west on Forest Hill Blvd. for approximately six (6) miles. After passing Pinehurst Dr., make the next left into Okeeheelee Park South.


Exit #97-Southern Blvd. After toll booth, turn left onto Pike Rd. (South). Make a left onto Southern Blvd. (East) and go to Jog Road. Make a right onto Jog Road (South) to Forest Hill Blvd. Make a right onto Forest Hill Blvd. (West). After passing Pinehurst Dr., make a left into Okeeheelee Park South.


Exit #93-Lake Worth Rd. and go east to Pinehurst Dr. Make a left onto Pinehurst Dr. (North) and go to Forest Hill Blvd. Make a left onto Forest Hill Blvd. (West). Make the next left into Okeeheelee Park South.


Cross over Florida’s Turnpike and make a right into Okeeheelee Park South.