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September 25, 2018 By: maryhaley Category: General

Triangle Farms, Inc. will host the 35th annual ‘Jump for the Children’ Horse Shows, benefiting Duke Children’s, November 7-11 and November 14-18, 2018.  Begun in November 1984 as a two-day fundraising event, ‘Jump for the Children’ has grown to back-to-back weeks of premier-rated hunter and jumper competition.  It is the longest, continuously-held annual fund raiser for Duke Children’s and has raised over $2.1 million to date.

Duke Children’s is one of only five Level 1 pediatric surgical centers in the United States, with neonatal intensive care that outperforms comparable international centers in survival rates.  On a local level, Duke Children’s Bull City Fit program, run in collaboration with Durham Parks and Recreation, teaches healthy lifestyle habits to children and families at risk for obesity-related health problems.  Bull City Fit has received grant funding to expand and replicate it’s program in communities across North Carolina

Horses are not the only four-legged connection to Duke Children’s.  Duke Children’s is conducting research on the use of therapy dogs to reduce the cost of, and need for, sedation in pediatric patients undergoing cardiac scans and tests.  A portion of the show proceeds are dedicated to funding this research.

A silent auction will be held during ‘Jump for the Children’ I, and a raffle will be held during ‘Jump for the Children’ II.  All proceeds from both go directly to Duke Children’s.

Where: Gov. James B. Hunt, Jr. Horse Complex, 4601 Trinity Road in Raleigh, NC 27607

When: starting at 8:00 a.m. each day.

Show highlights include:

$10,000 Welcome Jumper Stake, Thurs. Nov. 8 & 15, 6:00 p.m.

KID FUN & Stick Horse:  Fri. Nov. 9, 5:00 – 6:30 pm., Fri. Nov, 16, TBA

$10,000 USHJA (United States Hunter Jumper Association) International Hunter Derby Fri. Nov. 9 & Weds. Nov. 14, 6:30 p.m.

$50,000 Duke Children’s Grand Prix, Sat. Nov. 10 & 17, 7:00 p.m.  Watch the best riders on the East Coast compete for $50,000 in prize money in international caliber showing jumping.  Admission $10 per person, children under 10 free.  Box office opens at 4:30 p.m.

$10,000 USHJA National Hunter Derby, Fri. Nov. 16, 6:30 pm

Admission to the show is free except for Sat. night.  Proceeds from the horse show benefit Duke Children’s in Durham, NC.  Visit for more information on tickets, daily schedules and more.

HIPICO Santa Fe $10,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby 

August 07, 2018 By: maryhaley Category: General

photo by Mary Neiberg

August 3, 2018—Santa Fe, NM—An assembly of stars aligned to make Paul Rohrbach’s first win in today’s $10,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby on Corcovado a winning one! Paul Rohrback knew that he had to be extremely handy and bold in order to win the class after a little rub in the first round, garnering him a score of 160. Of 16 riders, the winner of the first round was Frank Owens, atop a dashing chestnut, Carrida, who elegantly floated across the grass fields to scores of 90 and 92—for a combined total of 182—from the two panels of judges.

After a course walk for the handy portion of the Derby, Course Designer Skip Bailey set up a pinwheel that formed the ‘Santa Fe Star,’ allowing the riders to pick their own strategic track to jump two of the four hay bale options in the center of the arena. There were 10 possible handy points to be made in this element of the course. By definition, the challenge of this pinwheel allots most ‘handy’ points to the rider who opts to cover the least amount of ground as efficiently as possible. Several tracks were tested in the handy portion of the course—some serpentines and circles, but only a small few took on the more challenging direct route.

This was Paul Rohrbach’s strategy in sealing the win with NTM Enterprises’ dashing bay Warmblood Corcovado. Rohrbach’s seamlessly sailed across the arena, nailing the first bending line and then tactically tackling the direct three stride in the ‘Santa Fe Star,’ which set him up to go directly to the following oxer on the bend. With four points from electing each of the higher options and nine points for daring to go directly through the ‘Santa Fe Star’, Rohrback sealed a score of 99 from the first panel and 100 from the second panel of judges. This granted him a nearly perfect total score of 199 in the handy round—bringing the pair to a grand total of 359.

“Sometimes fortune favors the bold!”, said Rohrbach, “In the warm-up [for the handy], I realized I’d have to have some great scores, so I took a pretty aggressive track in the handy. I took a chance, I went big or I went home, and I went home really big!!!” The professional recalls thinking to himself before the handy round, that the only way to win would be to score a 100, “I knew when I finished the course I was going to be close—the rest was up to the opinion of the judges,” he said.

Paul Rohrbach and Corcovado
photo by Sharon McElvain

One of the first things Rohrbach did after the class was call Corcovado’s owner Nancy Moore, who has ridden at Wells Bridge Farm for 17 years. Although she couldn’t make it, Rohrbach said, “I know she’s going to be delighted when she gets the message I left on her phone!” Rohrbach described the handsome gelding as “quite the showman,” but can be a “slight over-thinker.”

photo by Mary Neiberg

It’s been a winding road to secure Corcovado’s first Derby win. Rohrbach admitted that often the gelding can be inconsistent in the handy portion of the derbies and usually makes the most points in their first rounds of the class. Today, there was no such luxury. Corcovado rose to the occasion to secure the win based on a top handy score, “It’s a culmination of a lots of handies and a lot of work. His first round scores [usually] really help him in the derbies and the handies can be a bit of a ‘cross your fingers’ sort of thing, so it was really nice to see him finish so strongly in the handy today.” This win is a welcome one, because Rohrbach has won every color under the rainbow in the derby classes aboard Corcovado, “I’ve been 4th… I’ve been 6th… I’ve been 8th… I’ve had pretty much every color but the blue one.”

Helmets off in the victory gallop were in order to celebrate this bright moment in Corcovado’s career and a near perfect score for Rohrbach. Between the ‘Star of Santa Fe,’ Corcovado’s personal success in the handy portion, and a nearly perfect score—the stars aligned to make another fabulous day at HIPICO Santa Fe an extra lucky one for Paul Rohrbach and Corcovado.

photo by Mary Neiberg

$10,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby


Placing Horse Name Rider Owner Total Score
1 Corcovado Paul Rohrbach Ntm Enterprises 359
2 Five Star McKenzie Mills McKenzie Mills 356
3 Fabled Rachel Lindsey Amberlea Tribble 334.5
4 Faraon Ashley Stannard K Watson LLC. 327
5 Caramba Hannah Pattermann Beth Bowlen 323
6 Chocolate 68 Katherine Huffstutler Katherine Huffstutler 311.5
7 Would You Mind Nada Wise Stacey Thompson 310
8 MTM Top That Erin Murphy Erin Murphy 306


$30,000 Santa Fe Fiesta Week City of Santa Fe Grand Prix: Jenni McAllister is Two-for-Two!

August 06, 2018 By: maryhaley Category: General

Santa Fe—August 5, 2018— Breezy light clouds filled the sky, but the upper register notes sounded by Kaitlyn McMonigle, an apprentice at the Santa Fe Opera, seemed to part the cloud filled horizon before the commencement of the $30,000 Santa Fe Fiesta Week City of Santa Fe Grand Prix. The slim, blond opera performer was elegantly transported to and from her powerful performance by Clint Mortenson in a horse drawn carriage—like Cinderella departing from a ball. The Pojoaque Youth Hoop Dancers, annual performers during the Santa Fe Summer Series, also graced the Grand Prix field—further livening the afternoon’s ambiance. Sharing New Mexico’s rich culture and history through dance and symbolic movements of the hoop, the dancers who range in age from 6 to 16, infused the day’s festivities with New Mexico’s rich culture and history. Light jazz filled the VIP Lounge as patrons congregated in the outer cabanas to watch the athletes take on Mauricio Garcia’s challenging Grand Prix course. The route was technical, had many related distances, and questioned riders’ ability to navigate a large grass field—beginning with the adobe HIPICO Santa Fe oxer.

Of the 29 entries in the class, only two went double clear to proceed to the jump-off—and those riders were Jenni McAllister and Jenni McAllister!

McAllister walked her track twice beforehand. “I knew it’d be tricky” said McAllister, adding, “There were a lot of related distances with no breaks. You had to ride, ride, ride! A lot of bending lines can get riders in trouble. You’re trying to pick up time and then you end up too early or too late, and if you’re too direct in one line, it causes problem in next one.” McAllister always makes sure she has a plan A, and a Plan B. Although it was a technical route, McAllister appreciated the course’s questions and planned strategically for her two very different mounts.

McAllister took tight inside turns on both horses, but really pressed the gas pedal on Colvados to get the fastest time, coming on the field with confidence from the pair’s Welcome Stake win earlier in the week. She cut out strides and galloped across every stretch of grass possible. McAllister impressively maneuvered the gelding to a clear first round time of 73.04, but unfortunately had a rail as she drove for the faster time, trying to catch Escada VS in the jump off.

Because Escada VS is an even newer ride to McAllister—partnering with second place Colvados for a mere two months—she rode a bit more conservatively than the mare could have gone, “I held her in the turns and did all the inside options,” McAllister said. Strides weren’t cut out in the speedy first round with a time of 70.50; McAllister dialed it down a notch by riding more conservatively in the jump-off—which proved to be a winning strategy. McAllister carefully executed the jump-off in 42.13 seconds, making Escada VS the only horse double clean in the class.

The winning pair brought some serious fire to the arena—galloping around in a chestnut blaze, almost lighting the field aflame with the mare’s hot blood and high energy. “I had a really good feeling about this mare today. I actually woke up this morning thinking I could win this class!”, said the professional of Team McAllister in Sun Valley, California.

McAllister is a queen of adapting quickly to new mounts, because of her long catch-riding history. “I ride off instinct,” said McAllister, who will watch videos to give herself as much information about a new ride beforehand, but otherwise must trust her riding experience. McAllister has only sat on Escada VS a few times since the mare’s journey from Sweden to the United States a few weeks ago.

McAllister’s partnership with the mare started a week ago, but Team McAllister had their eye on the horse for the last two years, when they first saw Escada VS abroad. This is Escada VS’s first show in the United States, although the mare is familiar with the game—competing abroad at high levels. “She wants to win and is a real show horse. And very opinionated! When I went into the first round she was a little nervous, but then she got straight down to business. She’s a true competitor,” said McAllister. According to McAllister, Escada VS is everything one would want in a jumper, “She’s got a lot of blood, very careful, has a great hind end, is quick up-front, is very light, and wants to get the job done. You never feel like any [jump] is too big!”, said McAllister. In fact, McAllister says that when the jumps get bigger, the mare gets more powerful! Team McAllister believes Escada VS has potential to be Jenni’s World Cup horse.

McAllister’s natural ability to adjust quickly to new horses allowed her to take the top two placings in Sunday’s $30,000 Santa Fe Fiesta Week City of Santa Fe Grand Prix. It was certainly a successful day for Jenni McAllister—two new horses, two clear first rounds and top two finishes. HIPICO Santa Fe seems to be second home to Jenni McAllister!


$30,000 Santa Fe Fiesta Week City of Santa Fe Grand Prix Results


Placing Entry Name Rider Owner First Round Faults Second Round Faults
1 Escada VS Jenni McAllister Sateri AB Vicksburg 70.50 0 42.13 0
2 Colvados Jenni McAllister Madison Myro & Cathy Jones 73.04 0 40.81 4
3 Malibu Frank Owens DS Holdings, LLC. 74.85 1 n/a n/a
4 Himini Colleen Acosta Evalyn Grace, LLC. 75.18 2 n/a n/a
5 Indoktro K Van Susan Griffis Susan Griffis 67.43 4 n/a n/a
6 Clock-Wise CSh “Happy” Comly Comly Sport Horses 67.56 4 n/a n/a
7 J.E.S. Quito Nicki Wilcox Nicki Wilcox 69.85 4 n/a n/a
8 Capitano Trapp O’Neal TKO Partnership 72.14 4 n/a n/a


Menlo Charity Horse Show Inaugural Live Broadcast by Horse Network

August 06, 2018 By: maryhaley Category: General

Menlo Charity Horse Show is pleased to announce complementary live streaming coverage of every class, every ring, every day and can be viewed at each day’s featured class will be available via Facebook Live on the  Menlo Charity Horse Show and Horse Network  pages for fans all over the world to watch and weigh in on the Hunter/Jumper action as it happens from Menlo Circus Club in Atherton, California. As an additional amenity to competitors, Menlo Charity Horse Show is providing clips from every class online after each day’s competition, free of charge.

To watch all rings go to the Horse Network Landing Page:

This will link you to the landing pages for each ring, presenting the full schedule of classes in each:

“We’re gearing up for an exciting week of equestrian sport at Menlo Charity Horse Show! Tune in to Horse Network Live for wall-to-wall coverage from all three rings at the Menlo Circus Club, starting daily at 7:15 am on Tuesday, August 7, 2018. Each day’s feature class will also stream concurrently on Facebook Live,” said Horse Network Editor-in-Chief, Carley Sparks. “It’s an honor and a thrill to share this inaugural broadcast event with our dedicated fan base. Hope to see you there!”

Special Events Schedule:

Tuesday: 3’6″ Performance Hunters

Wednesday: $2,000 Windy Hill Equestrian in Memory of Larry May eld Horse & Hound Class

Thursday: $25,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby Presented by Dr. Daryl K. Hoffman

Friday: $10,000 RHYS Vineyards Ryman Memorial Speed – Take Your Own Line

Saturday: $40,000 Stephen Silver Grand Prix

The Menlo Charity Horse Show, a 501(C)(3) organization recognized as a USEF Heritage Competition, supports the Vista Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired by producing a premiere equestrian event while educating the community on the issues of the visually impaired.


The Longines Masters of Paris has kicked off – Keep up with all the latest news! Here is the Provisional Schedule

November 30, 2017 By: maryhaley Category: General

November 14, 2017 EEM Announces Season III of the Longines Masters Series with an exceptional show at the LIDO de Paris, setting the stage for the European leg of the international competition ahead of Hong Kong and New York

November 16, 2017 By: maryhaley Category: General

On the stage of the greatest cabaret the French capital has to offer, Christophe Ameeuw, CEO of EEM and founder of the Longines Masters Series, unveiled the novelties in store for the third season of the international series and announced the start of the Longines Masters of Paris, which will kick off in less than 10 days!

The Longines Masters of Paris will run from 30 November to 3 December at the Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center –hall 5B –parallel to the Salon du Cheval de Paris. This European stage marks the launch of the Longines Masters Series Season III, which will continue in Hong Kong from February 9-11, 2018, and—for the first time—in New York, April 26-29, 2018.

Pierre Durand, Kid Noize, Juan-Carlos Capelli, Salim Ejnaini, Christophe Ameeuw, Anne Buisson, Elephanz, Penelope Leprevost, Jean Luc Poulain, Philippe Rozier, les Blue Bell Girls du Lido de Paris

“Hosting equestrian sports on the world’s finest stages-Paris, Hong Kong and New York -to keep them in the international spotlight is our everyday motivation,” stated Christophe Ameeuw, CEO of EEM and Founder of the Longines Masters Series. That is precisely what happened today, when nearly 200 guests and media in attendance at the LIDO de Paris were treated to a one-of-a-kind show by the greatest figures from the equestrian world. Pioneer and visionary Christophe Ameeuw and his team at EEM delighted the audience with a premium setting to start off the prestigious series’ third season: LIDO de Paris. The Paris Cabaret is partner to the Longines Masters of Paris,and the director of its show “Paris Merveilles” is none other than Franco-Dragone -an Artistic Partner to the Longines Masters on all three continents. These two natural partnerships of international reach gave an arena to their shared values: elegance, excellence and innovation.


Orchestrated like the most captivating of shows and staged with a twist and special effects, the press conference opened as though by magic with a horse show by horsewoman and equestrian artist Clémence Faivre.The exhibition was followed by a true-to-life TV set designed specifically for the occasion, with the entire conference shot and broadcast live for the first time on the new digital TV channel:


Christophe Ameeuw and Juan-Carlos Capelli, Vice President of Longines and Head of International Marketing, Title Partner and Official Timekeeper of the Longines Masters Series over three continents, delivered the kick-off announcement of Season III of the Longines Masters Series.

EEM looks forward to a Season III bursting with innovations which, once again, will shape the history of equestrian sports and their international development.

Christophe Ameeuw and Juan-Carlos Capelli were able to showcase their dedication to equestrian sports and their partnership in developing the Longines Masters in Europe, Asiaand America.

«With the EEMteams, we want to show our ability to innovate by proposing some simple, effective and media-friendly concepts as the Longines Speed Challenge, theGrand Slam Indoor orthis new eventthe Riders Masters Cup» explainsChristophe Ameeuw.

Juan-Carlos Capellireminds us that «Theimplication of Longines in equestrian sports is historical as it started in 1878 already. The Longines Masters Series finds its place within the greatest sports events. The Longines Masters Series finds its place in those symbolic competitions. Paris will be the launch of this incredible series before Hong Kong and New York in 2018.We are happy to host for the first time our Elegance Ambassador and Asian star Chi Ling Lin that will assist the mythical of the Longines Speed Challenge.»

Each of the iconic cities—Paris, Hong Kong, and New York—will play a crucial role inthe Longines Masters Series and overall inequestrian sports, attractingan ever larger audiencethan in previous years, explained Ameeuw:

-The Longines Masters of Hong Kong, awarded the “Best Experience for a Professional Sporting Event,” will be home, from February 8-11 2018, to a never-before-seen event created by EEM: Asia Horse Week. A new rallying point for Asia’s international equestrian community, Asia Horse Week symbolizes EEM’s ambition to develop equestrian sports in this fast-growing region.«The Asia Horse Week will be the meeting point of the international equestrian community in Asia. It shows the ambition of EEM to develop the equestrian sports in this growing region.» explains Christophe Ameeuw.

-The first edition of the Riders Masters Cup, a new team-based competition created by EEM with EEF (European Equestrian Federation) and with Longines as Founding Partner, will be the highlight of Paris and New York. The battle between the two powers in global show jumping—Europe and the United States—will unfold first in on December 2, 2017 at the Longines Masters of Paris and then on April 28, 2018 at the Longines Masters of New York.« The Riders Masters Cup is an accessible competition for a wide audience by its concept already known in other sports fields. The duel United States against Europe will be the token of a high level competition in the equestrian world.» explained the Olympic Champion Pierre Durand, Ambassador of the Riders Masters Cup.

-The American stage, set in Los Angeles up to now, will be moving in 2018 and premiering in New York, the city where anything is possible and unquestionably the world’s global showcase for business and lifestyle. The event will dazzle visitors and New Yorkers alike April 26-29, 2018, at NYCB LIVE, Home of The Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

The international element of the Longines Masters Series will reach new heights this season with the launch of, on which viewers around the world will be able to follow every minute of competition at the Longines Masters and Riders Masters Cuplive and free of charge.

Two exceptional guests from the international riding community took part in the program this Tuesday: Michael Lee, President of the Hong Kong Equestrian Federation, and Brianne Goutal,distinguished New York young rider and supporter of the Longines Masters Series. Both discussed the enthusiasm and eagerness shared by their communities as the upcoming Asian and U.S.stages of the Longines Masters Season III approaches.

The curtain goes up on the Longines Masters of Paris

The European stage in the series, the Longines Masters of Paris,will host no fewer than 200,000 visitors for its 9th edition with the Salon du Cheval de Paris, at the Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center.Jean-Luc Poulain, President of CENECA and President of the Salon du Cheval de Paris, came to the set to introduce the novelties that can be expected at the 46th edition of the Paris Horse Show. «450 exhibitors, 2000 horses, 13 equestrian disciplines represented, 60 competitions during the week end including the great innovation, the XTREM TREC: such unforgettable experiences that will live the 140000 attendees.» told us Jean-Luc Poulain.

Coming together to bring out the best in sport:

The best riders in the Longines world rankings, including Olympic champions, world champions, and European champions, will take to the ethereal arena at the Longines of Paris to offer the audience four days of top-tier sport during the Masters One (5*) competitions. The young talent, former champions training their young horses,and the best amateur riders will not be forgotten, competing alongside the top in their field, under elite sport conditions, in the Masters Two (2*)and Masters Three (1*) events.

Sharing the sports highlights at the Longines Masters of Paris will be Olympic champions Pénélope Leprévost and Philippe Rozier, actor and rider Guillaume Canetand the talented Salim Ejnaini, who joined Christophe Ameeuw, Juan-Carlos Capelli and Jean-Luc Poulain on the set.

Some of the not-to-miss events in the sports line-up include:

The Longines Speed Challenge, with its unique three-stage course, in Paris, Hong Kong and New York, is the world’s highest-speed competition.Seen by many as a World Speed Championship, the world’s fastest riders and horses will go head-to-head to see who will be able to beat the series’ record held by Kevin Staut.Friday,December 1st, 9:30 PM.


The Masters Power, introduced by LIDO de Paris, is a historical power contest (6-bars) updated for the modern day and improved with EEM’s unique touch. This competition will show off the sheer power of the horses with jump heights that can exceed 2m. The Masters Power will open with blind rider Salim Ejnaini, who at last year’s Paris event pulled off the impressive feat of competing in the same course as the world’s top riders. Knowing that passion for sports has no limit, Salim will ride the Masters Power course to support the association “Sur les Bancs de l’Ecole”and in so doing give children with autism the chance to see their dreams blossom into reality. Saturday, December 2nd, 3:30 PM.«I am really proud to be the godfather of Salim that proves that with some will, nothing is impossible. By the way, he is a better horseman than some that don’t suffer from his handicap.» evocates Guillaume Canet.

The Riders Masters Cup: the first-ever competition of its kind, will pit against each other the best riders from Europe and America to wage a merciless battle, under the watchful eye of their team leaders, Philippe Guerdat and Robert Ridland. #WaveYourFlag, support your team on social media, on Saturday,December 2nd, 8:45 PM.

The Longines Grand Prix, the flagship event with the best horses and riders from around the world, will feature jump heights reaching 1.60m. Previous victor Belgian Grégory Whatelet will be putting his title up for grabs in Paris. The “Grand Slam Indoor” offers a€2,250,000 bonus to the rider who claims victory at the Longines Grand Prix in all three stages of the Longines Masters Series in Season III—a never-before-seen feat. Sunday, December 3rd, 2:45 PM.

Other sporting events you won’t want to miss include the Masters One Laiterie de Montaigu Friday at 6:15 PM, Masters One Salon du Cheval de Paris/Ceneca Saturday at 12:45 PM, and the Masters Two Land Rover Grand Prix Sunday at 10:45 AM.

Share in the best of lifestyle and show!

Once again this year, the Prestige Villagewill be home to the art of French living, thanks to pop-up boutiques from the Longines Masters of Parispartner brands, live events, performances and, of course, the must-attend after-parties. Serving as focal pointofit all will be the Training Paddock, where audiences will be able to cast an admiring gaze at the horses—the true stars of the competition—in a prime setting.

«The lifestyle is part of our concept. Thanks to our partners, we propose the best of the sport of course but also of art, show and music and that what makes the difference with the other equestrian events. It’s especially the promise of an unforgettable moment.» explains Christophe Ameeuw.

Throughout the event’s four days, visitors will be able to take part in a wide range of experiences, from pleasures for the palate to lighthearted fun and an outstanding artistic line-up.

Get your tastebuds dancing: At the Bar Lounge,food lovers will be able to enjoy one of the varied food offerings available, or savor a flute of Barons de Rothschild Champagne. One stand will also offer ice cream in the Italian tradition, from Laiterie de Montaigu.

In the Masters Club,set alongside the competition arena, guests will be able to order gastronomic creations to be served to their tables or private suites. 2* Michelin Chef Yves Mattagne will have even the most hard to please guests swooning with an exceptional lunch during the Longines Grand Prix.

Indulge: Shops throughout the Prestige Village will offer chic shopping amongst the greatest names in luxury, culture, beauty, fashion, design, automobiles and equestrian arts, including Longines, Land Rover, Institut Esthederm, TASCHEN, Devialet, Hermès Sellier, and of course the Longines Masters Official Boutique.

Come experience art in all its forms: Visitors will marvel at emblematic sculptures from Richard Orlinski, a longstanding partner of the Longines Masters, as well as by works from Catherine Thiry. On the performance stage, rider Clémence Faivre will offer hits from her new show, “Fuego,”while the street artists known as The Frogs will be ambling through the walkways of the Prestige Village to the delight of all generations.

A cultural line-up that would make other festivals green with envy!

Every evening, the Prestige Village will turn into a real-live festival, featuring an incredible line-up of “After parties -Concerts and DJ sets”.The Dutch DJ River Jaxx will get the festivities underway on Thursday evening, for Opening Night, setting the stage for the whole weekend.

Thursday evening, to celebrate the winners of the Longines Speed Challenge, the famed French duo Synapson will take to the stage for a Synapson After Party by Virgin Radio, performing an unforgettable set.

On Saturday evening, on the heels of the first-ever Riders Masters Cup, Kid Noize, the young prodigy who has been setting the most famous festivals ablaze with a style all his own will… !«The Man with The Monkey Face» reminds that“every big competition ends with a great party and I am honored to be its ceremony master”

Solidarity and the Longines Masters

For this third season, EEM and Longines will join forces on all continents to serve the cause of autism, supporting the association “Sur les bancs de L’école” in Paris. “Our aim is to make people aware of what this disability implies and let them know that solutions do exist, so that those with the condition can become self-sufficient at school and in everyday settings”, explained Anne Buisson, President of the Association “Sur les Bancs de l’Ecole”, flanked by association ambassador Elephanz. On Saturday, December 2, throughout the day, attendees will be able to learn about the condition, meet members of the association and make donations. Unforgettable moments are in store with the association and thanks to the support of Longines, its Partner of Honour for the Longines Masters of Paris: a solidarity concert by the band Elephanz, Ambassador to the Association -special meet-ups and autograph sessions with sports champions and, of course, Salim Ejnaïni’s exceptional participation in the Masters Power, dedicated to conveying the association’s message for inclusion.

Tickets available via:

Hotline: 0892 390209 (0.45 €/mn, direct call from France) Direct line open Mondays to Saturdays, 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM And at ticketing agencies and traditional points of sale.


Passionate of equestrian sports, Christophe Ameeuw -CEO of EEM and Founder of the Longines Masters Paris-Hong Kong-New York Series -founded the Ecuries d’Ecaussinnes in 1997. Based in Belgium, the stables are internationally reputed for their activities in trading sport horses and high-standard breeding. They are also home to an offering some of the best teaching available in the field. In opening EEM, Christophe Ameeuw and his teams were in pursuit of a challenge: to reinvent show jumping by organizing equestrian events of an entirely new kind. The company built its development by creating the concept of the “Masters”, which together, under the same roof, the best of show-jumping, resplendent displays and art de vivre. After the successes of the Audi Masters in Brussels and the Gucci Masters in Paris, EEM came out with one of the world’s most prestigious equestrian events, the Longines Masters Series, on three continents, in Paris, Hong Kong and New York. Inspired by the Grand Slam in Tennis, EEM created a concurrent “Grand Slam of Indoor Show Jumping”, approved by the FEI, this intercontinental challenge is offered to the world’s elite in show jumping, with two bonus levels: The Super Grand Slam -a €2,250,000 super bonus for the three consecutive wins in the Longines Grand Prix, in the season order -The Grand Slam -a €1,000,000 bonus for three successive victories at Longines Grand Prix straddling two Longines Masters seasons.

In 2017, EEM will be creating a new iconic competition, the Riders Masters Cup. Offered to the public alongside the EEF (European Equestrian Federation) and alternating between Europe and the United States, this battle will pit the world’s two leading powers in show jumping against one another: Europe and the United States. On the Asian continent, “Asia Horse Week”, rallying point for the international equestrian community there, also serves as a prime setting for the Longines Masters of Hong Kong, illustrating EEM’s determination to develop the sport’s international arms in the Asia-Pacific Region. Firmly set on putting equestrian sports front and center and making them accessible to all, EEM rolled out a new digital TV channel on November 14, 2017. offers viewers the chance to follow live and free of charge all EEM events worldwide.

For more information, visit


Set in the three of the world’s most emblematic metropolises -Paris, Hong Kong and New York -the LonginesMasters series is recognized as one of the most prestigious events in the equestrian world. Created by EEM and inspired by the Tennis Grand Slam, the series quickly expanded their international reach (Hong Kong in 2013, Los Angeles in 2014). In 2015, the inter-continental trilogy turned into the Longines Masters Series.Alongside it, EEM created the “Grand Slam of Indoor Show Jumping”, approved by the FEI, the Grand Slam Indoor is the ultimate challenge for the world’s elite in show jumping, with two levels of bonus :The Super Grand Slam: a bonus of 2.25 million Euros for winning 3 consecutive Longines Grand Prix in the same season. The Grand Slam: a bonus of 1 million Euros for three successive victories in the Longines Grand Prix from one season to the next.The TV broadcast of the Longines Masters Series reachers, to over 120 countries, almost 320 million households, a coverage increased this year by the launch of, the new digital channel of EEM. It allows everybody to freely live stream the all competition and events during the four days.Save the date :Paris 2017 : November 30th–December 3rdHong Kong 2018 : February 9th–February 11th New-York : April 26th–April 29th

For more information, see


Based in Saint-Imier, Switzerland since 1832, the watch-maker Longinescan lay claim to know-how honed through tradition, elegance and high-performance. Its long-lasting involvement in sports’ timekeeping at world championships and as partner to international federations has helped Longines develop solid, lasting bonds with the world of sport. Renowned for the elegance of its timekeeping devices, Longines is a member of Swatch Group SA, the world’s leading maker of time-keeping products. With a winged hourglass as its emblem, the brand is established in over 150 countries.

Information : Longines International Public Relations -2610 Saint-Imier, Switzerland

Contact Longines: Clémence Dhiver 153 812271

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34th annual “Jump for the Children’ hosts two weeks of show jumping competition and raises funds for therapy dog research

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2016 GP winner- Brooke Kemper riding Classified, courtesy of Anne Gittins photography

The 34th annual ‘Jump for the Children’ Horse Show, benefiting Duke Children’s Hospital and Health Center, is thrilled to be hosting TWO WEEKS of Premier rated hunters and international level show jumping at the Gov. James B. Hunt Horse Complex, 4601Trinity Road, Raleigh NC 27607: ‘Jump for the Children I, Nov. 8-12 and ‘Jump for the Children’ II, Nov. 15-19, 2017.  ‘Jump for the Children’ is the longest continuously-held, annual fund raiser for Duke Children’s, raising over $1.9 million for the hospital and health center to date.  While ‘Jump for the Children’ has always supported research and patient treatment at Duke Children’s, 10% of show proceeds in 2017 will go to research seeking empirical proof that therapy dogs reduce anxiety and the need for sedation in child patients.

“Duke Children’s could not continue its mission of providing world-class care for children without the support of events like ‘Jump for the Children,’” stated Amy Deshler, senior executive director of Duke Children’s Development. “Proceeds from the event will aid our physicians and researchers in their work to treat and understand the medical conditions our young patients are fighting.”

2013 $10,000 Welcome Stake and 2016 $50,000 Duke Children’s Grand Prix winner, Brooke Kemper- with her thirteen year old, American bred Holsteiner/Thoroughbred cross, Classified- plans to return this fall to defend her titles.  The daughter of a professional horsewoman, Kemper started her riding career as a toddler on ponies in Harrisonburg Virginia.  In addition to North Carolina, Kemper’s career include wins in Florida, Mississippi, Kentucky,  Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Her Shadow Pond Stables in Culpepper VA boasts 15 show horses belonging to Kemper and her clients.

Her first year competing at ‘Jump for the Children’ in 2013, she received the Max Bonham Sportsmanship trophy-  a much coveted honor bestowed by fellow competitors.  In addition to her love of the show for the charity work it supports, its extraordinary community involvement, its exemplary hospitality, and its coliseum full of cheering jumper fans, Kemper has a sentimental and personal reason that ‘Jump for the Children’ holds a favorite place on her show calendar.

Kemper says, “I decided to show that first year in 2013 in part because my uncle and aunt lived in Chapel Hill.  My aunt was in the hospital with a serious illness.  When I inquired about the possibility of accommodations for them at the Saturday night Grand Prix, show officials Ralph Alfano and Vinnie Card went all out to welcome them.  They provided car-to-coliseum golf cart transport and seated my uncle and aunt in the most comfortable seats, with the best view of the arena, at a table reserved only for show officials.  That night was the only time my aunt ever got to see me ride and the last time she left the house before passing away.”

Show highlights include

$10,000 Duke Welcome Jumper Stake, Thurs. Nov. 9, 6:00 p.m.

KID FUN & Stick Horse Race:  Fri. Nov. 10, 5:00 – 6:00 pm.

$10,000 USHJA (United States Hunter Jumper Association) International Hunter Derby Fri. Nov. 10, 6:30 p.m.

$50,000 Duke Children’s Grand Prix I, Sat. Nov. 11, 7:00 p.m.  Watch the best riders on the East Coast compete for $50,000 in prize money in international caliber showing jumping.  Admission $10 per person, children under 10 free.  Box office opens at 4:30 p.m.

$10,000 Duke Welcome Jumper Stake, Thurs. Nov. 16, 6:00 p.m.

KID FUN & Stick Horse Model:  Fri. Nov. 17, 5:00 – 6:00 pm.

$10,000 USHJA (United States Hunter Jumper Association) National Hunter Derby Fri. Nov. 10, 6:30 p.m.

$50,000 Duke Children’s Grand Prix II, Sat. Nov. 18, 7:00 p.m.  Watch the best riders on the East Coast compete for $50,000 in prize money in international caliber showing jumping.  Admission $10 per person, children under 10 free.  Box office opens at 4:30 p.m.


WOW! JENNI MCALLISTER DOES IT AGAIN IN THE $40,000 COORS FAMILY CHARITY GRAND PRIX! Comly, Patterman and Williams Triumph During Grand Prix De Santa Fe Week at the Santa Fe Summer Series

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What a close to an incredible week at HIPICO’ Santa Fe’s 2017 Santa Fe Summer Series!  Cool mornings and gorgeous New Mexico skies were the perfect backdrop for the final week of top show jumping, fine art, phenomenal fashion, and so much fun!

Jenni McAllister took the the top honor in the final $40,000 Kathy & Brad Coors Grand Prix, riding the beautiful gray mare, Legis Venice, owned by Legis Equine.  “We’re very excited and always love coming to HIPICO Santa Fe. We feel like we’re part of the family and really appreciate the vision HIPICO has.  The course design is second to none.  Thank you to all involved – especially the Coors family for sponsoring this Grand Prix.  The team at HIPICO always make us feel like superstars.”   Jenni’s husband and trainer, Steve McAllister, echoed Jenni’s sentiments about HIPICO’s Summer Series.  “The whole horse industry talks about how HIPICO has the right idea.  They have the vision and put the horse first and the exhibitor second. “We’re believers,” McAllister continued,  “In today’s world, everyone needs more positive thinking.  Jenni and I and our whole team know ’we can do it’  – and we do. The atmosphere at HIPICO is also ‘can do’. I am very proud of this whole team.”

Colleen Acosta of Showtime Farm took second place on Himini, owned by Evalyn Grace, LLC. followed by McAllister’s second mount, Sweet Chocolate PJ, owned by Viksberg Sateri ABGuy McElvain’s entry Wallstreet RC took the fouth place ribbon, trained and ridden by Chenoa McElvain of Rancho Corazon.

HIPICO Santa Fe is very grateful to Diamond Sponsors, The Kathy & Brad Coors Family, for making this showjumping tradition possible.  The Grand Prix de Santa Fe is a is a nonprofit dedicated to supporting, advancing and showcasing the equestrian community of New Mexico. Since it’s inception in 2004, the Grand Prix de Santa Fe has generated more than $150,000 for local and regional nonprofit organizations serving at-risk children and equines, as well as land and cultural preservation.


$40,000 GRAND PRIX

Place Horse Owner Rider Rd 1


Rd. 1 Flts JO Time JO Flts

Before the jump-off on Sunday, the crowd enjoyed a special treat – The Miniature Donkey Puissance!  The high-jump competition featured Hipi and Little Breeches – each showing beautiful jumping form as the jump was raised through the competition.  The two jennies were head to head until a refusal from Little Breeches.  Hipi continued to go even higher – demonstrating great jumping aptitude.  Next year – she might have a career in the meters!

Hipi and Little Breeches were a gift to Guy McElvain on his 50th birthday from his daughter, Chenoa. When he was 5 years old, Guy had a pet donkey whom he named Cinnamon Beauty, whom  he loved and he always wanted another one. Now he has Hipi and Little Breeches, who split their time between HIPICO Santa Fe and the Ranch in Lemitar.  The little Jennies survived a coyote attack this year and are the favorite companions of Grand Prix stallion, Wallstreet RC in the barn.

Two special Circuit Awards were presented on the final day of the Santa Fe Summer Series. The 2017 Stable of the Year Award honors the trainer and barn that excels both on the field, and in their adherence to show protocol, throughout the Santa Fe Summer Series.  Caroline Invicta Stevenson and Invicta Farms were the first to receive this honor, during the $40,000 Grand Prix de Santa Fe, the final Grand Prix of the 2017 Santa Fe Summer Series .  Not only did Invicta Farms deliver a successful Series, bringing home many championships through the circuit, Caroline continues to bring dignity to our sport.  Always courteous and conscientious, she demonstrates kindness to other competitors as well as to our show staff, even under pressure.   Thank you, Caroline and Invicta, for your support of HIPICO Santa Fe.  You inspire us t o keep kindness and civility a priority while we work to acheive our goals!

The Heart of the Horse Award was created by the McElvain family in honor of 5 horses who perished in a trailer fire in 2009. It has been given each year to the horse and rider combination scoring the most points during the entire Summer Series.  This Award honors all of the wonderful animals in our lives.  This year’s winner is Carrick and rider Jessica Harries.  Carrick is owned by Kathleen Rose and Dylan Harries of JNL Stables is the trainer.  Congratulations on a stellar 2017 Summer Series!

On Friday of Grand Prix de Santa Fe Week, Amanda “Happy” Comly graced us with her mega-watt smile as she won the final Santa Fe Summer Series Welcome Stake. Riding her new mount, Clock-wise CSH, Happy told us, “My horses love this weather!”  Like all of us, Happy felt wistful about the close of  the Series – “We don’t want it to end – but we are excited for 2018. HIPICO is so nice and gorgeous.  Next year I’m going to get my entries in real early to be safe.  From what I’m hearing, I think next year is going to be twice the size!”

Place Horse Owner Rider Rd. 1


Rd. 1 Flts JO TIme JO Flts

The $2,500 USHJA Hunter Derby was held on Friday, August 12th, with a big win for Hannah Pattermann. Riding Sharon McElvain’s Cesars Crack, Patterman piloted the stunningly handsome gelding in two beautiful rounds – a 90 and 89 – besting last week’s Hunter Derby winner, Jenni McAllister on Charly Oboliensky, who finished second. Pattermann’s mother was visiting HIPICO Santa Fe from Wisconsin – perfect timing to see her daughter’s well-executed rounds. Ms. Pattermann shared how Hannah started riding western at the age of 7 before turning to jumping two years later. Clearly a good decision! Trainer, Chenoa McElvain told us, “Hannah has been working for Rancho Corazon for the past year and it was a pleasure to offer her this opportunity.  We couldn’t be more pleased with the results.”

Congratulations to Sharon, Hannah, and Rancho Corazon!  Sharon describes Ceasar as her favorite horse to ride out on the trail at home on the ranch. And look how Caesar loves the camera!

Erin Murphy and MTM Top That edged out Mike Elmore for third. Elmore’s exciting ride showcased how close the competition can be – as standings change rapidly. Carey Corlew Bhalla’s Alciboades notched a 4th place after being in the lead merely minutes earlier.  Standings aren’t the only thing that changed for Elmore, who moved this week from Albuquerque, NM to just down the road in Arroyo Hondo.  He hasn’t even settled his new barn yet – but performed beautifully throughout the Series.

“This show managed to keep all the wonderful aspects of last year and make them even better,” Elmore, who has been with HIPICO since its inception, told us. “The grass footing is in better shape than ever and the course is challenging. The VIP tent is so welcoming and the food is great.  It’s just a wonderful atmosphere. HIPICO keeps raising the bar. Even the Community Show is a great standard in our sport.”

Place Horse Owner Rider Trainer Score

The All-in-One Jackpot Grand Prix, HIPICO Santa Fe’s unique class, invites jumpers of varying heights to compete together in one fun class, took place on Saturday. The last week of the series saw the largest field of competitors – 34 riders jumped fences ranging in height from a 1 to 1.40. Marlo WIlliams rode into the winner’s circle with a clear round at 1.20 m on Lux Like Clover. Trainers Gianna Aycock and Colby Coltrain said, “Lux jumped great – better than ever on this grass field, which is a treat for us!  Lux is from Ireland she and loves the grass. We have had such a great time and look forward to next year.” Lux Like Clover’s talent was on display again Sunday as Marlo Williams partnered with the speedy mare to win the High/Low Jr/AO Jumper Classic. Amanda Comly rode C2 Vitesse, owned by Catteeuw Chantal for second place and Nicki Wilcox took third on Kristin Buchanan’s Quickly.  A great time was had by all in this competitive field of talent.

The final championship of the Wiener Races did not disappoint, after a record number of entries and supporters who lined the track rail. Sponsors, Stephanie and Cameron Richards were on hand to enjoy the doggie antics!  Among the standouts were dachsund newcomers on their maiden run, #9 T.G., a dapple who is eight and trains every day for 2 miles on greenbelt space in Eldorado, #5 Lita, a Santa Fe based piebald who is very focused mentally, owing to her trainer’s generous inspiration of treats…and more treats.  Other notables included #13 Oliver who trains in dog school in Chimayo and is in charge of squirrel hunting on 4 and a half acres.

Special recognition goes to # 6 who refused to enter the starting block because he was more interested in doing the “Gator Dance” he no doubt learned from his owner demonstrating college dance moves.

Then there was local favorite, Kenny Rogers, a rescue chihuahua who works “back of house” in the HIPICO Lounge. Kenny had been practicing in the early dawn hours to avoid other trainers who might try to duplicate his regimen.  Credit goes to 9 year old twins Ella and Julia on Team Kenny, who coached Kenny for the past few weeks. He did not disappoint – performing a flawless and difficult serpentine free style pattern – even though it had little to do with the actual finish line.

In the end, it was Austin Powers, known to his friends as “Porky” who triumphed in the first heat for the third week in a row!  Porky and his mom, Sharon McElvain, take their speed training very seriously, with winning results. The second heat was dominated by rescue dog, Jemma Veenstra, of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Jemma was the poster child for the Santa Fe Animal Shelter. She was rescued from a municipal shelter in Los Angeles, brought to Santa Fe, where she recovered from a badly broken leg, surgically repaired by the wonderful Dr. Snook. Jemma found her permanent home with Annie Veenstra two years ago.  In the mixed breed race, it was Lily Invicta – again!  Lily now prefers to be addressed as “Champion Lily,” and is ignoring her mom, Sarah Invicta Williams, when addressed without her new title.  Sarah adopted Lily almost 10 years ago when she was an unwanted dog.  “I said I would take her and thought she would be a good companion for my mom’s dog, Lulu,” Williams told us.  “Well, one night with Lulu and it was over – they’ve pretty much hated each other ever since!”  Both Lulu and Lily help train at Invicta Farms, and maintain a healthy competition for “Queen Bee”.

Special appreciation to the Richards family and to Volunteer Race Manager, Geri Eigenberger, whose dedication raised over $300 for the New Mexico Center for Therapeutic Riding and brought so many people together for the love of Wiener dogs!  Thank you to Santa Fe businesses Marty’s Meals, Critters & Me and Tulliver’s who  provided baskets full of treats and toys for the winners each week. In the Championship Races, Corrales Mercantile provided gift baskets with a total value of $500 for the winners of the three heats.  Thank you Corrales Mercantile!

Rancho Corazon’s team, lead by Head Groom, Ulises Rubio and including Pedro Antillion Jr. and Gustavo Gomez, was recognized as Groom of the Week for the Hunter Derby winner Hannah Pattermann. Hunter Rider of the Week was Colleen Acosta, picked unanimously by the hunter judges. Amanda Comly was selected as the Jumper Rider of the Week. Trainer of the Week was Nicki WIlcox of NW Showjumping. Grooming for Jenni McAllister, Sydney Pleiss was recognized as Groom of the Week for the winning Grand Prix rider.

Youth ruled the day at this final Children Adult Jumper Classic. John Gilpin, who won again aboard Sampras, “just may be the top children’s jumper in America,” stated the announcer as John took the blue.  “John has only been riding for a year”, said his Dad.  “He started schooling his sister’s horse when she injured her shoulder and couldn’t ride.”  The rest is history.  “I love riding on grass.  I’ve never shown on it before.”  His trainer, Coleen Acosta, whole heartedly agrees about John’s bright future.

Second place went to Dr. Guy Hodgson on Eton Royal 1916, one of three young horses Guy rides in competition.  “I’m not expecting to win, but just to give the younger horses some experience as part of their training.  My young mare didn’t know what to do when she first saw the triple combination; but the next time, she sailed right through!  At 5, I think she is the youngest horse here in the Summer Series.”

Lauren Bloss, riding Glamour, took first place in the Children’s Hunter Classic.  Lauren trains with Meredith Houx Remiger of Sandia Farm.  Lauren hails from El Paso.  She has been riding Glamour with Meredith for only two months and will continue to come to New Mexico to train on weekends, once school starts.  “HIPICO is only Lauren’s third show.  And, this is her birthday as well.” What a way to celebrate!

Another familiar winners circle exhibitor, Marlo Williams of Dallas took first place in the HI/Lo combined $5,000.  “What can I say…she was perfect”’ said Marlo of her mount Looks Like Clover. “Marlo had the only clear round in the class,” noted her trainers Gianna Aycock and Colby Coultrain of StoryBook Sport Horses.

Annette Peterfly, who trains with Invicta Farms, exemplifies our exhibitor’s dedication to horses.  She took time to talk about her history with hunters while on her mount, Lettuce Prey. “I don’t really rescue horses; I just find those that need a second chance.  Some are not sound and do not pass vet checks. I take time and figure out what’s wrong – either emotionally or physically – or both and bring them back to competition.” Annette lives south of Chama where she continues her important work. She has given second chances to so many great horses that she stopped counting at 11.  Wonderful work, Annette!

Each week, the HIPICO WORKHORSE of the Week is awarded to a HIPICO Workforce team member who particularly shines during the week. This is difficult to choose as all of the team are amazing! This week’s winner is Andreas John de Leyer “AJ”.  AJ comes from a long line of expert horsemen.  AJ really knows his business, from the ground up.  He not only works as jump crew, he is a whipper-in his father’s hunt rides, trains, breaks, and shows as well. Thank you AJ for your incredible hard work, dedication to the team and for exemplifying a generosity of spirit for the HIPICO Santa Fe workforce.

A special thank you to our Show Manager, Patrick Rodes of Southbound Show Management for another wonderful year of show jumping competition.

In the Closing Ceremony of the Santa Fe Summer Series, the HIPICO flag was lowered to Dale Evan’s ‘Happy Trails.’  We wish Happy Trails to all of our treasured sponsors, exhibitors, grooms, vendors and spectators!  What a show season!  We cannot wait to welcome you all back next year!


Welcome Week July 18 – 22
Sonrisa Week July 25 – 29
Fiesta Week August 1 – 5
Grand Prix de Santa Fe August 8 – 12

The HIPICO VIP Lounge in 2017 was completely sold out, so be sure and plan ahead! Email us at


HIPICO Santa Fe is New Mexico’s premier venue for equestrian events.  HIPICO Santa Fe is committed to providing the very best in equestrian competition and an extraordinary show experience for our human and equine athletes, as well as our treasured sponsors, owners, vendors and spectators. The full service equestrian facility features enhanced, all-weather footing in competition arenas, beautiful grass rings, designated horse-only bridle paths, and miles of trail riding on adjacent public lands. It is located in the world-class tourist destination, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

It Was A Classic Sunday On The Sixth And Final Day Of The Iconic Menlo Charity Horse Show

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Kaitlin Lovingfoss finished 1st on Triumph, 3rd on Easy Time in the $2500 Strideaway Peterson 3’6″ Jr. Hunter Classic
Photo: Alden Corrigan Media

ATHERTON, CA – August 13, 2017

The competition was stiff in the $2,500 Strideaway/Peterson 3’6” Junior Hunter Classic in the Grass Hunter Ring with a field of 16 entries. In the end, it would be Kaitlyn Lovingfoss and Triumph leading the victory gallop after two hotly contested rounds. Katherine Dash and Everglow followed on her heels to take second and Kaitlyn also took home third on Easy Time.

Winners of the $2500 Strideaway Peterson 3’6″ Jr Hunter Classic Triumph and Kaitlyn Lovingfoss
Photo: Alden Corrigan Media

Reflecting on the class Kaitlyn explained. “Triumph is owned by Emma and Rebecca Farber and I have been riding him for the past month. He has been a pleasure to ride, and he was Regional Champion at the Junior Hunter Finals and the Small 15 and under. This is my second year at Menlo Charity Horse Show. I just love being here. It is such a lovely change in venue, with amazing prizes and a great experience riding in the grass fields.”

Nancy Hey of Strideaway Farms and the Peterson Family sponsored the classic. “I love watching the Hunters go on the grass.” exclaimed Nancy, “My daughter has jumped here since she was a Junior and I hope my grandchildren will go on the grass eventually, but they are still too small at the moment. I love the Menlo Show, and I serve on the committee. I work on the Tuesday and Saturday night dinners. I am grateful to Ann and Erin for all the help they give me.”

Erin Peterson and her mother Ann Peterson are co-sponsors of the class. “My mother has loved coming to the show every single year. Erin explained. “We love attending and watching the horses on the grass arenas.” The show also has significance to Nancy as she is legally blind and with the funds raised supporting Vista Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

Winner of the $1,000 Trick or Treat Children’s Hunter Classic NAL Siri & Bailey Rose with an impromptu jump added to the victory gallop
Photo: Alden Corrigan Media

The Trick or Treat Children’s Hunter Classic winner’s sash was awarded to Baily Rose and Siri who produced two beautiful rounds scoring and 81 in the first and an 81.5 in the second to a final score of 162.5. “I was a little bit nervous and I did not want to think about the scores, if I think about that it usually goes wrong as I start to worry. Siri is so perfect we got he when he was a sale horse and I fell in love with him. I then took him to Junior Hunter Finals; it was my first year, and I did not win anything, but that does not matter. He is so sweet and will do anything for me. I want to thank my mom Rainie, Sherrie Rose and Nick Haness. They all brought me here, helped school the horse and got me to the ring.”

MCHS Committee member Melissa Freeman and Trick-or-Treat Classic sponsor Gail Morey
Photo: Alden Corrigan Media

Unknown to Baily there was a lovely coincidence happening, which would touch them all. Gail Morey and her twin sister Sara Jorgensen now sponsor the class following in the footsteps of their parents. “The class was originally sponsored by my parents, it was done on a deal with Betsy Glikbarg, where my father supported one of her causes which was Menlo Circus Club and she in turn supported one of his causes, the Children’s Health Council. Trick or Treat was our Junior Hunter and my older sister Robin showed him as well way back in the 70’s. His barn name was Tantrum and Tommy Lowe was our trainer. Her mother and grandmother train Bailey and Tommy Lowe is family to them…. they did not realize today that Tommy was Trick or Treat’s only trainer, so after the class there were lots of tears and they called Tommy to tell him Bailey had won the classic. “ Gail explained

In the Grass Jumper Field the $7,500 Charlebois Farm 1.20m Junior/Amateur Modified Jumper Classic was taking place. 25 riders contended for the top spot, and in the end it was Sydney Shelby and Colt 45 heading to the winner’s circle. “Colt 45 is leased by us from Cody and Ulea, this has been his first year back after having a year off and his owners went back to Europe. We love him. He has been phenomenal and has been so good for me. This is my first year doing Jumpers at Menlo and I am delighted, it’s wonderful here.” Said Sydney.

Winner of the 1.20m Modified Jr-Am Jump Classic Sponsored by Charlebois Farm Colt 45 Sydney Shelby
Photo: Alden Corrigan Media

John Charlebois, sponsor of the class talked about MCHS. “Menlo Charity Horse Show is a tradition in Northern California. The entire Silicon Valley gives the event tremendous support. Parents, friends and family come out to see this horse show, and it really helps the horse industry and Vista Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired.  It’s an event that every child and adult that has ridden with me has aspired to show here.  It’s a great event for so many reasons…

We’re pretty serious about showing at Menlo.  We went to Bend, Oregon for two weeks to compete on the grass so our horses were better prepared for what we consider to be the most important (and special) event of the year.”

John explained why he supports the 1.20m Modified Junior/Amateur Jumper Classic that bears his name and signature Charleobois Farm jump “They are all great classes, but I love the Amateurs and Juniors, so my wife and I thought this classic would be a nice one to support, so we have done it almost every year.  I have Hunters here as well but we wanted to support the Jumper division.”

John shared his sentiments about the Menlo Charity Horse Show “This show has done so much for so many people. Menlo is the gold standard (in my opinion) for horse shows in Northern California. It’s just a fabulous horse show, and Charlebois Farm is proud to be part of it.”

Robert Blanchette & Kashmir Retain Their Title In The Windy Hill Larry Mayfield 1.20m Horse and Hound Jumper Classic

August 10, 2017 By: maryhaley Category: General

Robert Blanchette’s lap of honor included the entire hound course
photo: Alden Corrigan Media

ATHERTON, CA – August 9, 2017

Equestrian Legacy is celebrated annually with the Windy Hill Larry Mayfield 1.20m Horse and Hound Jumper Class.

Laura Mayfield Gerst of Windy Hill Equestrian, Larry Mayfield’s daughter and close family members selected Menlo Charity Horse Show to host an annual event in his memory. Larry had been an exhibitor at MCHS since the early days, so making the decision to honor his memory was an easy one for the family, due to Larry’s love for this iconic show. In fact three generations of this equestrian family have consistently participated in and attended MCHS; Larry himself, his daughter Laura and granddaughter Natalie.

Team Windy Hill Equestrian, L-R: Maja Lindemann, Laura Mayfield, Gerst & Dakoda Mower
photo: Alden Corrigan Media

The Horse & Hound Classic is a jumping relay race in which the fastest time for the combined Horse & Hound course completion wins. A team of four, consisting of horse and rider plus hound and handler complete a course of jumps; first the horse and rider jump seven jumps on course, they then quickly dismount and race to touch the hand of the hound handler who then races off with their hound to finish the course on foot over a set of smaller dog sized jumps. Each team in turn complete the course with penalty points for a knock down or refusal, the fastest time wins. “The idea was all Maja’s,” explained Laura. “I was in Sweden, my parents lived in Sweden,” continued Maja. “I was watching the Stockholm Horse Show on TV and it was the Horse & Hound Class; I thought, someone needs to do this class at a horse show, it was so funny, with one rider even picking up the dog to carry it over the jumps. The crowd loved it.”

Windy Hill Equestrian is more than a Sponsor of the classic, As a family orientated barn their team spirit is contagious, whether competing in the class or cheering on their teammates. “Our assistant Dakoda Mower is competing on Cool Cristal, they were third last year, he can be fast so they are a strong team. Madeline Panaccione and Winston are partnered with my daughter Natalie and our dog Scooter, who has competed for four years now.” Laura shared.

Winners of the Windy Hill Larry Mayfield 1.20 Horse and Hound Classic Kashmir and Robert Blanchette
photo: Alden Corrigan Media

The Horse & Hound is a great class and only a 1.20m, so Juniors and Amateurs can take part, while family and friends can do the ‘Hound’ leg of the relay. “It’s nice to have the team and camaraderie aspect, everyone plays a role.” Laura explained, “The grooms play a huge part, they have to catch and calm the horse, as the riders launch themselves from their horses to tag the dog handler, a very entertaining part of the class. The event is really fun and low key, big dogs and little dogs, children and adults, we love the event.”

Laura shared some of her memories of years gone by. “One year Scooter (Laura’s dog) got loose and ran into the VIP tent. I even remember Hugh Mutch doing an acrobatic flip after leaping from his horse and Robert Blanchette, defending champion, jumping a dog jump in the victory gallop.”

Windy Hill Equestrian has changed over the 21 years they have been in business, attracting more children as Laura herself had a family. The barn is very much family orientated and they have a lesson program, you can literally start your riding career and finish it all at Windy Hill Equestrian. Laura explained a little about the barn and her team. “We have 12 horses here at Menlo Charity Horse Show and another 33 at home. Dakoda and Maja came here, while I continued to work at home in Los Altos Hills, we will all swap about to make attending the show work for us all. We have a really good team, John, Dakoda, Maja and I have worked together now for 6 years. When we are away at shows John Wohr is at the barn, I don’t even have to call home, he takes care of everything.”

Thirteen teams raced around the course this year; the winners being Robert Blanchette and Kashmir, the very same partnership as in 2016, however, Hello Kitty has had a name change to Kashmir. This year Nicolas and Star were the partners on the dog section.

“I am thrilled with the win” Robert exclaimed “Second year in a row on the same great horse, I want thank the owner, Courtney Pacheco for letting me ride. It was Nicolas and Star who really made it happen this year their time was fantastic. This is a wonderful event, excellent fun.”

“Star is six years old and really fast, we bred her ourselves.” Nicolas explained, “I competed three years ago and tried it again today, I will definitely try again next year.

2018 will be a fun one to watch as Robert attempts three wins in a row.