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‘Canada One’ Star Power

June 29, 2012 By: janwest Category: General

(SPRUCE MEADOWS, Calgary, AB): The pros were at it again for the first day of the 2012 Spruce Meadows ‘Canada One’ Tournament, with half a million dollars in prize money on the line though Sunday.

Kent Farrington & Venus, champions of the Cargill Cup, first FEI competition of the Canada One tournament. (Photo by Spruce Meadows Media Services)

The day started off well for Kent Farrington (USA). After going up against 46 horse/rider combinations in the 1.50 meter Cargill Cup, designed by Anthony D’Ambrosio Farrington emerged victorious. Nobody could catch the time set by Farrington and his 10 year old Dutch Warmblood mare, Venus. This is Farrington’s 5th FEI Victory at Spruce Meadows this season.

Farrington tried for two today, but two-time Olympian Beezie Madden (USA) couldn’t be beat in the $60,000 Akita Drilling Cup. The 550 meter course designed by Anthony D’Ambrosio (USA) saw 25 horse/rider combinations narrowed down to 5 riders, all of whome are heading to London, save for Farrington. In the end, Farrington ended up with silver, while Madden took home top prize on her 10 year old Belgian Warmblood gelding, Cortes C. Madden was thrilled with the result, saying Cortes C showed he’s got what it takes to compete against the big boys. “I’m really pleased, I think he is really starting to understand” Madden commented. “When I ask him the questions, he answers me. The speed, the scope, the power- he has it all to go up against the guys who were in this competition.”

Today marked Ian Millar’s 2012 debut at Spruce Meadows, with a double clear performance in the Akita Drilling Cup, on his 12 year old Olympic mount, Star Power. This year marks an important year for Millar, who will attend his 10th Olympic games in London, and is contention for carrying the flag for Canada.

The international action continues tomorrow at Spruce Meadows, with the West Jet Cup and the Duncan Ross Cup in the evening. The ‘Canada-One” Tournament culminates on Sunday, with the $100,000 Esso World Cup Qualifier.

Cargill Cup Top Ten

1-      Kent Farrington                USA                        Venus
2-     Beezie Madden                USA                        Vanilla
3-     Rodrigo Lambre                BRA                        Chepepe la Escondida
4-     Helen McNaught              GBR                        Laricello
5-     Sean Crooks                       USA                        Armegedon
6-     Yann Candele                    CAN                       Corlotta Singular la Magnifica
7-     Helen McNaught              GBR                        Caballo
8-     Tiffany Foster                    CAN                       Victor
9-     Caitlin Ziegler                   USA                        Touch Down
10-Lucy Davis                           USA                        Nemo 119

Frank Biggeman, Contracts Representative, Akita Drilling, and winners of today’s competition: Beezie Madden & Cortes C. (Photo by Spruce Meadows Media Services)

AKITA Drilling Cup Top Ten

1-      Beezie Madden                USA                        Cortes C
2-     Kent Farrington                USA                        Uceko
3-     McLain Ward                      USA                        Rothchild
4-     Ian Millar                             CAN                       Star Power
5-     Mario Deslauriers            USA                        Urico
6-     Robert Whitaker              GBR                        USA Today
7-     Ashlee Bond                      USA                        Cadett 7
8-     Robert Whitaker              GBR                        Catwalk IV
9-     Kent Farrington                USA                        Voyeur
10-Jonathan McCrea             USA                        Colorado