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Blue Sky and Blue Ribbons for Mother and Daughter Team Hope and Avery Glynn on the First Day of the Menlo Charity Horse Show

August 10, 2016 By: maryhaley Category: General

Avery and Hope Glynn

Avery and Hope Glynn

ATHERTON, CA – August 10, 2016

Blue Sky and Blue Ribbons for Mother and Daughter Team Hope and Avery Glynn on the First Day of the Menlo Charity Horse Show

Hope Glynn is delighted to be back at the Menlo Charity Horse Show (MCHS). Although it has been several years since her last attendance, this has not been through choice, but due to the difficulties in scheduling the growing annual show circuit calendar; not only for themselves but also for the clients and horses in their program. The logistics getting to the USHJA International Hunter Derby Fails and Pre Green Incentive Championship in Kentucky have resulted in missing out on this historic event and the only opportunity in Northern California to show on the grass. This year Hope made a special effort to make it to Menlo, albeit for a short two days, she even brought her daughter Avery along for the ride.

Hope was quick to point out that in the few short years she has been away from MCHS she sees fantastic changes; dramatic improvements in the footing, beautiful new jumps in the Pony and 3’ Arena, far better scheduling providing shorter days; Open Hunters now taking place at the prime of the day not early evening. Praise was also given to Phil J. DeVita Jr. on his first year at Menlo Charity Horse Show in the new role this year as Technical Coordinator.

Hope Glynn and Lake of Stars

Hope Glynn and Lake of Stars

“I am really excited that Phil DeVita is part of the Menlo team. He is someone I’ve worked with many times in my life, and his positive attitude and care about the horses’ well being always makes for a good horse show.” Hope said.

While attending MCHS Hope has three horses arriving in Kentucky: Corriendo Tau and Full Circle both owned by Karen Trione for the Derby Finals and Kismet, owned by Sabrina Hellman for the Pre Green Championship. Hope is also catch-riding Speakeasy in the Pre-Greens for trainer Robin Waugaman and of course the Pony Finals will be under way.

In addition to the complexity and logistics, Hope wishes to support her client’s goal to attend the Capital Challenge Horse Show (CCHS) for the World Champion Hunter Rider (WCHR) Finals. Why does this add to the dilemma?

Hope explained, “The only shows in Northern California we have that are WCHR are Giant Steps and Menlo, knowing that was a goal and we would like them to compete in the Championship class there, so therefore I needed to start thinking about points and we were lucky enough to get in.”

Sabrina Hellman, owner of Hope First Year Green Hunter Lake of Stars supported the decision to bring him to show on the grass. Hope was excited to share that today was her first win at Menlo in the $350 First Year Green Working Hunter 3’6” class.

Not only is Hope considerate to the needs and requirements of her clients and their horses attending Capital Challenge she is also highly invested in the future of her assistant,

“I would really like Kylee to be able to compete at the Capital Challenge in the Developing Professional Challenge. It is a great class and a wonderful opportunity,” said Hope, “I know what a fantastic rider she is but its really important that the country knows what a fantastic rider she is; it’s good for me, it’s good for my business, and it’s good for her.”

Avery Glynn and Always Happy

Avery Glynn and Always Happy

Thoughtful and considerate come to mind in the way Hope manages her business, and her style of approach does not end when planning for her daughter Avery. Avery has been very successful this year on a fabulous pony named Always Happy, who is owned by Brooke Morin. Brooke kindly passed her pony on to Avery to ride when she moved up to Junior Hunters, this very kind gesture from a friend, just when Avery did not have a pony to ride, highlighted the importance of this special friendship, which also includes coming to support Avery when she competes. Avery and her pony garnered three blue ribbons on her first day of MCHS in the Medium/Large Pony Hunter classes and NorCal Pony Equitation Medal. Avery was delighted to tell us about the two Tiffany jewelry boxes that she received as prizes and how they will have a place of honor in her bedroom.

Hope commented on the wonderful sponsorship at Menlo (MCHS) and the wonderful volunteers who make everything possible, “I think of the support and the hours that the sponsors and volunteers put into the show is truly remarkable. I feel the community supports this event, and the event supports the community.”

Menlo Charity Horse Show is the biggest fundraiser in the year for the Vista Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired, and supports many in the community.

Attending the Pony Finals had been a hot topic of discussion in the Glynn Family home recently.

“We weren’t planning on bringing Avery and her pony here,” Hope explained, “we looked at the cost of shipping a pony back East, even with help from a lot of great friends who would help us out with training, layovers etc. you know when we looked at the budgeting for going for two weeks, we had to make a choice because we know Avery’s legs are getting longer, we know we are going to be in the market for a 3’6” horse soon and when we looked at the budget we had to say ok where could this money be best spent.”

Avery was quick to support her parent’s final decision, “I agree with my mom, I think it’s smarter to save the money, and this is a really nice show (MCHS) and I though it would be cool to come”

At the end of the day the decision was made not to attend the Pony Finals, but it was a win for MCHS as Avery got to show here. Avery, with her mom will now fly to support her friends at the Pony Finals and is taking along her camera to enhance her time spent cheering on her friends.

The biggest thing Hope and Avery work on is how do you handle yourself when things don’t go well, its normal to feel disappointed when things don’t go well. How do you channel that to turn it into a positive I think that is a game changer in this sport.

“It is easy to be happy and focused if everything goes well in the ring, but what happens when you biff the first fence? You have to get your focus back and try to win your second round, which I think is a much harder thing to do.”

Avery and Hope have a shared that the search will soon be on the search for her new 3’6” horse. Avery took the time to describe her new perfect partner, “I want one that would jump really big, but would also take care of me if I don’t make the right decision. I would like it to have just a little bit of energy, but where I don’t have to pull that much, because I like to feel like I can control my horse and not spooky.”

Avery is obviously a very smart young lady with a great horse sense. As we know the equestrian life involves a great deal of travel and it is no different for the Glynn’s. Avery attends her local Public School, she excels in Math and loves Art and Science. Avery took the time to share her school week, and she explained how the school supports her by giving her the Friday’s off to attend shows and on the longer trips, such as Thermal, they provide an Independent Study Packet. Avery also gets support from a tutor in Thermal. It was enlightening to hear children who compete in sports today can be supported by our schools.