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HIPICO Santa Fe $10,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby 

August 07, 2018 By: maryhaley Category: General

photo by Mary Neiberg

August 3, 2018—Santa Fe, NM—An assembly of stars aligned to make Paul Rohrbach’s first win in today’s $10,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby on Corcovado a winning one! Paul Rohrback knew that he had to be extremely handy and bold in order to win the class after a little rub in the first round, garnering him a score of 160. Of 16 riders, the winner of the first round was Frank Owens, atop a dashing chestnut, Carrida, who elegantly floated across the grass fields to scores of 90 and 92—for a combined total of 182—from the two panels of judges.

After a course walk for the handy portion of the Derby, Course Designer Skip Bailey set up a pinwheel that formed the ‘Santa Fe Star,’ allowing the riders to pick their own strategic track to jump two of the four hay bale options in the center of the arena. There were 10 possible handy points to be made in this element of the course. By definition, the challenge of this pinwheel allots most ‘handy’ points to the rider who opts to cover the least amount of ground as efficiently as possible. Several tracks were tested in the handy portion of the course—some serpentines and circles, but only a small few took on the more challenging direct route.

This was Paul Rohrbach’s strategy in sealing the win with NTM Enterprises’ dashing bay Warmblood Corcovado. Rohrbach’s seamlessly sailed across the arena, nailing the first bending line and then tactically tackling the direct three stride in the ‘Santa Fe Star,’ which set him up to go directly to the following oxer on the bend. With four points from electing each of the higher options and nine points for daring to go directly through the ‘Santa Fe Star’, Rohrback sealed a score of 99 from the first panel and 100 from the second panel of judges. This granted him a nearly perfect total score of 199 in the handy round—bringing the pair to a grand total of 359.

“Sometimes fortune favors the bold!”, said Rohrbach, “In the warm-up [for the handy], I realized I’d have to have some great scores, so I took a pretty aggressive track in the handy. I took a chance, I went big or I went home, and I went home really big!!!” The professional recalls thinking to himself before the handy round, that the only way to win would be to score a 100, “I knew when I finished the course I was going to be close—the rest was up to the opinion of the judges,” he said.

Paul Rohrbach and Corcovado
photo by Sharon McElvain

One of the first things Rohrbach did after the class was call Corcovado’s owner Nancy Moore, who has ridden at Wells Bridge Farm for 17 years. Although she couldn’t make it, Rohrbach said, “I know she’s going to be delighted when she gets the message I left on her phone!” Rohrbach described the handsome gelding as “quite the showman,” but can be a “slight over-thinker.”

photo by Mary Neiberg

It’s been a winding road to secure Corcovado’s first Derby win. Rohrbach admitted that often the gelding can be inconsistent in the handy portion of the derbies and usually makes the most points in their first rounds of the class. Today, there was no such luxury. Corcovado rose to the occasion to secure the win based on a top handy score, “It’s a culmination of a lots of handies and a lot of work. His first round scores [usually] really help him in the derbies and the handies can be a bit of a ‘cross your fingers’ sort of thing, so it was really nice to see him finish so strongly in the handy today.” This win is a welcome one, because Rohrbach has won every color under the rainbow in the derby classes aboard Corcovado, “I’ve been 4th… I’ve been 6th… I’ve been 8th… I’ve had pretty much every color but the blue one.”

Helmets off in the victory gallop were in order to celebrate this bright moment in Corcovado’s career and a near perfect score for Rohrbach. Between the ‘Star of Santa Fe,’ Corcovado’s personal success in the handy portion, and a nearly perfect score—the stars aligned to make another fabulous day at HIPICO Santa Fe an extra lucky one for Paul Rohrbach and Corcovado.

photo by Mary Neiberg

$10,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby


Placing Horse Name Rider Owner Total Score
1 Corcovado Paul Rohrbach Ntm Enterprises 359
2 Five Star McKenzie Mills McKenzie Mills 356
3 Fabled Rachel Lindsey Amberlea Tribble 334.5
4 Faraon Ashley Stannard K Watson LLC. 327
5 Caramba Hannah Pattermann Beth Bowlen 323
6 Chocolate 68 Katherine Huffstutler Katherine Huffstutler 311.5
7 Would You Mind Nada Wise Stacey Thompson 310
8 MTM Top That Erin Murphy Erin Murphy 306


$30,000 Santa Fe Fiesta Week City of Santa Fe Grand Prix: Jenni McAllister is Two-for-Two!

August 06, 2018 By: maryhaley Category: General

Santa Fe—August 5, 2018— Breezy light clouds filled the sky, but the upper register notes sounded by Kaitlyn McMonigle, an apprentice at the Santa Fe Opera, seemed to part the cloud filled horizon before the commencement of the $30,000 Santa Fe Fiesta Week City of Santa Fe Grand Prix. The slim, blond opera performer was elegantly transported to and from her powerful performance by Clint Mortenson in a horse drawn carriage—like Cinderella departing from a ball. The Pojoaque Youth Hoop Dancers, annual performers during the Santa Fe Summer Series, also graced the Grand Prix field—further livening the afternoon’s ambiance. Sharing New Mexico’s rich culture and history through dance and symbolic movements of the hoop, the dancers who range in age from 6 to 16, infused the day’s festivities with New Mexico’s rich culture and history. Light jazz filled the VIP Lounge as patrons congregated in the outer cabanas to watch the athletes take on Mauricio Garcia’s challenging Grand Prix course. The route was technical, had many related distances, and questioned riders’ ability to navigate a large grass field—beginning with the adobe HIPICO Santa Fe oxer.

Of the 29 entries in the class, only two went double clear to proceed to the jump-off—and those riders were Jenni McAllister and Jenni McAllister!

McAllister walked her track twice beforehand. “I knew it’d be tricky” said McAllister, adding, “There were a lot of related distances with no breaks. You had to ride, ride, ride! A lot of bending lines can get riders in trouble. You’re trying to pick up time and then you end up too early or too late, and if you’re too direct in one line, it causes problem in next one.” McAllister always makes sure she has a plan A, and a Plan B. Although it was a technical route, McAllister appreciated the course’s questions and planned strategically for her two very different mounts.

McAllister took tight inside turns on both horses, but really pressed the gas pedal on Colvados to get the fastest time, coming on the field with confidence from the pair’s Welcome Stake win earlier in the week. She cut out strides and galloped across every stretch of grass possible. McAllister impressively maneuvered the gelding to a clear first round time of 73.04, but unfortunately had a rail as she drove for the faster time, trying to catch Escada VS in the jump off.

Because Escada VS is an even newer ride to McAllister—partnering with second place Colvados for a mere two months—she rode a bit more conservatively than the mare could have gone, “I held her in the turns and did all the inside options,” McAllister said. Strides weren’t cut out in the speedy first round with a time of 70.50; McAllister dialed it down a notch by riding more conservatively in the jump-off—which proved to be a winning strategy. McAllister carefully executed the jump-off in 42.13 seconds, making Escada VS the only horse double clean in the class.

The winning pair brought some serious fire to the arena—galloping around in a chestnut blaze, almost lighting the field aflame with the mare’s hot blood and high energy. “I had a really good feeling about this mare today. I actually woke up this morning thinking I could win this class!”, said the professional of Team McAllister in Sun Valley, California.

McAllister is a queen of adapting quickly to new mounts, because of her long catch-riding history. “I ride off instinct,” said McAllister, who will watch videos to give herself as much information about a new ride beforehand, but otherwise must trust her riding experience. McAllister has only sat on Escada VS a few times since the mare’s journey from Sweden to the United States a few weeks ago.

McAllister’s partnership with the mare started a week ago, but Team McAllister had their eye on the horse for the last two years, when they first saw Escada VS abroad. This is Escada VS’s first show in the United States, although the mare is familiar with the game—competing abroad at high levels. “She wants to win and is a real show horse. And very opinionated! When I went into the first round she was a little nervous, but then she got straight down to business. She’s a true competitor,” said McAllister. According to McAllister, Escada VS is everything one would want in a jumper, “She’s got a lot of blood, very careful, has a great hind end, is quick up-front, is very light, and wants to get the job done. You never feel like any [jump] is too big!”, said McAllister. In fact, McAllister says that when the jumps get bigger, the mare gets more powerful! Team McAllister believes Escada VS has potential to be Jenni’s World Cup horse.

McAllister’s natural ability to adjust quickly to new horses allowed her to take the top two placings in Sunday’s $30,000 Santa Fe Fiesta Week City of Santa Fe Grand Prix. It was certainly a successful day for Jenni McAllister—two new horses, two clear first rounds and top two finishes. HIPICO Santa Fe seems to be second home to Jenni McAllister!


$30,000 Santa Fe Fiesta Week City of Santa Fe Grand Prix Results


Placing Entry Name Rider Owner First Round Faults Second Round Faults
1 Escada VS Jenni McAllister Sateri AB Vicksburg 70.50 0 42.13 0
2 Colvados Jenni McAllister Madison Myro & Cathy Jones 73.04 0 40.81 4
3 Malibu Frank Owens DS Holdings, LLC. 74.85 1 n/a n/a
4 Himini Colleen Acosta Evalyn Grace, LLC. 75.18 2 n/a n/a
5 Indoktro K Van Susan Griffis Susan Griffis 67.43 4 n/a n/a
6 Clock-Wise CSh “Happy” Comly Comly Sport Horses 67.56 4 n/a n/a
7 J.E.S. Quito Nicki Wilcox Nicki Wilcox 69.85 4 n/a n/a
8 Capitano Trapp O’Neal TKO Partnership 72.14 4 n/a n/a


Menlo Charity Horse Show Inaugural Live Broadcast by Horse Network

August 06, 2018 By: maryhaley Category: General

Menlo Charity Horse Show is pleased to announce complementary live streaming coverage of every class, every ring, every day and can be viewed at each day’s featured class will be available via Facebook Live on the  Menlo Charity Horse Show and Horse Network  pages for fans all over the world to watch and weigh in on the Hunter/Jumper action as it happens from Menlo Circus Club in Atherton, California. As an additional amenity to competitors, Menlo Charity Horse Show is providing clips from every class online after each day’s competition, free of charge.

To watch all rings go to the Horse Network Landing Page:

This will link you to the landing pages for each ring, presenting the full schedule of classes in each:

“We’re gearing up for an exciting week of equestrian sport at Menlo Charity Horse Show! Tune in to Horse Network Live for wall-to-wall coverage from all three rings at the Menlo Circus Club, starting daily at 7:15 am on Tuesday, August 7, 2018. Each day’s feature class will also stream concurrently on Facebook Live,” said Horse Network Editor-in-Chief, Carley Sparks. “It’s an honor and a thrill to share this inaugural broadcast event with our dedicated fan base. Hope to see you there!”

Special Events Schedule:

Tuesday: 3’6″ Performance Hunters

Wednesday: $2,000 Windy Hill Equestrian in Memory of Larry May eld Horse & Hound Class

Thursday: $25,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby Presented by Dr. Daryl K. Hoffman

Friday: $10,000 RHYS Vineyards Ryman Memorial Speed – Take Your Own Line

Saturday: $40,000 Stephen Silver Grand Prix

The Menlo Charity Horse Show, a 501(C)(3) organization recognized as a USEF Heritage Competition, supports the Vista Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired by producing a premiere equestrian event while educating the community on the issues of the visually impaired.