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Jennifer Alfano and Stephanie Sedlacko Steal Show in American Saddlebred Hunter Challenge Victory at Alltech National Horse Show

October 31, 2013 By: janwest Category: General

Lexington, KY – October 30, 2013 – It’s not every day that you see riders compete over their first hunter course during a national championship, but when four world champion American Saddlebred trainers take the reins of a hunter and grand prix and professional hunter riders take the reins of an American Saddlebred, it makes for a night of fun and excitement. It was a game-changing exhibition at the Alltech National Horse Show as riders traded places for their shot at the night’s championship. Professional hunter rider Jennifer Alfano teamed up with Stephanie Sedlacko to steal the night’s victory as the first place winners in the swap.


Stephanie Sedlacko and Jennifer Alfano rode to the first place finish in the American Saddlebred Hunter Challenge. Photo By: Brooke Jacobs

Six obstacles were set in the Alltech Arena at the Kentucky Horse Park, while riders donned a different set of clothing. Paired up by disciplines, the English riders worked alongside their American Saddlebred counterparts to help direct them through the series of 2’6″ fences.


Hunter rider Hunt Tosh was teamed with Melissa Moore, and together they rode to the score of 156 points. Melissa posted a hunter score of 78 points after having a late lead change from the outside line, while Tosh mimicked her score in the pleasure portion of the class. Their dual 78’s earned them the eventual fourth place award.


“We practiced last night in a little bit more of a controlled environment. It definitely felt different tonight,” Tosh laughed. “It was fun. We had a great time. I am always up for trying stuff, and my partner was great. I couldn’t believe how good they were; I thought they were really good. Everyone on the side was helping us out and giving us tips. It all made for a great night.”


Clark Clouse had never even jumped prior to this week’s competition, but he rode Trade Money through the course with only one chipped distance for a score of 75 points. Olympian Laura Kraut stood ringside as she rooted him on, only to have the favor returned as she mounted Don’t Stop, owned by Melinda Moore. Although Kraut did not have a chance to practice, she came to the exhibition with her game face. She earned the night’s highest pleasure score of 85 points for a cumulative score of 160 points and the third place.


Although they may not be veterans, it came down to a battle between the Devon Horse Show’s Five-Gaited Special victor, McLain Ward and Devon Horse Show third place finisher Jennifer Alfano.


Ward paired up with Melinda Moore for tonight’s American Saddlebred Hunter Challenge, with Moore riding to a score of 80 points during the hunter portion. She stood ringside as she guided Ward to the score of 82 during his ride aboard A Long Good Night Kiss.


“It was totally awesome. I had a great time,” Moore said. “I think they had a great time too. Everybody was smiling; everybody was having fun. I hope we can do it more often at these shows. I think that would be great.”


Melinda continued, “The hunters are a totally different ride. We work such different muscles. The first hunter lesson I took, the next day I had muscles aching that I didn’t even know I had. That made me want to do it more and to have fun doing it. I rode Echo tonight, and he is wonderful. Actually, I’ve leased him now so that I can continue to ride him once or twice a week.”


It was only five months ago that Ward racked to the top of the ranks during the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair in Devon, PA. However, tonight Alfano proved victorious.


McLain Ward and A Long Good Night Kiss 

Photo By: Brooke Jacobs

Ward and Moore’s final score of 162 points would prove good enough for the night’s second place, as Alfano and teammate Stephanie Sedlacko took home the championship with the overall score of 168 points. Alfano rode to the score of 80 points aboard The Blue’s Girl, while Sedlacko guided Special Edition to the high score of 88 points. Both riders were in shock as the announcers called their names for the championship presentation.


“I had a blast, but most importantly, thank God for my partner,” Alfano smiled. “She carried the show. She was awesome – an 88! She was unbelievable. I made some mistakes, but my horse was awesome. She’s young and green so I was a little nervous – well, I was a lot nervous actually. But she was awesome tonight. It’s so much fun, and it’s so nice of them to let us ride their horses. I can’t thank Stephanie enough for doing that.”


Alfano explained, “I had so much at Devon in May, and I just thought it was the greatest thing, so when they asked me to do it here I was so excited. Like I said, I was a little nervous because I had a green horse, but it was still so much fun.”


This was not Sedlacko’s first hunter course, but after 10 years of solely riding American Saddlebreds, it definitely proved to be a change. “I had done it in the past, but it’s been about 10 plus years,” Sedlacko explained. “So I hadn’t ridden a hunter until now. I thought Jen did great. I was so proud of her. The horse that she was riding was a 4-year-old. It’s only been shown six or seven times, and she’s been kind of tough. We were a little hesitant when we picked her to bring, but Jen handled her great. She rode her like a pro.”


The American Saddlebred and Hackney classes are one of the many highlights of the Alltech National Horse Show. With the Alltech National Horse Show finding its home in the heart of the American Saddlebred industry, there is not only tremendous talent but also excellent prize money and legendary trophies from the days of the National Horse Show’s past.


For more information or to view the competition live please visit Coverage is provided by, iHigh, and HRTV.

Todd Minikus and Quick Quality Girl Win Taylor Harris $50,000 Open Jumper Welcome Speed at Alltech National Horse Show

October 31, 2013 By: janwest Category: General

Lexington, KY – October 30, 2013 – When $50,000 is up for grabs it brings out the best horses and riders in the world, putting their best foot forward. That is how the Open Jumper division at the 2013 Alltech National Horse Show kicked off today. Todd Minikus and Quality Girl left nothing to chance as they sped around Conrad Homfeld’s challenging track, besting the field by two seconds to win the Taylor Harris $50,000 Open Jumper Welcome Speed, presented by Sasco Creek. The second place award went to 17-year-old phenom Lillie Keenan, giving the professionals a run for their money.


Olympian McLain Ward set the target to beat as the third rider on course. He and Zander, owned by Ward and Grant Road Partners of Brewster, NY, zipped around the turns and left all the rails intact, posting a time of 60.23 seconds, which held up for fifth place.


Ireland’s Shane Sweetnam bested Ward’s time by 1/10th of a second six rounds later aboard Cyklon 1083, owned by Spy Coast Farm of East Setauket, NY. Leaving strides out and shaving off edges of the turn, it looked like it could be the winning round early in the class. Keenan attempted to beat it with her first mount Pumped Up Kicks, owned by Chansonette Farm of New York, NY, but fell just shy of the leaders with a time of 60.92 seconds, which eventually claimed sixth place.


When Todd Minikus entered the Alltech Arena with Chris Brems’ Quality Girl mid-way through the event, the whole class changed. He and the winning mare put on the gas and never held off, slicing fences and taking all the inside options, while utilizing her huge stride to quickly navigate the track. The duo blazed across the finish line in 57.70 seconds, leaving Sweetnam and Ward in the dust and claiming a commanding lead.


Todd Minikus and Quality Girl. Photo By: Shawn McMillen

“You really just get her on the right gear and let her go,” explained Minikus. “She is a bit of a typical woman, I hate to sound chauvinistic but it’s true. She’s a little sensitive and doesn’t like you fussing with her too much. She is true to her name. She has a lot of quality, and you need to let her just use her quality and stay out of her way.”


Francois Mathy of Belgium made a solid effort with Team Harmony’s Plinska Des Isles, but it was not good enough. Although they never touched a fence, Mathy and Plinska Des Isles broke the beam at 59.96 seconds, which would only be good enough for third.


Mathy’s time was beat by a rider still making her way into the professional ranks. Lillie Keenan won the 2013 North American Junior and Young Rider Championships Individual and Team Show Jumping Gold Medal, as well as the USEF Junior Jumper Individual Championship with Londinium, and tonight she showed that they are more than ready for the Open Jumper divisions.


Despite a member of the jump crew standing in the way of one of the oxers as she galloped over the track, Keenan showcased skill and style far beyond her years, navigating the course in a speedy 59.44 second to capture the second place ribbon behind Minikus.


Lillie Keenan and Londinium. Photo By: Shawn McMillen

Keenan explained, “When I was going to the vertical people were screaming and I was like ‘Why are people screaming at me? Am I doing something wrong?’ There was a guy standing in the middle of the next oxer with a rake. I tried to yell heads up, but I had so much adrenaline going that I just started screaming, but it was effective because he moved.”


Minikus and Quality Girl placed second in the Pfizer Million Grand Prix at HITS-on-the-Hudson, and have been consistent throughout the summer, but the mare is still new to competing indoors.


“She has had a kind of rough start at the first couple of Indoors, Harrisburg and Washington. She is just green indoors,” stated Minikus. “Tonight she jumped like a veteran. I think we are back on track.”


Minikus added, “Quality Girl gave me the edge. The mare is a winner. Normally with as much money coming up in the rest of the week as far as tomorrow and Saturday night’s grand prix, you normally wouldn’t want to be on the gas pedal that far. It was $50,000 tonight though, and with the SSG riding glove bonus money involved, it was worth trying.”


The highly popular SSG Riding Gloves ‘Go Clean for the Green’ promotion kicked off this evening with a $3,000 bonus for Minikus, who was wearing the leading riding gloves during his winning round.


Todd Minikus and Quality Girl. Photo By: Rebecca Walton/PMG

Keenan was equally thrilled with her performance, making the decision to compete in the Open Jumper divisions after winning the Junior Jumper events in 2011. “The first horse I rode was Pumped Up Kicks, and I got to watch a few go,” she commented. “I’ve done lots of speed classes, but I obviously have way less experience than the people in this, so I benefitted from watching them. The course wasn’t bigger than anything I’ve jumped, but as I am starting to do these open classes it’s more difficult. The courses are more technical, and it’s meant for a more advanced ride than the junior jumpers. I am trying to move up, and I think I have the perfect two horses to do that.”


“I was a little nervous,” admitted Keenan. “It’s the National Horse Show, there are a lot of people watching, and I didn’t want to make a fool of myself. It was hard, but it was a lot of fun, I am trying to learn, and I want to move up to the highest level of the sport. I learn so much by doing these classes, not just because they are harder, but also because I am watching the best riders in the world do the course. Then I am trying to imitate them. That’s how I am trying to move in the right direction.”


Keenan concluded, “The biggest thing for me today was to have the confidence to go in and do that. Now I have a lot more confidence going into some of the other shows knowing that I can be competitive and do the courses, I just have to remind myself that I can.”


The 2013 Alltech National Horse Show, 130th edition, will continue tomorrow with the Double H Farm $100,000 Open Jumper class in the evening. Earlier in the day, the junior and amateur riders will have the opportunity to showcase their skills during the Deeridge Farm $10,000 Junior Jumper class and the Chansonette Farm $10,000 Amateur-Owner Jumper class. The highlight event will be Saturday night’s Alltech $250,000 World Cup Qualifying Grand Prix presented by Lifeforce.


For more information or to view the competition live please visit Coverage is provided by, iHigh, and HRTV.


RESULTS: Taylor Harris $50,000 Open Jumper Welcome Speed

1    339    QUALITY GIRL     TODD MINIKUS     0    0    0    57.700

2    331    LONDINIUM     LILLIE KEENAN     0    0    0    59.440

3    347    POLINSKA DES ISLES     FRANCOIS MATHY     0    0    0    59.960

4    284    CYKLON 1083     SHANE SWEETNAM     0    0    0    60.110

5    291    ZANDER     MCLAIN WARD     0    0    0    60.230

6    330    PUMPED UP KICKS     LILLIE KEENAN     0    0    0    60.920

7    223    MULLAGHDRIN RADO     ALEX GRANATO     0    0    0    63.150

8    288    TAM TAM HERO     ROBERTO TERAN     0    0    0    63.380

9    219    UATA     BRIANNE GOUTAL     0    0    0    64.600

10    216    INDIGO     MARGIE ENGLE     0    0    0    64.720

11    253    ZERLY     CHRISTINE MCCREA     0    0    0    65.450

12    312    EARLY MORNING     SAMANTHA SENFT     0    0    0    65.830


Queen Lattifa Reigns in Professional Hunters at Alltech National Horse Show

October 31, 2013 By: janwest Category: General

Lexington, KY – October 30, 2013 – The Alltech National Horse Show is a horse show steeped in tradition and responsible for countless treasured memories. That holds particularly true for the Wheeler family, and today everything came full circle as Douglas and Kenneth Wheeler’s horse, Queen Lattifa, ridden by Hunt Tosh, was named the Grand Hunter Champion.


After earning 36 points in the Second Year Green Hunter division, Queen Lattifa was presented with the Isgilde Challenge Trophy, donated by Ken Wheeler Sr. and the late Sally Wheeler in memory of their esteemed hunter, Isgilde. With both Ken Wheeler Sr. and Sally Wheeler, Isgilde earned countless accolades in the hunter ring, but more than that she was a beloved part of the Wheeler family.


“She was a big winner for our parents when they first started out together,” Ken Wheeler Jr. said. He fought back the tears as he continued. “Not only was she a big winner, she was like the family pet. When she was old and blind, mom could walk out in the field and say ‘precious,’ and she’d shake hands. So she was the family pet. She wasn’t just a show horse; she was more than that.”


Hunt Tosh and Queen Latifah

In addition to the connection with the Isgilde Challenge Trophy at the Alltech National Horse Show, Sally Wheeler was responsible for bringing the National Horse Show back to Madison Square Gardens in the 1990s. She served as the horse show chairman during much of that time.


“This horse show is super special to us because of our family history with the National Horse Show,” Douglas Wheeler said. “To do this together, the next generation with Hunt and Kenny, is just so special. For me, it really has not sunk in yet. I can’t wait to get back to the barn and give these guys a big hug and a big thank you and share some laughs and some stories. That’s what it’s all about at the end of the day.”


Douglas Wheeler continued, “The mare (Queen Lattifa) herself – all the credit in the world goes to Hunt. Kenny found her at Devon, and Hunt has done an amazing job just like he always does. She has exceeded every expectation that we could have ever had for her.”


Hunt Tosh and Douglas and Kenneth Wheeler accept the Isgilde Challenge Trophy for the Grand Hunter Championship

Coming off the Second Year Green Hunter championship title at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show, Tosh and Queen Lattifa again earned the championship tricolor in the division after sweeping the victories in all three of the over fences classes.


“All through Indoors she was great, but to come here and be able to be Grand and finish like that – to be able to put us all together and pull that off is fabulous,” Tosh concluded.


Things also came full circle today for Elisabeth McFadden. McFadden’s Serafino earned the First Year Green Hunter division championship with Melissa Feller at the reins, and for McFadden, the Alltech National Horse Show also holds a special place in her heart.


“The last time I rode in the National Horse Show it was at Madison Square Garden, and I now work for Madison Square Garden,” McFadden said. “It’s come full circle to come out here for my first time back at the National Horse Show and to have this happen. It is really pretty cool.”


Ridden by Melissa Feller and trained by Robert Beck, Serafino, out of dressage stallion Sir Donnerhall, was originally purchased by Emil Spadone from a dressage farm in Europe.


“I looked him up on the dressage website that Emil bought him from, and I translated it from German. The description of him was ‘a horse of good character,'” McFadden said. “That’s really held true. He’s just never had a bad day.”


Going forward, the well-mannered 7-year-old will be aimed toward hunter derbies with Feller and may eventually become a junior hunter for Feller’s daughter.


The First Year Green Hunter division reserve championship came down to a tie between Kelley Farmer and Skorekeeper and Scott Stewart and Starmont. The reserve championship title will be determined in a ride-off to be held tomorrow.


In addition to her successful showing in the First Year Green Hunters with Skorekeeper, Farmer has seen remarkable success with Quotable, owned by Dr. Kenneth and Selma Garber. Quotable was named Grand Hunter Champion at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show and again at the Washington International Horse Show, and today he claimed the grand championship title in both the Green Conformation Hunters and the Regular Conformation Hunters.


“I would not have ever anticipated or expected or even asked a horse to do this type of winning four weeks in a row. I was nervous about even showing four weeks in row. It’s asking so much,” Selma Garber said. “To be this consistent and to bring home so many championships is just flat out amazing.”


Kelley Farmer and Quotable

Garber continued, “Now he gets lots of oatmeal cookies and naps. Yesterday he got grated carrots. He had his own equine Waldorf salad. I think he deserves it.”


The reserve championships in the Green Conformation Hunters was awarded to Peter Lombardo and Academy Award, while the reserve championship in the Regular Conformation Hunters was presented to Scott Stewart and Everly, owned by Dr. Betsee Parker.


Stewart and Parker initially saw Everly go in the jumper ring, and they immediately knew she would make a good fit as a hunter. The mare has very quickly proven them correct.


“It’s tremendously exciting,” Parker said. “For this mare to do well so quickly after switching between the jumper division and the hunter division is really pleasing to me. This is her fifth show as a hunter, and she has had a tricolor at all five shows now.”


Stewart and Everly were also successful in the High Performance Hunter division, where Stewart earned the eventual reserve championship aboard Dedication, also owned by Parker. Peter Lombardo returned to the winners’ circle during the High Performance Hunters, this time to claim the championship with Ante Up.


In the Performance 3’3″ Hunters, the championship went to Typecast and Sybil Rose, while the reserve championship went to Liza Boyd and Fenway. In the Performance 3’6″ Hunters John French and Small Affair rode away with the championship tricolor and Scott Stewart and Dedication claimed the reserve. French also had a successful day, earning the Second Year Green Hunter division reserve championship with Small Celebration.


The professional hunter divisions have come to a close, but hunter competition continues tomorrow with the Amateur-Owner hunters, starting with the Amateur-Owner 35 and Over Hunters at 8 a.m.


For more information or to view the competition live please Coverage is provided by, iHigh, HRTV, and USEF Network.


2013 Alltech National Horse Show Fast Facts



The Alltech National Horse Show is a weeklong championship event featuring “AA”-rated hunters, open jumpers, junior/amateur jumpers, and the ASPCA Alfred B. Maclay Finals. The event will run October 29 – November 3, 2013,indoors in the Alltech Arena at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY, site of the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™.



20% off on tickets as compared to night of event purchase! Available now at Ticketleap.com



The Kentucky Horse Park has waived the normal parking fee during the Alltech National Horse Show. Parking is free. While dogs are permitted at the Kentucky Horse Park on a leash, no dogs are allowed in the Alltech Arena during the ANHS



The Kentucky Horse Park is located at 4089 Iron Works Parkway, Lexington, KY 40511. The KHP is 8 miles northeast of Lexington at Exit 120 on Interstate 75.



Carolyn Vincent

National Horse Show

PO Box 386

Greenvale, NY 11548



Phone: (516) 484-1865

Fax: (516) 484-1982







Vendors offering equestrian equipment, apparel, jewelry and home furnishings are located in the Alltech Arena.


Additional Contacts:

Vendors  – Matt Morrissey at or call 941 915-3457

VIP Table Sales – Karen Lucca at or call 561-753-3389

Corporate Sponsorships – Christian Palmer at or call 612-618-8216

Sponsorship – Mason Phelps at or 561-753-3389 or

Individual Sponsorships – Susie Webb at or 301-520-6162

Program Advertising – Deborah Darwin at or 561-313-0384



HILTON – DOWNTOWN – 859-231-9000 – Approximately 6 miles

CLARION HOTEL (formerly Holiday Inn North) – 859 – 233-0512 – Approximately 4 miles

FAIRFIELD INN & SUITES BY MARRIOTT – 859 -977-5870 – Approximately 4 miles

FOUR POINTS SHERATON – 859-259-1311 – Approximately 4 miles

LA QUINTA – 859-231-7551 – Approximately 4 miles

KNIGHTS INN – 859-231-0232 – Approximately 4 miles

EMBASSY SUITES – 859-455-5000 – Approximately 4 miles

MARRIOT GRIFFIN GATE – 859-231-5100 – Approximately 4 miles

RESIDENCE INN – 859-231-6191 – Approximately 5 miles

COURTYARD BY MARRIOT – 859-253-4646 – Approximately 5 miles

HOLIDAY INN GEORGETOWN – 502-570-0220 – Approximately 6 miles

RAMADA INN – 859-299-1261 – Approximately 6 miles

RED ROOF INN – 859-293-2626 – Approximately 6 miles

HAMPTON INN – 502-867-4888 – Approximately 6 miles

SUPER EIGHT – 502-863-4888 – Approximately 6 miles

MICROTEL INN & SUITES – 502-868-8000 – Approximately 6 miles


For further information on housing in the Lexington area, we invite you to visit: and



Kentucky Horse Shows, LLC

P. O. Box 11428

Lexington, KY 40575-1428

859-233-0492 (phone)

859-233-0495 (fax)




Horse Show Secretary:

Cindy Bozan






Elizabeth Adams

North America PR, Alltech

Alltech Corporate Headquarters

3031 Catnip Hill Pike

Nicholasville, Kentucky 40356

(859) 401-2964




Re: News and Information:

Phelps Media Group, Inc.

12012 South Shore Blvd.

Suite 105

Wellington, FL 33414

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Re: Media Credentialing:


Classic Communications

38 Mechanic Street – Suite 101

Foxboro, MA 02035

508-698-6810 (phone)

508-698-6811 (fax)

Karl Cook and Banba Best 65 Entries to Win the GGT Footing Grand Prix Series Final!

October 29, 2013 By: janwest Category: General

Del Mar, CA – October 27, 2013 – Wrapping up the very last day of the Del Mar International Horse Show, there was still plenty of excitement to be had as theGGT Footing Grand Prix Series Final got underway. Sixty-five horse and rider pairs entered this class to battle it out for top honors today, and sixteen made it to the jump off. Out of those sixteen, we saw 7 impressive double clear rounds. In the end, Karl Cook and Banba, owned by Signe Ostby, set forth a lightning-fast time, holding off Will Simpson and Acorina to take the blue. To conclude results of the GGT Footing Series Final:  Karl Cook received the “Marco” Perpetual Trophy, awarded to the leading open jumper rider. Lane Clarke is the winner of the GGT Series, earning $19,000 in prize money; Susan Artes is the second place GGT Series finisher with $12,000 in prize money and Susan Hutchinson earns 3rd place and $4,000 in prize money.


In the iJump Sports High Junior/Amateur Jumper Classic, Quintus Z, with Taylor Harris in the irons, pulled off an impressive win in this 1.40m class.


Highlights of World Cup Week included Vinton Karrasch’s incredible victory aboard Coral Reef Baloufino Saturday night. This pair was the only one to go clear out of 38 entries in the Rancho Valencia World Cup Grand Prix of Del Mar. Duncan McFarlane and Mr. Whoopy were second, and Jenni McAllister on Casseur de Prix earned third place. In the Grand Prix Hunter Derby Final, Tara Metzner took home first AND second place aboard Davlyn Farms’ Fabricio and Come Monday, respectively. Earlier in the week, Nayel Nassar won the iJump Sports Welcome Stake out of a field of 52 entries. Zoey Pacyna and Wonderfull earned the blue in the PCHA/Equine Insurance Childrens/Adult Jumper Championship.


Highlights of Del Mar International Welcome Week included Tara Metzner and Fabricio’s win in theHaley Farms LLC Grand Prix Hunter Derby, and Julia Nagler and Vendetta holding off the competition through two tough equitation rounds to win the Open Equitation Challenge Final. Eduardo Menezes and La Fleur 4 took home the blue in the Del Mar Welcome Grand Prix, out of a field of 68 entries. In the PCHA/Equine Insurance Childrens/Adult Hunter Championship Final, it was Yvette Lang-Einczig aboard Rio Negro who secured the win.


Karl Cook and Banba Win the GGT Footing Grand Prix Series Final to Wrap Up Del Mar International World Cup Week!


1 Captured Moment Photography


Karl Cook receives the “Marco” Perpetual Trophy

23 Captured Moment Photography



Lane Clarke First in the GGT Series!

4Captured Moment Photography



GGT Footing Grand Prix Series Final Results:


l. No. Horse Rider R1 Faults R1 Time JO Faults JO Time
1 453 BANBA KARL COOK 68.600 36.470
2 214 ACORINA WILLIAM SIMPSON 72.694 37.880
4 751 TWISTER WILLIAM SIMPSON 74.251 38.472
7 782 AIYETORO SAER COULTER 75.199 41.367
8 658 DELPHINE DH TATIANA DZAVIK 71.362 4 36.528
9 409 SIG EXCEL SUSAN HUTCHISON 69.839 4 37.846
10 225 SEMIRA DE SAULIEU LANE CLARKE 71.437 4 38.355
11 348 M C B MAYA ANDRES RODRIGUEZ 70.597 4 41.082
12 511 CENTURIA 2 GABRIELLA SALICK 74.516 4 42.569
13 167 TRISTAN TIFFANY SULLIVAN 75.025 6 44.492
16 337 WILLIAMS  ANDRES RODRIGUEZ 74.572 8 41.024
18 188 ACER HAP HANSEN 1 76.156
27 821 LASSE JAMIE BARGE 4 74.088
32 715 ANTANIO TARA METZNER 7 78.373
34 335 DANTON  SARAH NIEMAN 8 71.641
44 478 SERAFINA LIZ ASHTON 13 84.745
47 605 IVAN KEN DICKEY 16 79.030
48 146 CALVERO IV PORTER ALLEN 17 80.635
49 468 WOITCEK ANDREW RAMSAY 18 81.028
50 664 COPIAS JUSTIN RESNIK 18 81.740
51 457 TEMBLA KARL COOK 23 86.016


Congratulations to Taylor Harris and Quintus Z, winners of 

the  iJump Sports High Junior/Amateur Jumper Classic! 

56     Captured Moment Photography




Kathy Hobstetter of iJump Sports with Dale Harvey of West Palms Events



Results of the iJump Sports High Junior/Amateur Jumper Classic:


Place Number Horse Rider


More of Sunday’s Highlights:



 Mallard Creek Modified Junior/Amateur Classic

First Place, Halie Miller on Larena


Sandhaven Farm Low Jr/AO Jumper Classic

First Place, Sara Jorgensen and E-Star


 5 & 6 Year Old Young Jumper Classic

First Place, Michelle Parker and Cupilor


7 & 8 Year Old Young Jumper Classic

First Place, Chris Pratt and Arano


 Cross Creek Tack Children’s/Adult Jumper Classic

First Place, Madison Myro on Winchester 


Equine Matrix Low Children’s/Adult Classic

First Place, Summer Phillips on Sambucus


Kathy Cain and Legal Limit Take Intermediate Title at Colorado Horse Park’s Area IX Eventing Championships

October 26, 2013 By: janwest Category: General

Parker, CO – October 24, 2013 – The Colorado Horse Park hosted the Area IX Championships in conjunction with its Fall Horse Trials on Oct. 12-13. Entries were high as riders from across the region came to compete for championship titles at Beginner Novice through Intermediate levels.


Kathy Cain of Park City, UT, rode Legal Limit to the Intermediate Championship. Their strong performance in dressage earned them a score of 29.6 penalties and put them in the lead after the first phase. They dropped one rail in show jumping, but had a clean and fast cross-country run to finish on a score of 33.6 and secure their win over second-place finishers Hailey Rich and Kingfisher II.


Kathy Cain and Legal Limit. Photo by Cristy Cumberworth.

“The Colorado Horse Park is a fabulous facility,” Cain said. “We weren’t planning on doing the championships, but it just fell into our calendar perfectly, knowing it would be a great course and it’s lovely in the fall.”


She said the cross-country course, designed by James Atkinson, was a good fit for Legal Limit, a 10-year-old off-the-track Thoroughbred. “My horse was absolutely wonderful around the course. I thought there were lots of good questions but it was a nice galloping course – that’s why I like the Colorado Horse Park. It’s a good challenge, with different terrain and hills and going in and out of the trees.”


Cain is pointing Legal Limit for the Galway Downs CCI2* in Temecula, CA, Oct. 31-Nov. 3. “The run in Colorado was a great setup for doing the 2*,” Cain noted. “I think my horse came away confident and ready to tackle the next step. The best part of the weekend was his dressage score, which we had been struggling with all season. That was the biggest thrill, to improve on it and have a competitive score. We’re putting all the pieces together.”


Rochelle Costanza and Lionhart claimed the Preliminary Championship, finishing on a score of 37.7. They had one rail and two time penalties in show jumping to add six penalties to their dressage score of 31.7. Summer Peterson and Tim took second place with a score of 42.2.


Rochelle Costanza and Lionhart. Photo by Cristy Cumberworth.

Costanza has owned the 8-year-old Lionhart since he was 3 and has brought him up through the ranks. She is the trainer at Platinum Farms in Franktown, CO, and had 13 of her students competing as well.


“I really like the venue,” she said. “My horse has run there quite a bit so he was pretty comfortable, and the footing was good so it was easy to gallop and make the time. There are three waters, which is fun.”


“You have real dressage arenas for the dressage,” she continued. “We have the ability to use the derby arena for jumping and that’s a really fun arena. It’s a neat venue and people like to sit in the grandstands. The cross-country course is one of the few that’s big enough so you can get galloping – horses really like it. It’s everyone’s favorite venue in this area, and they did a great job organizing everything.”


Costanza’s goal with Lionhart is to complete a 1* event next year and possibly step up to Intermediate.


A large field of 17 horses and riders came out for the Training Championship, and it was a close battle for first place. Angelika Beutel and Varekai earned an impressive dressage score of 23.2 penalties, putting them into a clear lead after the first phase. A rail in stadium jumping over a challenging course designed by Brian Curry opened the door for challengers going into cross country, but Beutel and Varekai held on to first place with a clear cross-country effort.


“He’s one that I just got in August, so he’s new to me, but he’s done really well,” Beutel said of Varekai. “He was really good in the dressage. In the stadium course, we had a rail, but many others had a rail as well.”


“The cross-country course was pretty tough, which I think is nice for championships,” she continued. “I think they did a great job mixing it up from the courses this spring. The cross-country was a lot of fun and he jumped around really well.”


Angelika Beutel and Varekai. Photo by Cristy Cumberworth.

Beutel, who lives in Longmont, CO, brought several students to compete and was happy with their results. “It was a great weekend for us,” she said. “My students did really well.”


“I think it’s one of the nicest horse trials we have here,” Beutel added. “Vivien always does a great job putting on the show. The food was great, the organization was great and all of the volunteers are awesome.”


Organizer Vivien Van Buren said the weekend was a success. “It really went well – I was extremely pleased. I had a great team who worked with me to make it happen. The cross country and stadium jumping courses, designed by James Atkinson and Brian Curry respectively, were excellent for championships and regular horse trials alike and rode very well.”


The Novice Championship went to Linda Quist and Belle Gambe with a score of 27.5. Anna Weatherford and Inspired Edition finished second with 31.5. Lauren Jost and Wink at the Judge took the Beginner Novice Championship, scoring 28.1 penalties to finish on top in a competitive division of 26 pairs.


Riders also competed in non-championship divisions at Beginner Novice through Intermediate. Amanda Hund and Pik Pilot won the Open Intermediate while Madeline Backus and P.S. Arianna won the Open Preliminary.


Other weekend winners included Reed Ayers and De Rien (Open Training), Ashlee Ashlock and Indy 500 (Training Rider), Julianne Calder and Lismore (Open Novice), Laura Baxter and Clearwater Bandit (Novice Rider), Lauren Patton and Ricky (Open Beginner Novice), Melinda Hofmeister and Ashes West (Beginner Novice Rider), and Kayla Gunsauls and Jellybean (Jr. Beginner Novice Rider).


View full results:


About the Colorado Horse Park

Celebrating its 20th Anniversary, the Colorado Horse Park was founded by visionary Helen Krieble who acknowledged the need for a high-volume horse show and horse boarding facility to serve Colorado.  The Colorado Horse Park welcomes more than 75,000 visitors per year and hosts over 40 competitions annually.  CHP features a derby arena designed by Olympic-designer Linda Allen and a cross-country course designed by Olympic Gold Medalist David O’Connor and eventing super-star James Atkinson. There are 300 permanent stalls with capacity for more than 1,000 stalls.


The picturesque property, located only minutes from the town of Parker, hosts international equestrian events in multiple disciplines. Visitors enjoy the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountain surroundings and access to miles of trails and open space.  The Colorado Horse Park iscommitted to supporting equestrian education and amateur athletics, preserving open space, fundraising for local charities and supporting the community.


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Kelley Farmer Wins 2013 WIHS Grand Hunter Championship and Leading Hunter Rider Award Gochman and Portela Are Grand Amateur-Owner Hunter Champions; Knox and Duarte Victorious in Children’s and Adult Jumper Championships

October 24, 2013 By: janwest Category: General

Washington, D.C. – October 23, 2013 – Day two of the 2013 Washington International Horse Show (WIHS) featured the presentation of championship honors in the professional and amateur-owner hunter divisions at Verizon Center in downtown Washington D.C. on Wednesday. Kelley Farmer was named Leading Hunter Rider after earning the overall Grand Hunter Championship with Quotable. Romance won the Grand Green Hunter Championship with Peter Pletcher in the irons, and Becky Gochman and Sambalino and Daryl Portela and Winner each earned Grand Amateur-Owner Hunter Championships. The $10,000 Children’s and Adult Jumper Championships and the first $10,000 Open Jumper speed class were featured during the evening session. The show will continue through Sunday, October 27.

Wednesday’s competition saw tricolor wins for four of the nation’s very best hunter riders from coast to coast with professionals Kelley Farmer (Keswick, VA), Scott Stewart (Wellington, FL), Peter Pletcher (Magnolia, TX), and John French (Woodside, CA) all taking trips to the winner’s circle.

In the Green Conformation Hunter championship, Kelley Farmer and Quotable shined with a clean sweep of the model, under saddle, and all three classes over fences. They were awarded The Valiant Hark Memorial Challenge Trophy, donated by Mrs. Stephen J. Clark. Farmer also rode her mount Skorekeeper, owned by D. Larry Glefke and Quail Run Partnerships, to the division’s reserve honors. Skorekeeper was second in all three classes over fences and placed third under saddle and fourth in the model.


Kelley Farmer and Quotable

Following an exceptional two days of competition, Quotable was awarded The Rave Review Challenge Trophy, donated by Stoney Hill, as the overall Grand Hunter Champion, and Farmer earned the Leading Hunter Rider Award, sponsored by Dr. Betsee Parker. For the win, Farmer was presented with The Robert Coluccio Leading Hunter Rider Perpetual Trophy as well as a beautiful Rolex Luxury Timepiece, courtesy of Tiny Jewel Box. In addition to the grand championship, Quotable’s owners, D. Larry Glefke and Dr. Kenneth Garber, were presented with the Leading Hunter Owner Award sponsored by The Reid Family. Farmer was WIHS Leading Hunter Rider in 2010 as well and was happy to receive the honor once again with the ride on a fantastic young horse.

“It’s very special,” she stated. “My horses are the most important thing. It’s an honor, and I have to say it was an absolutely beautiful trophy that Betsee got. It’s special that it is in Robbie’s name. He is a good friend, and I’m honored to have won that.”


Kelley Farmer in the presentation for Leading Hunter Rider with Dr. Betsee Parker and Bridget Love Meehan

Quotable, an eight-year-old Warmblood gelding, has been no stranger to the spotlight this year. In fact, this was his third grand hunter championship in a row this month after also taking top honors at the Capital Challenge Horse Show and the PA National Horse Show.

“Every indoors he has just gotten better and better,” Farmer stated. “For these kinds of horse shows, especially this one, they have to be quiet horses, not hard to prepare. That played a lot into my decision of which ones we wanted to bring. They have to ride well, they have to be perfect lead changers, they have to brave, and they have to be easy to get to the ring for this horse show. Good horses know when it matters and step up. Good horses know how to win, I believe.”

Describing Quotable’s style and the special quality that keeps placing him in the winner’s circle, Farmer described, “He’s so smooth. He’s such a beautiful picture and he has such a beautiful canter. It all matches. He walks in the ring and it looks right. You never have to pick up the reins. There’s mistakes, he has a rail or something, but in general he tries to win.He knows when you take him in the ring for the conformation; he kind of has this air about him. He knows he’s the real deal and he’s not wrong!”

In addition to her success with Quotable, Farmer also topped the first championship of the day with her mount Mythical, owned by D. Larry Glefke and Dr. Kenneth Garber, in the High Performance Working Hunters sponsored by The Wasserman Foundation. Farmer and Mythical placed first, second and third over fences and second under saddle to earn The “NOT ALWAYS” Challenge Trophy, donated by Miss Peggy Steinman. The High Performance reserve championship was presented to Dr. Betsee Parker’s Everly, ridden by Scott Stewart, with a win under saddle and second, second and third place ribbons over fences.


Kelley Farmer and Mythical

Mythical and Farmer were also presented with the very special Protocol Trophy, sponsored by Platinum Performance, as the overall High Point High Performance Working Hunter from the Devon Horse Show, Pennsylvania National Horse Show, and Washington International Horse Show.

Farmer has a special connection with Mythical, a nine-year-old Westphalian gelding, and was very happy to receive the significant award. “That, to me, is really special,” she smiled. “Rosalynn won that with me a couple years ago, and I think that’s really special, especially because it goes over the three horse shows. I love a conformation horse, but in my heart and soul, my favorite is still a real four-foot horse, and especially when my First Year horse won it. I love Quotable, and I love all my horses, but Mythical, he’s my horse. He is appropriately named. I think it defines him.”



Scott Stewart and Showman

In the Regular Conformation Hunters, Scott Stewart guided Krista & Alexa Weisman’s Showman to championship honorsand was presented with The Mary Farren Perpetual Trophy. Stewart and Showman placed sixth in both jumping classes on Tuesday and won the stake and under saddle classes on Wednesday to top the division. They also won in the model. Farmer and Quotable finished in reserve, placing second in the model, first and third over fences, and fourth under saddle.

Also competing on Wednesday, the First Year Green Working Hunter division concluded with a championship win for Scott Stewart, this time aboard Fashion Farm’s Loyalty. Stewart and Loyalty placed third, second and third over fences and finished second under saddle. Farmer and Skorekeeper earned another reserve tricolor after placing first and second over fences and sixth under saddle.


Scott Stewart and Loyalty

The Second Year Green Working Hunter championship was presented as well with an exciting win for Peter Pletcher aboard David Gochman’s Romance. Pletcher and Romance placed third, third and first over fences and second under saddle. John French and Oscany, Inc.’s Small Celebration finished in reserve with a win under saddle and second, second and fourth place ribbons in the three classes over fences.

The Windy Acres Challenge Trophy was presented earlier in the morning. The trophy, donated by Mr. James O. Pease, is awarded to the overall winner of classes 24 and 34 for the best Green Working Hunter stake round. Pletcher’s high score of 87 in the Second Year Green Working Hunter Stake with Romance was best.


Peter Pletcher and Romance

After a very successful morning, Pletcher and the nine-year-old gelding, Romance, were honored with The Claire Lang Miller Challenge Trophy as the show’s Grand Green Working Hunter Champions. This was Romance’s first time competing at WIHS and an exciting victory for owners and rider.

Gochman and Portela Named Leading Riders and Amateur-Owner Hunter Grand Champions

The Amateur-Owner Hunter divisions concluded their second day of competition on Wednesday and awarded championship honors as well. The Grand Amateur-Owner Hunter 3’6” championship was awarded to Becky Gochman of New York, NY, riding David Gochman’s Sambalino. The pair earned the Frank Counselman Memorial Perpetual Trophy donated by Friends of Frank Counselman. Gochman was also presented with the Leading Amateur-Owner Hunter Rider Award for the 3’6” level for her success in the Amateur-Owner Hunter 3’6” Over 35 division.

Winning the division championship, Gochman and Sambalino placed sixth over fences and second under saddle on Tuesday and then dominated the competition on Wednesday with back to back wins and scores of 90 and 92 in the handy and stake classes. Ace of Spades and Emily Morin finished in reserve after placing second, second, and fourth over fences and first under saddle.


Becky Gochman and Sambalino

Gochman was also presented with The Shari Hollis Memorial Perpetual Trophy, donated by the Late Col. J.B. Hollis and Ms. Jeannie Hollis, which is presented to the overall winner of classes 54 and 64 in the Amateur-Owner Hunter 3’6” stake rounds for Sambalino’s high score of 92. This was the third year in a row that the pair earned the award.

After her winning presentation, Gochman explained that Sambalino, an 11-year-old Brandenburg gelding by Samba Hit, tends to excel on the second day of competition at WIHS each year.

“The first day has always been kind of so-so, but he seems to pick it up in the handy class,” she noted. “He’s a horse who likes to pay attention, so I think he especially enjoys the handy classes because he just waits for your direction, and he can really show off then. His stride is so adjustable that he really can make anything work. All I have to do is look where I’m going and make sure he knows where he’s going, and he will do his job for sure.”


Becky Gochman and Sambalino in their grand champion presentation

“I love this show so much, being the last city show left,” Gochman detailed. “I have such a good time here with my husband. This is the show we go to without the girls in the beginning of the week and we have a fun time. We enjoy the town a lot.”

After four years together, Gochman and ‘Samba’ have formed a great partnership, and they stay in top form thanks to help from trainers Peter Pletcher and Steve Weiss. Gochman is very careful to keep Samba in good shape and hopes that someday her daughters will be able to show him as well.

“We know he is a very special, one of a kind guy,” Gochman stated. “We take the best care of him, and he gives us everything back. God willing, my kids will be able to ride him in a few years if we take good care of him, and I would love to see that.”

“He is just so pretty and sweet and easy on the eyes,” Gochman described. “He’s like a stuffed animal, and he just goes out there and poses. He is kind of crabby in the warm-up areas, but once he gets out under saddle, he couldn’t put his ears more forward than he does. He’s a ham. When he wants to win, he does it by himself. All I have to do is look and let him know where he is, and he is into it. He is a real show horse.”


Darwin and Kelly Tropin

In the Amateur-Owner Hunter 3’6” 18-35 division, the championship was awarded to Darwin and Kelly Tropin for their three second place finishes over fences. Winnetoe and owner/rider Montana Coady finished in reserve with first and fourth place ribbons over fences and a second under saddle.

In the Amateur-Owner Working Hunter 3’3” 18-35 championship, Stephanie Danhakl of Pacific Palisades, CA, guided Lifetime to victory with a win under saddle and second, third, and third place ribbons over fences. Melissa Jacobs and Deeridge Farms’ So You Say finished in reserve after placing first, second and fourth over fences.


Lifetime and Stephanie Danhakl

As the day continued, it was a clean sweep for Daryl Portela and Isalou, Inc.’s Winner in the Amateur-Owner Hunter 3’3” Over 35 division for the second year in a row at WIHS. In the championship, sponsored by The Linden Group at Morgan Stanley, the pair won all three jumping classes and the under saddle. They were then awarded the Grand Amateur-Owner Hunter 3’3” Championship, sponsored by Mr. & Mrs. Earnest M. Oare, and Portela was named the Leading Amateur-Owner Hunter Rider for the 3’3” division overall.

On the way to their championship win, the pair also earned the Best Amateur-Owner Hunter 3’3” Stake Round, an award presented to the overall winner of class 74 and 84 with their high score of 88. The Amateur-Owner Hunter 3’3” Over 35 reserve champion was Fashion Farms’ Declaration, ridden by Glen Senk, with second and third place ribbons over fences and a fifth in the under saddle.


Daryl Portela and Winner

Portela, of Southwest Ranches, FL, won all four classes in the division with Winner last year as well. That was just the 10-year-old Warmblood gelding’s second time competing at the venue, and she noted that he seems to like it. “I told (my trainer) Jimmy (Torano), ‘He loves Washington,’” Portela smiled.

“I think I put more pressure on myself than Jimmy or anybody does,” Portela said of the desire to win. “Yesterday, I went and got the 92. He was incredible yesterday and then I wanted to go in and win the first class today, the handy, so I knew it could be done. Then Jimmy said for the stake round, ‘Go in there, canter down to the first jump, (and) I don’t care if you miss. I can’t stand when people go in there and pick, pick, pick and they’re slow. It’s a stake round and that’s what it’s supposed to be about.’ He said, ‘Get a lick,’ and that’s what I did and it was great.”

After riding as a junior, Portela showed on and off as an adult between work and kids and then took almost ten years off before she got back into the show ring with Winner. Her husband saw the horse with Torano and after sitting on Winner one time, Portela knew she had to have him. She is now having the ride of a lifetime with wins at some of the nation’s top competitions.


Daryl Portela and Winner in their grand champion presentation

Jumpers Complete Their First Day at WIHS

The jumpers took to the arena for the first time on Wednesday with children’s, adult and open jumper classes. Leopoldo Palacios of Venezuela is the course designer this week. The $10,000 WIHS Children’s Jumper Championship was the first class to be held with an exciting win for 14-year-old Grace Knox of North Barrington, IL, riding Rapidash. For the win, the pair was presented with The H. Fenwick Kollock Memorial Perpetual Trophy donated by Friends of Fen.

Twenty-nine entries showed over the first round course with 13 competitors jumping clear to advance to the jump-off. Only four were able to clear the second round course in a race against the clock, and Knox and Rapidash had the fastest time in 28.93 seconds, last to go for the win. Wimberly Debono and Tusker finished second in 30.97 seconds. Adeline Rohrbach was third with Snow White in 31.38 seconds, and Lili Hymowitz placed fourth aboard Siboney Ranch’s Belle Bleu S in 31.64 seconds.


Grace Knox and Rapidash

Class winner, Rapidash, is an 11-year-old Appendix gelding that Knox has had for two years. This was Knox’s first time showing at WIHS and a great night for the rider, who is trained by Mary and Lisa Goldman in Illinois.


“I didn’t really know what it was going to be like, but I really like showing in the stadium,” Knox stated after her win. “He was great. I’m not sure if he has ever been here before, but before this he was at Harrisburg. He takes big rings really well and never really looks at the jumps. I always expect him to spook at jumps, but he just puts his ears forward and goes to the jump even more.”

The pair blazed through the jump-off course over two seconds faster than the second place finishers. Commenting on her strategy, Knox explained, “What I think before I go in there is, ‘Whatever happens, happens.’ I didn’t want to go as fast as I could because with him, I can go really fast, but that is when I get rails. I just wanted to make sure to hold on to him and not drop him to any of the jumps and turn him in the air. I have to make sure he doesn’t fall in during any of the turns.”

The $10,000 WIHS Adult Jumper Championship was held next in the evening session and the win went to Kristyn Duarte of South Russell, OH, riding Victoria Jolie V, an 11-year-old Dutch Warmblood mare by Manhattan. Thirty-one entries jumped in the class and ten qualified for the jump-off. Again, only four went double clear over the short course and it was Duarte’s time of 31.443 seconds that took top honors. For the win, Duarte was presented with The Dorothy Foote “Goodie” Taylor Memorial Perpetual Trophy donated by Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ashton Hill and Miss Linden Joan Hill.

Second place went to Hope Batchelor and Orlando with a time of 31.823 seconds. Tammy Kelly and Belvedere finished third in 32.008 seconds, and Jessica Matelis and Chador were fourth in 33.311 seconds.


Kristyn Duarte and Victoria Jolie V

Duarte purchased Victoria Jolie V about a year ago from Colombian rider Daniel Bluman and the pair clicked quickly. “She’s opposite of anything you would hear about a chestnut mare,” the rider noted. “She’s extremely heavy on the flat and she may look hot, but she is only 15.2 hands, so she has to go for the striding. She is not hot at all. She is really a push ride.”

“I think once I got a partnership with her, she trusted me and she never says no to me, which is really special,” Duarte stated. “The course tonight rode very smoothly. I was worried about some of the jumps coming up a little bit quick because it’s a more narrow ring, but she handled it really well. I always have a problem with over thinking and I don’t go fast enough, so I just kind of turned my brain off and kicked.”

It was a goal for Duarte all season to qualify for these championships and she was excited to see the progress that she has made this year. Although she has ridden for nine years, she just started doing the jumpers two years ago.

“My goal was to qualify. I’ve never been here or to Pennsylvania (Harrisburg),” she stated. “To win, I didn’t even imagine. I just wanted to get here, and I was very proud just to make that goal. Harrisburg was good, we finished fourth. This time, I went in knowing I had already made the jump-off. My goal was not to win it, but I’ll take it!
The day’s competition concluded with a $10,000 Open Jumper 1.45m speed class, sponsored by Oasis Petroleum, with 39 competitors and eight clear rounds. The win went to Ireland’s Conor Swail aboard Susan Grange’s Ariana with the fastest clear round in 46.21 seconds. Fellow Irishman Darragh Kenny cleared the course in 46.54 seconds with Oakland Ventures’ Top Gun IV to finish second. Belgium’s Nicola Philippaerts and Carlito C, owned by Franz Lens, placed third with their time of 47.55 seconds. USA’s Lillie Keenan and Chansonette Farm LLC’s Pumped Up Kicks finished fourth in 48.57 seconds.


Conor Swail and Ariana

The Washington International Horse Show continues on Thursday with the beginning of Junior Hunter competition in the morning and Low and High Junior/Amateur-Owner and Open Jumper competition in the afternoon. A new $33,0000 Welcome Stake will complete the day session. The evening session will welcome local horse lovers, riders, trainers, and their families for Barn Night, presented by Dover Saddlery, beginning at 6 p.m. The $20,000 Open Jumper Gambler’s Choice costume class will be the highlight event of the evening.

For those who cannot make it to the show, it will be live streamed in its entirety at, and is also available on USEF Network at

The Washington International Horse Show Silent Auction is now available online with an easy-to-use bidding website. Don’t miss your chance to win special items that range from a private riding lesson with Olympic gold medalist Beezie Madden to a Private Decorating Party at Georgetown Cupcake Lab. Other incredible items include two tickets to SaturdayNight Live’s live show, a diamond horseshoe pin from Tiny Jewel Box, full show attire from The Saddlery, and much, much more. Bid from your computer or smart phone at home, at the barn, at work, or anywhere you have Internet – just go to

The Acela Club on the Sky Box level of Verizon Center is the perfect place to socialize with friends and a wonderful vantage point for watching the action in the ring. WIHS is hosting three special social events and we hope you’ll join us! Have fun, watch great sport and support worthy local organizations. Party tickets include dinner and an open bar. $150/per person. Order by phone at 202-525-3679 or visit

The Buck Breast Cancer event will be held from 7-10 p.m. on Thursday evening. Show your pink to benefit the Capital Breast Care Center and honor Laura Pickett, a well-loved local equestrian and trainer, who touched the lives of many in the horse world, and who lost her battle with breast cancer last year.

The Armed Forces Cup Reception will be featured from 7-10 p.m. on Friday featuring the launch of “Healthy Stables by Design” by John Blackburn to benefit five local therapeutic riding centers assisting military veterans: Northern Virginia Therapeutic Riding Program, Maryland Therapeutic Riding, Therapeutic Riding and Recreation Center, Loudoun Therapeutic Riding and Caisson Platoon Equine Assisted Therapy Program.

The President’s Cup Party, presented by Washington Life, will run from 6:30-10 p.m. on Saturday night. Wear your best equestrian chic and honor Washington’s diplomatic community with presenting partner, Washington Life.

To purchase tickets to these three parties, please visit

Along with six days of world-class competition, WIHS features a unique boutique shopping experience for exhibitors and spectators alike. The main concourse at Verizon Center brings together a diverse group of vendors for everyone’s shopping enjoyment. Shoppers can find everything from equestrian tack and apparel to fine art and jewelry. This year’s show features over 50 vendor stands and boutiques for all of your shopping needs throughout the week.

Final Results: $10,000 Children’s Jumper Championship
Placing/Back Number/Horse/Rider/Rd. 1 Faults/Rd. 2 Faults/Time

1 196 RAPIDASH GRACE KNOX 0/0/28.930












7 268 CLOUD 9 ADELINE ROHRBACH 0/4/32.380






10 722 LET’S GO JACQUELINE OLIVA 0/4/32.890






Final Results: $10,000 Adult Jumper Championship
Placing/Back Number/Horse/Rider/Rd. 1 Faults/Rd. 2 Faults/Time





3 411 BELVEDERE TAMMY KELLY 0/0/32.008






6 406 DURACELL MEG GEHRON 0/4/30.343


7 336 TIPPITOO VICKI LOWELL 0/4/30.915


8 254 CRUSADER AHMED ALALI 0/4/31.123


9 500 WHISPER LEXI MAOUNIS 0/4/31.548


10 253 TOMMY TUNE SARA PARRISH 0.00/elim.


11 226 MIDORI LYNN SEITHEL 2/61.005




Final Results: $10,000 Open Jumper Time First Round
Placing/Back Number/Horse/Rider/Country/Faults/Time





















For full results, please visit

Photo Credit: Photos © Shawn McMillen Photography, These photos may only be used in relation to this press release and with full photo credit.

About The Washington International Horse Show:


An equestrian tradition since 1958, the Washington International Horse Show is the country’s leading metropolitan indoor horse show and the pinnacle of the equestrian year with leading riders, including Olympic medalists, and fabulous horses. More than 500 horses participate in show jumping, hunter and equitation events during the six-day show. Highlights include the $125,000 President’s Cup Grand Prix, the Puissance high-jump competition; and WIHS Equitation Classic Finals featuring the country’s top junior riders. Special exhibitions, boutique shopping and community activities will round out this family-friendly event.

Since its debut, the Washington International has been a Washington, DC, institution attended by presidents, first ladies, celebrities, business and military leaders, as well as countless horse enthusiasts of all ages. Washington International Horse Show Association, Ltd. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization headquartered in Washington, D.C.

Kaufman and MacFarlane Triumph in $10,000 Children’s and Adult Hunter Championships On Opening Day of the 55th Annual Washington International Horse Show

October 23, 2013 By: janwest Category: General


Lauren Fisher for Jennifer Wood Media, Inc.


Washington, D.C. – October 22, 2013 – The 55th annual Washington International Horse Show (WIHS) hosted its opening day at Verizon Center in downtown Washington, D.C. on Tuesday with a full day of hunter competition. The professional and amateur-owner riders showed throughout the day in the first classes of their divisions and will conclude their competition for championship honors on Wednesday. The children’s and adult hunter riders competed for their championships in the evening. The WIHS continues its six-day competition through Sunday, October 27.


The $10,000 WIHS Children’s Hunter Championship featured 31 entries on Tuesday competing over a course set by J.P. Godard of Aiken, SC, with the top 12 entries returning for round two. Fifteen-year-old Abigael Kaufman of Chevy Chase, MD, came out on top with high scores of 86 and 84 for a combined total of 170 aboard her mount Ivanhoe. For their win, the pair was awarded the H. Fenwick Kollock Memorial Perpetual Trophy, donated by Friends of Fen.


Kimmee Gottwald and Catina finished second with scores of 91.5 and 76 for a 157 point total. Third place honors went to Darby Cole and Valerie Renihan’s Tuscan Sun with a pair of 77 scores to total 154.

Abigael Kaufman and Ivanhoe

Abigael Kaufman and Ivanhoe

Abigael Kaufman trains with Alan Lohman and has leased Ivanhoe, a 17-year-old Selle Francais gelding, for two years now. The pair has shown together in the Children’s Hunter and equitation divisions. 

“We’ve just been doing local shows trying to qualify for zone finals and we finally qualified for Washington, which was a very nice end to the year,” Kaufman noted.


Although she showed at WIHS with a pony two years ago, this was the rider’s first time competing on a horse, and the experience was a little different.

 “It’s my first time winning, which is very nice,” she smiled. “It’s pretty much the same, but it’s different because when you are on a horse it’s a lot more important, and it’s harder to ride around the ring, especially on a big horse.”


“I also got to show on a weekday, which I think is really cool because all of the good riders get to show on weekdays,” she added with a smile. “It’s a lot of fun.”

  Abigael Kaufman and Ivanhoe in their winning presentation

Abigael Kaufman and Ivanhoe in their winning presentation

The experience of competing in downtown Washington D.C. is always exciting, with the horses temporarily stabled in the streets surrounding Verizon Center, and people walking through the city day and night.


“The coolest part is probably walking down the ramp from the stalls to the ring,” Kaufman noted. “You see people walking home from work and they wonder why there is a horse walking around in D.C. and you say ‘Yup, that’s my horse.’ It’s really cool.”


Ivanhoe and Kaufman handled the city setting likes pros and put in two winning rounds. Kaufman described Ivanhoe as a very slow horse that takes a lot of leg and commented further on her rounds.


“Once I got my pace and had him out in front of me, everything else was golden. He was right there, ready to do it for me,” she detailed. “The first round I felt really good about. I feel like I was able to fix all the mistakes I’ve made during the year. The second round, my trainer just told me to go in and have fun and make it as smooth as possible. I think we did just that. We had a few little minor errors, but he made up for it and jumped all the fences nicely. I was really happy with both of them.”

  Second place finishers Kimmee Gottwald and Catina

Second place finishers Kimmee Gottwald and Catina

Authentic and Dudley MacFarlane Win $10,000 WIHS Adult Amateur Hunter Championship


The $10,000 WIHS Adult Amateur Hunter Championship concluded day one at the 2013 WIHS with 29 entries showing over the first round course and the top twelve returning. Dudley MacFarlane of Darien, CT, rode her 17-year-old Royal Dutch Warmblood gelding Authentic to the championship with scores of 87 and 85.5 for a 171.5 point total.


Devon Braswell and Showgirl placed second on a two-round total of 171 with scores of 85 and 86. Daryl Whitmoyer and Sweet Potato Pie earned an 84.5 and an 85 to finish third with a score of 169.5.

  Dudley MacFarlane and Authentic

Dudley MacFarlane and Authentic

Dudley MacFarlane has had her winning mount, Authentic, for 13 years since purchasing the horse as a stallion when he was four years old with the help of then-trainer, Jimmy Toon. The pair has shown all over the country in their years together, and Authentic now spends most of his year living in a field and going on trail rides on MacFarlane’s farm in Charlottesville, VA. He showed in order to qualify for the championship this year and completed his years of showing at WIHS with a well-deserved victory.


“He is a really cool horse,” MacFarlane said proudly. “He is 17 years young and he is amazing. He only comes out about four times a year. He does enough to qualify. I take him to Upperville and Middleburg because I love those two horse shows, and we did the $250,000 in Saugerties. He lives on the field at my farm and he just sort of hangs out. He’s the boss. Whatever he says and whatever he wants, he gets.”


MacFarlane and Authentic showed at WIHS in the amateur 3’6” division multiple times and also showed in the Adult Hunter Championship last year, but MacFarlane explained that Authentic was a little starstruck with the jumbotron in the arena. This year they put a computer screen in his stall to get him ready for the competition.


“We sort of made him sit in front of the computer all week,” she laughed. “We made him watch Harrisburg rounds. We got this big trash can and put the computer on it and made him watch the Second Years! It worked. We were fortunate we had a great stall (here). We’d take him there (to the ring) when they were dragging and let him look. He was fantastic. He’s the best horse ever. I’m so fortunate.”

  Dudley MacFarlane and Authentic in their winning presentation

Dudley MacFarlane and Authentic in their winning presentation

“He was just on it today,” MacFarlane described of their jumping rounds. “I really can’t remember two rounds that he was as wonderful as he was. No rubs, no swaps. I promised him he would never have to come back if he would just go in and win the class!”


MacFarlane rides with trainer Rodney Bross now and explained that it does not take much to keep Authentic in top form. 

“We never jump him at home. He knows his job,” she said. “Sometimes he actually knows it a little bit too well, and he’ll decide he wants to take over a little bit. We have a really good relationship. When I walk in the barn, as soon as he hears my voice he nickers or comes running from the field to see me. We give him lots of peppermints. The main thing is to keep him happy and healthy. As soon as he decides he doesn’t want to do it anymore, he doesn’t have to. He loves stepping up to the plate. He’s a horse of a lifetime, there’s no question.”


In addition to their championship ribbons and coolers, the winners of the Children’s and Adult Hunter Champions were each awarded a pair of custom chaps courtesy of Journeyman Saddlers, Ltd.

 Second place finishers Devon Braswell and Showgirl

Second place finishers Devon Braswell and Showgirl

Also showing earlier on Tuesday, the professional hunter divisions completed their first day of competition at Verizon Center with several winning rounds for Kelley Farmer of Keswick, VA. The Robotyping Challenge Trophy was presented to Farmer’s mount Mythical, owned by D. Larry Glefke and Dr. Kenneth Garber, for the best Green Working Hunter round of the day with a high score of 90. Farmer also accepted The Fairfax Hunt Race Association Challenge Trophy for the best Green Working Hunter handy round with a score of 89 aboard D. Larry Glefke and Quail Run Partnerships’ Skorekeeper.


The Washington International Horse Show continues tomorrow with championships for the professional and amateur-owner hunter divisions as well as the $10,000 Children’s Jumper Championship during the day. The evening session, which begins at 7 p.m., will feature the $10,000 Adult Jumper Championship and the $10,000 Open Jumper speed class. For full results, more information, or to watch the free live feed of the show, please visit


Final Results: $10,000 Children’s Hunter Championship

Placing/Back Number/Horse/Rider/Owner/Round 1/Round 2/Total


1. 278 IVANHOE Abigael Kaufman Abigael Kaufman 86.000 84.000 170.000

2. 161 CATINA Kimmee Gottwald Kimmee Gottwald 81.500 76.000 157.500

3. 431 TUSCAN SUN Darby Cole Valerie Renihan 77.000 77.000 154.000

4. 595 CARSON Carilynn Peyton Tyler Stewart 78.000 75.000 153.000

5. 681 DALAMAR Mary Claire Medeiros Dana Watkiss 81.000 71.000 152.000

6. 648 PLATINI Sydney Gever Sydney Gever 82.000 68.000 150.000

7. 427 RIGHTEOUS Zander Lichacz Zander Lichacz 79.000 70.000 149.000

8. 328 CURIOUS GEORGE Lucy Loper Lucy Loper 75.000 65.000 140.000

9. 735 TRIBUTE Lindsey Bland Gulfstream Equestrian 77.500 62.000 139.500

10. 428 TAYLOR MADE Katherine Robertson Katherine Robertson 84.000 42.000 126.000

11. 682 OLIVIA Mary Claire Medeiros Mary Claire Medeiros 80.000 45.000 125.000

12. 597 LEADING LADY Rachel Okun Rachel Okun 76.000 43.000 119.000


Final Results: $10,000 Adult Hunter Championship

Placing/Back Number/Horse/Rider/Owner/Round 1/Round 2/Total


1. 773 AUTHENTIC Dudley Macfarlane Dudley Macfarlane 86.000 85.500 171.500

2. 441 SHOWGIRL Devon Braswell Devon Braswell 85.000 86.000 171.000

3. 264 SWEET POTATO PIE Daryl Whitmoyer Daryl Whitmoyer 84.500 85.000 169.500

4. 262 URBAN Chelsea Director Chelsea Director 78.000 84.000 162.000

5. 523 WISH LIST Diane Wade Diane Wade 79.000 78.000 157.000

6. 533 SGT. PEPPER Connie Mcrill Connie Mcrill 75.000 80.000 155.000

7. 326 TYCOON Laurie Barna Laurie Barna 82.000 70.500 152.500

8. 528 UFONIA P Kevin Foster Paulexi Llc 81.000 71.000 152.000

9. 263 ROCOCO Brittani Director Brittani Director 76.000 75.000 151.000

10. 202 IN OUR TIME Nicole Shaw Ben Guanciale 84.000 64.000 148.000

11. 421 CASANOVA Elizabeth Kirby Elizabeth Kirby 80.000 62.000 142.000

12. 740 KIPLING M. Stuart Landin The Barracks 87.000 45.000 132.000


Photo Credit: Photos © Shawn McMillen Photography, These photos may only be used in relation to this press release and with full photo credit.


About The Washington International Horse Show

An equestrian tradition since 1958, the Washington International Horse Show is the country’s leading metropolitan indoor horse show and the pinnacle of the equestrian year with leading riders, including Olympic medalists, and fabulous horses. More than 500 horses participate in show jumping, hunter and equitation events during the six-day show. Highlights include the $125,000 President’s Cup Grand Prix, the Puissance high-jump competition; and WIHS Equitation Classic Finals featuring the country’s top junior riders. Special exhibitions, boutique shopping and community activities will round out this family-friendly event.


Since its debut, the Washington International has been a Washington, DC, institution attended by presidents, first ladies, celebrities, business and military leaders, as well as countless horse enthusiasts of all ages. Washington International Horse Show Association, Ltd. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization headquartered in Washington, D.C.

Casablanca Wins Second Fall Tournament With Overtime Thriller Over ELG At Grand Champions Polo Club

October 21, 2013 By: janwest Category: General

Casablanca teammates Wes Finlayson (4), Most Valuable Player Mike Azzaro (3), Juancito Bollini (2) and Grant Ganzi (1) show off their winning trophy cups. Photo by Scott Fisher.

Casablanca teammates Wes Finlayson (4), Most Valuable Player Mike Azzaro (3), Juancito Bollini (2) and Grant Ganzi (1) show off their winning trophy cups. Photo by Scott Fisher.

WELLINGTON, FL-Oct. 20 2013—-For the second week in a row, Casablanca won a championship title in a thrilling finish.


Hall of Famer Mike Azzaro scored the tying goal with 1:10 left in regulation and winning goal just 43 seconds into overtime for a 12-11 victory over ELG Sunday to win the US Trust Cup presented by Polo Gear at Grand Champions Polo Club.


Both teams had each other on the ropes with opportunities to win in regulation and overtime.


Casablanca's Mike Azzaro (3) drives downfield for a goal with ELG's Carlitos Gracida (2) in hot pursuit. Photo by Scott Fisher.

Casablanca’s Mike Azzaro (3) drives downfield for a goal with ELG’s Carlitos Gracida (2) in hot pursuit. Photo by Scott Fisher.

Azzaro missed a breakaway shot with 24 seconds left in regulation and ELG’s Nic Roldan missed a penalty shot early in overtime to set up Azzaro’s heroics.


It was the second fall tournament victory for Casablanca with up-and-coming players Grant Ganzi, 15, Juancito Bollini, 17, and Wes Finlayson, 18, along with the veteran 8-goaler Azzaro, who was Mr. Clutch when it mattered most.


 Casablanca's Mike Azzaro (3) and ELG's Nic Roldan (3) fight for possession of the ball near the sideboards as Casablanca teammate Grant Ganzi (1) backs up Azzaro. Photo by Scott Fisher

Casablanca’s Mike Azzaro (3) and ELG’s Nic Roldan (3) fight for possession of the ball near the sideboards as Casablanca teammate Grant Ganzi (1) backs up Azzaro. Photo by Scott Fisher

Last weekend Casablanca won the USPA Kay Colee Memorial Cup with a 10-7 victory over ELG.


“This team is amazing,” said Bollini. “Mike is incredible. He is so good and tells us exactly what to do. He doesn’t get hot-headed. This was our second tournament win together and it was fun. It helps our confidence.”


Azzaro was named Most Valuable Player for the second consecutive tournament. Azzaro finished with four goals and had some outstanding defensive plays while providing leadership for his young teammates. Lima, ridden by Marc Ganzi, was named Best Playing Pony.


“We did well,” Azzaro said. “They had a little off time and got a little frustrated on certain things, but they still played well. This is the way you learn. Today, Granti really stepped up. The first three chukkers he played were incredible. He had a super, super game.”


Wellington Chamber of Commerce members and guests enjoy an Argentine Asado as they watch the Wellington Chamber of Commerce Cup featuring Newport and Audi. Photo by Scott Fisher.

Wellington Chamber of Commerce members and guests enjoy an Argentine Asado as they watch the Wellington Chamber of Commerce Cup featuring Newport and Audi. Photo by Scott Fisher.

In other Cup games, Audi (Melissa Ganzi, Juan Bollini, Brandon Phillips, Leo Mandelbaum) defeated Newport (Gene Goldstein, Michel Dorignac, Luis Escobar, Kaisser Maakar), 14-11, to win the Wellington Chamber of Commerce Cup in front of a special gathering of several chamber members and guests for an asado and to help usher in the fall season and opening of the Wellington Green Market.


Phillips scored a game-high six goals and Mandelbaum added five goals for Audi. Goldstein led Newport with five goals.


Beluga (Misha Rodzianko, Mariano Gracida, Joey Casey, Carlos Diaz) won the Polo Gear Fall Challenge Cup with a 10-7 win over Palm House. Gracida, the youngest son of Hall of Famer and former 10-goaler Carlos Gracida, had a game-high five goals and Rodzianko added three goals for Beluga. Guille (Gigi) Aguero led Palm House (Glenn Straub, Kris Kampsen, Charles Armstrong) with three goals.


But the highlight of the fall season’s fourth tournament was watching the weekly progression of three teenagers playing alongside Azzaro, the team’s field general providing guidance and leadership.


 Casablanca's Wes Finlayson (4) goes for the big hit windup despite pressure from ELG's Nic Roldan (3). Photo by Scott Fisher

Casablanca’s Wes Finlayson (4) goes for the big hit windup despite pressure from ELG’s Nic Roldan (3). Photo by Scott Fisher

“It was a thrill to come back like that,” said Finlayson, whose heart sank just moments before when he thought he cost his team the game after fouling Marc Ganzi in overtime to set up Roldan’s penalty shot.


“I thought the game was over,” said Finlayson, who hit himself on his helmet with his mallet after crossing the line. “But thank God Nic missed the penalty four and it worked out.”


Added Bollini, “When Nic had that penalty, we’re thinking we’re done. That was scary. But once he missed we got back into the game and got our composure back.”


ELG's Nic Roldan (3) tries to avoid the foul as Casablanca's Juancito Bollini (2) hits the ball. Photo by Scott Fisher.

ELG’s Nic Roldan (3) tries to avoid the foul as Casablanca’s Juancito Bollini (2) hits the ball. Photo by Scott Fisher.

All three teenagers had some big-time plays in clutch situations.


“Each game this team is getting better,” Azzaro said. “Without having practice games or stick-and-ball together they are doing incredible. If we could have a practice game once a week or stick-and-ball they would advance even more.


“It’s awesome to play with these guys,” Azzaro said. “They are really nice boys, very respectful. Hopefully, they can take from what we are doing here and continue on over the winter and learn from it.”


“I am happy we won,” Finlayson said. “I didn’t play so well but it was fun. Mike has amazing horses. He ran it down himself and scored and that was the win.”

  Casablanca's Grant Ganzi (1) goes for the ball with plenty of help from teammates Wes Finlayson (4) and Juancito Bollini (2) defending ELG's Carlitos Gracida (2). Photo by Scott Fisher

Casablanca’s Grant Ganzi (1) goes for the ball with plenty of help from teammates Wes Finlayson (4) and Juancito Bollini (2) defending ELG’s Carlitos Gracida (2). Photo by Scott Fisher

No one was happier than Grant Ganzi, who was pitted against his father. The two have played together and against each other, but Ganzi said Sunday’s game is memorable because it was a final. Ganzi finished with four goals including three in the first half.


“This was very satisfying to win because my dad was playing very hard and was playing a couple of his high goal horses,” Ganzi said. “It was just a really great win. This is definitely one of my bigger wins beating Nic and my dad. I don’t think I have ever beaten my dad in a Grand Champions final. It means a lot.


“As we play more and more, we get more chemistry and more ability to play better with each other,” Ganzi said. “Mike really helps our team, even when we make a bad play he tells us we can turn it around. He turns our head around and tells us we will get another opportunity to make it up.”


For ELG (Marc Ganzi, Carlitos Gracida, Nic Roldan, Avery Chapman), Roldan led in scoring with five goals. Gracida and Marc Ganzi each had three goals.


ELG's Carlitos Gracida (2) goes for the ball while Casablanca's Mike Azzaro goes for the hook with ELG teammate Nic Roldan (3) and Casablanca's Wes Finlayson (4) back them up. Photo by Scott Fisher

ELG’s Carlitos Gracida (2) goes for the ball while Casablanca’s Mike Azzaro goes for the hook with ELG teammate Nic Roldan (3) and Casablanca’s Wes Finlayson (4) back them up. Photo by Scott Fisher

Polo Gear was the tournament’s presenting sponsor. Polo Gear USA manufactures, distributes and sells polo products to players, teams and polo events worldwide. Polo Gear Wellington’s Showroom and Warehouse is located at 3500 Fairlane Farms Rd #15 and is the local distributor.


In the showroom, there is a pictorial history of polo and polo memorabilia. The walls are lined with team jerseys and uniforms from the world’s top teams, pictures of top players and celebrities, game action photos, trophies and mementos.


The shop serves as Polo Gear’s wholesale and custom team order showroom. Its display room and warehouse is stocked with Polo Gear products.


Store hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.-6 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Visitors are welcome.




Oct. 25-27, USPA Fall Plates


Oct. 30-Nov. 9, USPA North America Cup


Nov. 1-3, Pedro Morrison Memorial


Nov. 8-10, Palm Restaurant Invitational


Nov. 13-24,The National 20-Goal Championship




WHERE: 13444 Southfields Road, on the corner of South Shore Boulevard and Lake Worth Road, Wellington, 561-644-5050.


INFORMATION: There are great field side views for tournament action at the home base of pro team Audi. Everyone is welcome to watch high and medium goal polo in a relaxed atmosphere during the spring and fall tournament season and other special events including the International Cup in November, Buzz Welker Memorial Junior Tournament in March, Women’s Championship Tournament and Gay Polo League International Tournament, both in April.

The Asbury Classic II Wraps Up With Glowing Appraisals

October 21, 2013 By: janwest Category: General

Asbury, NJ – October 21, 2013 – The crowning jewel of the 2013 Hunter/Jumper Horse Show series, The Fifth Annual Asbury Classic, came to a conclusion October 13, 2013 at the Ridge at Riverview. The show saw top competitors gather to contend for the coveted prizes in their respective divisions, and was highly successful with extraordinary sponsorships, fabulous exhibitor amenities and a fantastic turnout for the 2013 Asbury Classic II.


The top-tier facility is run by Nona Garson and George D’Ambrosio, both of whom have been involved with show jumping at its highest levels for most of their lives. “George and I have been working hard to build this facility for over four years now. It took us years to find a property that had the character we were looking for combined with a good location and enough room to build a world class show center,” Garson explained. “We have put a great amount of thought into the design after years spent competing both nationally and abroad, we feel we have replicated the atmosphere experienced at Five Star International Show Jumping events around the world.”


Although the dark clouds rolled in at the beginning of the week, The Asbury Classic was blessed with perfect weather for the weekend competitions. The competition was held in two state of the art “all weather” sand rings and on the beautiful, well-manicured grass derby field. The show was well attended with riders from at least nine different countries competing for top awards in all divisions.


It was Anne Kursinski’s first time showing at the Asbury Classic, but she has guaranteed a return to the show next fall. “It was my first time, and it is a very nice show, I heard good things about it, and I am very happy that we went. It is a lovely atmosphere, friendly, and warm. I brought several ponies with, and they won almost every pony division. It was nice to be able to have the ability to show the ponies in such a traditional environment, and also compete aboard my mare Diva-she won the $25,000 Ridge at Riverview Grand Prix on Sunday. I will definitely go back, because it is a very nice show.”


Garson and D’Ambrosio were grateful for the support they received from top sponsors including top sponsors Hermitage Farm and B.W. Furlong & Associates. Due to their generosity and support of the Asbury Classic, the show was able to offer increased prize money for all contenders in the highlight classes. In addition to the prize money, ribbons, trophies, and coolers that were awarded throughout the event, there were many special awards.


Three perpetual memorial trophies were presented for the second year, The Rebecca L’Heureux Trophy to the winner of the Grand Prix, The Gary Zook Trophy to the winner of the Open Hunter Derby, and The Lisa Berman Trophy to the winner of the High Children/Adult Jumper Classic. Samshield sponsored the style of riding awards for the Open Jumper & the Childrens/Adult Jumpers and Hadfields Saddlery sponsored the style of riding award for the Junior/ Amateur-Owner Jumper Division.


During the show, the Asbury Classic’s Exhibitor’s Hospitality Tent was a big hit, serving wine and cheese in the afternoon as well as daily specials including a very popular “create your own” baked potato bar on Saturday, and a delicious hot meal on Sunday for all to enjoy while watching the Grand Prix. Spectators and exhibitors alike were able to enjoy the day while enjoying a crisp glass of chardonnay, or indulging with a dessert.


Anne Kursinski and Diva captured the $25,000 Ridge at Riverview Grand Prix victory. They were awarded the The Rebecca L’Heureux Trophy for their win.(Photo By: Photo ©2013 CEM&P, LLC)


From lead line participants to the Futures Grand Prix, all had a good time. In fact, Kursinski stated, “It is a horseshow by horsemen, and I think you can really feel that. It isn’t any old cookie cutter show. Under the tent they had great food, and the hospitality was terrific. Everyone was so happy and friendly. All of the extra awards that they do, were greatly appreciated, and really made it special. They really try hard to make it a special show-it has a nice old-fashioned feeling in the sense of the small things. You feel like you are at a horse show. It was a pleasure to be a part of it.”


Patty Stovel dominated the Asbury Open Hunter Derby with a 1-2 finish, also claiming the Gary Zook Perpetual Memorial Trophy.jpg Patty Stovel dominated the Asbury Open Hunter Derby with a 1-2 finish, also claiming the Gary Zook Perpetual Memorial Trophy. (Photo By: Photo ©2013 CEM&P, LLC)

Patty Stovel dominated the Asbury Open Hunter Derby with a 1-2 finish, also claiming the Gary Zook Perpetual Memorial Trophy.jpg Patty Stovel dominated the Asbury Open Hunter Derby with a 1-2 finish, also claiming the Gary Zook Perpetual Memorial Trophy. (Photo By: Photo ©2013 CEM&P, LLC)



The $2,000 Asbury Hunter Derby saw thrilling action as top competitors vied for the coveted champion title. Patty Stovel and Cavendish rode to the top of the leader board with flowing rounds, using the open grass field to the best of their ability, catching the judges’ eyes with their traditional hunter style. Stovel was able to take a 1-2 finish with her second mount Lucan finishing with the red ribbon, while BJ Ehrhardt and Woodrow, last year’s Asbury Hunter Derby winners, finished with the third place honors.


In the M&S Children’s/Adult 3′ Hunter Horse Derby Julianne Marklin rode her own Simply Amazing to the top, taking it all with a beautiful two-round competition. Brooke Buckman and Houston Blue stood center ring for the blue ribbon presentation after laying down two flowing rounds in the $500 Children’s Hunter Pony Derby, taking the win.


The Itty Bitty Mini Prix proved once again to be a huge hit with a large field of entrants. Jennifer Liston and Savvy blew spectators away with their speedy round. The pair took the top honors, while Eugenia Hernandez and Whoopy came in a close second. Madeline Mitchell and Catch Me If You Can finished third, rounding out the top three for the second-annual Mini Prix series.


It was Penny Brennan and Sun Tzu who rode to the top of the leader board during the Asbury Classic’s $7,500 Open Jumper Welcome Stake. The chestnut gelding proved speedy and accurate as he captured the win just ahead of Devin Ryan and Boucanier. Brennan also took the third place with Japan.


Germaine Edelmann and Coco proved victorious in the $2,500 Futures Grand Prix, riding to the quickest time over the 1.25m course. Kevin Babington and Jokalux were right on their heels as they finished with the second place award, and Amanda Flint aboard Santa Ana Lux Z took home the third.


The $25,000.00 Hermitage Farm Grand Prix had a field of 26 entries. The tension seemed tangible as riders entered the ring to go against the clock at the Asbury Classic. Although many tried, it was Anne Kursinski and Diva who posted the fastest double-clear effort, leaving all rails in place while using their quick pace to their advantage. Kevin McCarthy took second place with Vivawell, and Amber Harte captured the third place on Amir Van De Helle.


“It was a great test for my mare,” Kursinski stated. “The competition was great, and there were fast horses and a good course. In the jump-off, since there were 12 in it, I knew I had to go fast. Diva is a Hanoverian, but she is like a thoroughbred. She left a stride out of both of the lines, and she did it easily. I went fast and she still jumped high and clean, we took the win with two seconds in the end.”


Kursinski concluded, “It had a nice sized crowd watching the Grand Prix, and I am looking forward to competing in their Friday Grand Prix Series in Wellington, Florida. I have already told George and Nona that I am excited to bring Diva to their series. She is young, and needs the experience. It is so great that it is horsemen holding the horseshow, it is done by horsemen for horseman, and you really feel that when you are there.”


All Photos Courtesy of Paws and Rewind. Photos may only be used in relation to this Phelps Media Group press release. 


Allie Blyskal-Sacksen and Sparrow’s Nio Win CCI** at the Dutta Corp. Fair Hill International

October 20, 2013 By: janwest Category: General

Fair Hill, MD – October 20, 2013 -Allie Blyskal-Sacksen,23, of Landenberg, PA, and Sparrow’s Nio thrilled the crowd to win the 25th Dutta Corp. Fair Hill International and United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) CCI** Eventing Championships in Elkton, MD, on Sunday morning. The popular pair turned in a faultless show jumping round in the final phase of the four-day competition to earn the championship title on their dressage score of 47.8 penalties.


Blyskal-Sacksen is no stranger to Fair Hill. She has been a volunteer for fifteen years and even assisted this year with setting up the dressage arenas, so the victory meant a great deal to the young rider.


“It was really cool winning here. I have been volunteering here since I was 8 or 9-years old and I was a groom at 10. It’s really cool winning at home. It’s very special,” said Blyskal-Sacksen. “I have been working with my husband (Sam) non-stop to get my show jumping better. It finally paid off.”

    Allie Blyskal-Sacksen and Sparrow's Nio Photo by Shannon Brinkman

Allie Blyskal-Sacksen and Sparrow’s Nio
Photo by Shannon Brinkman

As champion, Blyskal-Sacksen won the USEF Combined Training Trophy, awarded to the highest placed American; and the Heartwood Perpetual Trophy, donated by Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gansky, as the Overall Winner. As owner of Sparrow’s Nio, she won the Seahorse Farm Perpetual Trophy in memory of Richard H. and Vita C. Thompson, given to the owner of the winning horse. Sparrow’s Nio was also presented with the Fitness award, as recognized by the veterinarians, given to the horse they deem in best condition.


Allie Blyskal-Sacksen and Sparrow's Nio Photo by Shannon Brinkman

Allie Blyskal-Sacksen and Sparrow’s Nio
Photo by Shannon Brinkman

Riding in reverse order of merit Blyskal-Sacksen and her Thoroughbred-Connemara cross were second to last in the order leaving only overnight leader Sharon White of Summit Point, WV, and Mary Ann Ghadban’s Under Suspection to ride. Canadian competitor Colleen Loach on Freespirit, and Australia’s Ryan Wood with Fernhill Classic came into the final phase tied for third and already rode clean rounds to finish with 49.7 penalties. With a meager lead of 3.9 penalties, White and her Holsteiner mare could not afford any mistakes, but the combination knocked down a rail and incurred two time penalties for a total of 49.9 penalties for fourth place. The tie-breaking rules placed Loach in third and Wood in second, which also earned him the CCI**Leading Foreign Rider title. As owners, the Fernhill Classic’s Syndicate won the Mid Atlantic Horse Rescue Trophy for the highest placed American Thoroughbred and the Jonathan R. Burton Trophy given to the USEF National Young Horse Champion.

  Ryan Wood and Fernhill Classic Photo by Shannon Brinkman

Ryan Wood and Fernhill Classic
Photo by Shannon Brinkman

A host of other special awards were presented for the CCI**. The Best Presentation award, determined by the Ground Jury, went to Kurt Martin and Anna Bella who finished in sixth place. Boyd Martin won the Sportsmanship award, voted by riders and officials as the rider who the best exemplified sportsmanship at the CCI**. Jenny Caras and Fernhill Fortitude won the John H. Fritz Trophy presented to the USEF National Young Riders Champion for riders 16-21-years old.


The Dutta Corp. Fair Hill International Festival in the Country benefits Union Hospital of Cecil County, in Elkton, MD. The hospital, whose mission is to enhance the health and well-being of the residents of Cecil County and its neighboring communities, has been caring for area families and neighbors for more than 100 years.


For more information, please visit


Photos available for release, please contact Ann Haller, Classic Communications,